Mouser Electronics: The Go - To NPI Distributor with a 55-Year Legacy

Mark Burr-Lonnon,  Senior VP – Global Service & EMEA and APAC Business

Mark Burr-Lonnon

Senior VP – Global Service & EMEA and APAC Business

Due to the rapid advancements across IoT, AI, Robotics, and many other domains, the design engineers and other professionals in the industry are in constant lookout for innovative products that can resolve their problems and help them in their research works. Clearly, outdated and end of lifecycle products can’t be deployed for newer designs. Functioning in resonance with this bracket of design engineers and other buyers worldwide is Mouser Electronics, industry’s leading, award winning and authorized New Product Introduction(NPI) distributor with a wide range of semiconductors and electronic components. With relentless focus on NPIs, this Berkshire Hathaway company owns the broadest inventory in the industry with over 5 million products including semiconductors interconnects, passives optoelectronics and others from 800+ leading manufacturers. Right from its state-of-the-art facility at Texas(HQ) spanning 750,000 sq.ft. of area, Mouser Electronics ships its products to over 630,000 customers across 223 countries/territories, with a motto that customers always get what they need and when they need it.

Not just with products, Mouser Electronics also supports engineers with technical resources, new information and best-in-class customer services throughout the design process. To accomplish this, the company has established 27 service locations around the world to serve design engineers, buyers and hardware innovators in local language time zone and currency, thereby giving them what they deserve. Mark Burr, Lonnon, Senior VP – Global Service & EMEA and APAC Business Mouser Electronics, adds, “Every component we sell is traceable to and authorized from the manufacturer”. Today, the company’s cutting edge products that are smaller, faster and smarter stand tall as the essential building blocks of various new product designs of its customers.

Customer-Friendly Website
Mouser Electronics owns a comprehensive website available in 21 languages and 27 currencies along with 63 country website subdomains and live chat in 9 languages, which portrays its deeprooted commitment to serve customers. Its customer friendly Services and Tools page enables customers to search for products, personalize their orders, and access their previous purchases round the clock. Orders are in fact processed in as little as 15 minutes, shipped on the same day, and delivered on time at the customers’ location (over 99 percent success rate). Customers can also leverage the might of Mouser’s advanced tools like advanced
BOM tool, FORTE, ECAD design tool, inventory management tools and others. On the other hand, its product microsites offer them detailed technical information entailing datasheets and product lifecycle information. Not just via website, customers can avail Mouser’s product details via email and fax too, while relishing seamless help from its team of highly trained service professionals.

Not just with products MouserElectronics also supports engineers with technical resources, new information, and best-in-class customer service throughout the design process

No wonder Mouser Electronics currently stands as the go to NPI distributor for design engineers and buyers worldwide. For its exemplary distribution performance during 2018 and 2019, the company has bagged almost 40 Top Business awards from its manufacturer partners. Recognitions like this truly showcase the outstanding teamwork, digital excellence fastest NPIs, best-in-class global logistics, successful marketing campaigns, dedication to customer service excellence and a lot more fortes that Mouser Electronics imparts.

Truly Authorized & Genuine Distribution
Another biggest forte that places Mouser Electronics way above its peers is its commitment to distributing only authorized and genuine components with the least risk of counterfeit. In fact, the company is registered to AS9100D, which is based on the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, and also accredited to SAE AS6496 standard for anticounterfeit measures. These aerospace registrations manifest the high level traceability and anti counterfeit controls for every electronic component that is stocked and shipped by Mouser Electronics. Moreover, the company adheres to a zero tolerance policy and stringent procedures besides owning the best team of professionals, to ensure that customers can order its products with utmost confidence.

The masterminds behind Mouser Electronics are Glenn Smith (President & CEO) and Mark Burr Lonnon(Senior VP Global Service & EMEA and APAC Business). An industry leader as well as a local business leader in the North Texas community Glenn has received numerous achievements such as Top Public CEO by the Fort Worth Business Press, Distinguished Service Award by ECIA and many more. On the other hand, Mark holds an impressive track record of playing global leadership and marketing roles at different companies, managing variegated complexities of international business and also forging strong industry relationships. Under the duo’s shared global vision Mouser Electronics has grown from a small electronics distributor at US into a global player today that is extensively customer focused. Not just the people in management board, all 2,500 employees of Mouser Electronics across the globe breathe and live by its global vision. They are rigorously trained in accordance with their specific job roles through training processes that are constantly updated and improved.

Mark articulates,“Innovation is the primordial key to our business growth”. Recently, the company has joined hands with the celebrity engineer Grant Imahara for the fifth consecutive year to present ‘Engineering Big Ideas’,the latest edition of the award winning ‘Empowering Innovation Together’series. This is a four part series that explores the process of moulding an idea into a product right from the point of discovery, design till development. Mouser Electronics is also seamlessly upgrading its distribution facilities and capabilities at its headquarters(Texas) to address and resolve the global demands of the future.

With 34+ years of rich experience in global electronics distribution, Mark stands at the helm of Mouser Electronics in guiding the effective implementation of global service strategy as well as its day-to-day international endeavours.

Inception Year: 1964
Offices: 27 Global Offices
Products: Over five million Semiconductors & Electronic Components