Modern Software: Providing Customizable Mid-Range ERP, IoT & Cybersecurity Solutions to Niche Sectors

 Mohammed Habeebuddin,     Managing Director

Mohammed Habeebuddin

Managing Director

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is critically important to the efficiency and profitability of companies of all sizes. There are highend ERP solutions provided by the likes of Oracle and SAP which are preferred by large corporations. This does not always meet the requirements of medium and small companies. Modern Software LLC, is an Oman-headquartered company specializing in providing midrange ERP solutions to SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). The company also provides IoT and Cybersecurity solutions to niche sectors such as the Oil and Gas and Telecom sectors.

Modern Software started in the year 2000 with three employees and today has about 25 employees in Oman, Saudi Arabia, India, and the United States. The company has a development center in India and plans to open operations in Uzbekistan next year. The Indian unit is expected to grow to about 60 people and will provide development and operational support to the company in GCC, US, and Uzbekistan.

"Modern Software is the only company implementing this solution in Oman as of today and is the preferred partner of the telephone regulation authority"

Modern Software offers midrangeERP solutions to oil and gas, logistics, contracting & maintenance industries. In the contract management sector the company has over 60 clients in Oman, Saudi, and UAE. These are medium to large companies with anywhere from 2000 to 6000 employees. The ERP solution consists of all major modules including estimation, tendering, budgeting, inventory management, finance, and HRMS. The second ERP solution is for the fleet and logistics industry. The solution is integrated with the IVMS(In Vehicle Monitoring System) and can track several parameters and generate appropriate MIS. The system helps in managing the repair, maintenance, booking, and running of the fleet. The billing and other administrative aspects are integrated into this system. Clients with over 800 vehicles are using this system. Another niche product being offered by Modern Software is a complete solution that can be used in food and soil testing laboratories. The solution aids in the collection of the sample, analysis, recording of results, generating certificates, and invoicing. This solution is being used by eight international laboratories including Wimpey labs.
Modern Software offers expertise in the area of IoT (Internet of Things) to the Telecom sector. The company has implemented LoRaWAN network for a major telecom company in Oman for its operations all over Oman. This network allows the interconnection of all IoT devices. This is a low-cost, low radioactivity network and does not use GPS technology for communication. In the first phase all water meters were connected to the network ensuring automatic reading of water consumption. In the second phase, the company is planning to connect electricity meters to the network. Modern Software is the only company implementing this solution in Oman as of today and is the preferred partner of the telephone regulation authority. This technology is being extended to track the oil vehicles and wet stock inventory management. Around 340,000 devices have already been deployed on the LoRa network with a goal of 1.5 million devices. The company also does FDT(Fiber Distribution Terminal) services as part of the satellite performance audit for most of the telecom operators, including Ooredoo and Omantel.

Modern Software offers midrange ERP solutions to oil and gas, logistics, contracting & maintenance industries

Modern Software's expertise extends into cyber security solutions and services as the third vertical of the business. The company in partnership with two international vendors, CyberTech and Cybercom, conducts cyber security audits and issues compliance certificates in Oman and Saudi Arabia. The company also has a partnership with Forcepoint, a leading product supplier in the area of cyber security. Modern Software is also the authorized reseller for its partners in GCC.

Offering Differentiated Services
Modern Software addresses the needs of different segments. Large corporates usually use the high-end applications of SAP or Oracle. These companies look to Modern Software to fill up gaps left by the highend applications such as the new module that needs to be deployed for computation of incountry value, or the module required to follow the local rules and regulations. In such cases, Modern Software develops submodules that can integrate with SAP and Oracle.

Medium sized clients of Modern Software need a different service. They buy bespoke software which at certain times requires customization due to the start of a new activity, changing processes, or regulations. The company helps them with the customization of their software to meet the new needs. Modern Software does not cater to the needs of very small companies.

Mohammed Habeebuddin, Managing Director
Mohammed Habeebuddin is an engineer with an MBA. He also has an advanced systems analysis and design diploma from NCC UK. He had extensive experience as a corporate trainer in several organizations in India before moving to GCC and founding Modern Software. The company personnel havea strong domain experience in contract management, programming, and finance. They under go regular training programs to keep up with technological advancements.