MU SIGMA: A Gateway To Opportunities For Young & Vibrant Problem Solvers And Data Enthusiasts

Dhiraj Rajaram,  Founder & CEO

Dhiraj Rajaram

Founder & CEO

Learning is the rate of change of knowledge, and Doing enables you to evaluate that knowledge. It’s the fundamental process of acquiring new skills, information, and values, and needs an environment that fosters holistic development. If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that change is the norm and it’s getting increasingly unpredictable. What worked in the past may no longer work in the future. Most information becomes obsolete, and it is critical to be aware and respond at speed.

With an ecosystem of Learning over Knowing and Extreme Experimentation that nurtures a team of 3500 decision scientists, Mu Sigma believes in hiring young talent straight from universities and defining a growth path of enhanced interactions. This is an organization that harnesses the curiosity, enthusiasm and GRIT that is the essence of the young and transforms them into world-class Decision Scientists. This 19-year-old company is truly For the Young and By the Young. The vision of Dhiraj Rajaram, Founder and CEO, is to develop a world-class talent pool of Decision Scientists who can problem solve across various industries.

Mu Sigmas culture is rooted in the holistic development of an individual across Math, Business, and Technology and pushing the boundaries of what an individual can achieve. It is based on inter connected thinking leverage each other ’s strengths and problem-solving abilities to build world class solutions.

The company’s focus is on hiring good talent and they scout for talent across various cities and towns in India. Engineering and STEM talent is in abundance, but they also look at liberal arts colleges to enable the interdisciplinary perspective of problem solving. This is a testament to their belief in the young talent of India and their own ability to nurture talent. They hire some talented and academically strong graduates, put them through intensive learning curves, and then deploy them on projects for Fortune 500 companies. The continuous learning and the apprentice model backed by the ethos of Learning-Doing-Teaching makes this possible. While they are in the business of solving problems for their Fortune 500 customers, they have solved the problem of enabling a young population to reach their potential. This belief system and model is on
display right now as they onboard nearly 1200 campus graduates in a volatile market.

Mu Sigma’s commitment to developing the talent pool in India has led to it bring in data science and AI ML into academic syllabus to help develop interest among young India. To achieve this, the company is collaborating with various academic institutes to incorporate decision sciences in curriculum, making students employable.

Led by a Visionary Leader
Mu Sigma was established in the year 2004 by Dhiraj Rajaram, who continues to be at the helm of the organization. In 2004, Data Analytics was a buzzword, but no one seemed to capitalize on it to make decisions and drive strategic business. The company started off with a large US based technology giant as its first client, and quickly acquired more clients thanks to their unique approach to problem solving that they bring to the table.

Mu Sigma is deeply committed to assisting in the development of India by providing opportunities to emerging professionals

Mu Sigma has a formidable reputation in the market for having the ability to evolve rapidly, and that took them from being a data analytics company to data sciences, and now to a full fledged pure-play decision sciences company. The company’s growth has been driven by their reputation of consistent quality of interactions with customers.

Mu Sigmas clientele are Fourtune 500 companies that span across various verticals including CPG, retail, pharma, oil and gas, manufacturing, technology, finance to name a few.

Bridging the Gap How they do Business
Mu Sigma's strength in delivery is supported by its Process and Platforms ecosystem that enables it to achieve both Economies of Scale and Speed. The product suite, also known as the 'The Art of Problem Solving' (AoPS) system, is an innovative set of tools designed to assist clients in solving complex challenges. The concept of AoPS stems from Mu Sigma's view of itself as problem solvers rather than simply service delivery partners. The problems they solve vary from determining market visibility, to effective supply chain and distribution processes, or determining the target demography based on customer sentiments and behavioral patterns, etc. Mu Sigma analyzes the customer's current state while determining their desired future state. They then identify the gap between these two states and provide robust ways to bridge the gap.

Mu Sigma, being the category defining organization it is, looks at itself as “Services as a Software” organization.

“Our goal, over the next 5 years, is to grow Mu Sigma into a trusted partner for all our customers, by expanding the nature of work we do, and by providing higher optionality. We intend to continue going down the path less traveled and breaking down complexity while transforming our clients’ ecosystems” concludes Dhiraj Rajaram, Founder & CEO at Mu Sigma.