Muses Marketing: Cultivating Ideas

Vyom Garg & Ronak Singh Ahuja, Co-Founders

Vyom Garg & Ronak Singh Ahuja

Great products fail all the time because it never makes its way into the public eye. Ironically, exposure doesn’t happen by chance. It’s no accident that the hottest startups right now are all backed by some interesting experiences, in short, a brand story. All of these companies have interesting products and great services – but that's not what gets them the coverage and reachability. That’s the power of a brand agency at work that delivers eye candy marketing strategies which enable the business to sky rocket to a whole new level.

One such creative enabler that polishes the brands to outshine in the business ecosystem is Muses Marketing, a newgen start-up that provides quirky, out-of-the box solutions to a major corporation. “We know our organization follows a classic David and Goliath storyline – but with an unexpected twist. We have a proactive approach in building a community where we invest in personal growth early on by giving something valuable before we could ask for something in return,” explicates Ronak Singh Ahuja.

The Journey of Transforming Brands
Founded in 2013, Muses started its endeavor with small brands that covers a relevant niche. “We placed our bets on where our key audience is - that's how we get the best engagement. We have a targeted outreach strategy amongst a highly qualified crowd, before long, an army of clients, were behind us and word of mouth became the ultimate users' acquisition strategy,” mentions Ronak, delight fully.

Adding to this, Vyom Garg, COO, Muses Marketing says “Once we began building connections and providing valuable contributions to
our industry, we had called out for a huge competition and expectation to better ourselves out with every brand campaign we set up.” Since then, there has been no looking back for Muses Marketing, where it offers a tailored and personalized approach that speaks to its client’s professional interest and adds value.

" Ronak believes that the key to improving business's bottom lines relies upon maintaining an 'Always-on' presence"

Today, Muses Marketing takes great pride in its work whereby it has successfully executed numerous ATL (Above the Line), BTL (Below the Line), & TTL (Through the Line) projects to companies like Grofers, BlueStone, AskMe, SnapFitness, Zimmber, Doormint, India Bulls, Middleby, Celfrost and many more.

A Maarkey way forward!
After the company started its new verticals, it has witnessed a spurring 1.75x growth in revenue MoM. As on October 2018, it stands at an MRRR in upwards of US$ 100,000. Workforce wise, Muses follows an efficient model of technology backed services, so that the workforce is 3x less than what the traditional marketing agency boast. Growing organically, Muses added yet another feather on its gleaming cap with the introduction of Maarkey.

Scaling New Heights – Recognizing Marketer’s Mindset
The present-day market scenario is such that, OFFLINE MARKETING isn’t interesting to anyone, anymore, especially for those who isn’t already making money from it. The biggest roadblock, today, is how the business connects with the clients who can get in front of tens of thousands of potential clients. Throwing light on the same, Ronak avers “We ought to tailor a brand experience to the client’s interests while overlapping with our own. However, there will also be entirely new elements to consider in ensuring that we can build a reason for why they would care. In the process, we deploy all of the research at our disposal to create our hook.”

Muses Marketing setting a new benchmark in the industry offers reliable and result oriented
marketing services to its clients across India. “We have always treated a ‘No’ as a future ‘Yes.’ When we get a No! We take the opportunity to ask for feedback and suggestion rather than burning bridges,” asserts Ronak. The company believes in creating a brand story which enhances every piece of idea that it engenders. “That’s why so many influential brands are still associated with us have become powerhouses. They’re bringing the innovation and solution to their customers,” he adds, enthusiastically.

Optimistic about the future of the company, Ronak concludes “We are planning on amplifying and capitalizing our existing client base and potential customers to stay plugged in and create the stir in the market. Most importantly, we intend to increase the effort base on a regular basis because most of the marketing campaigns get picked up organically. In the coming days, we are only focusing on making our processes and technology efficient.”

Muses Marketing: A Critical Component to Your Demand Marketing Mix

Offline-Marketing made Easy, Accessible & Cheap
Muses Marketing offers highly customized solutions to its clients which revolves around strategy, buying spaces to advertise on, and operations. The company operates in various verticals, which includes:

- MarKonsult:Here, it focuses on the strategy aspects, whereby it offers turnkey marketing solutions that enable the business to thrive.

-Maarkey: It is one of Muses Marketing’s flagship offerings. A web product that focuses on discovery and booking of advertising spaces and helps companies in execution or operations of on-ground activities.

Fascinatingly, the company has technologically backed operations with an inventory of 8000+ advertising spaces including 2000+ standalone corporate office, which is certainly a game changer in the industry. That is the biggest inventory present with any company across India.