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Dr. Aruna Kulkarni, FounderHelicopter parenting is not new to the world especially in countries like India where parents put immense emphasis on family values, emotions and consider it their right to hover overhead their kids to oversee every aspect of their life constantly. As the millennial kids are smart, such parenting does not work in these modern times. Kids need freedom and the power to make their own decisions. But parents mostly struggle to balance the modern parenting culture, where they need to act as their kid’s friends and the traditional parenting culture, where they need to inculcate values in them. This journey starts as early as when they decide on becoming parents and continues till they can shadow parent their kids. Helping parents create a perfect balance from the very beginning to being the lighthouse in the storm, My Mind Matters is passionate about providing people ‘A world where you can be you’ through its counselling sessions.

When Dr. Aruna Kulkari, Founder, My Mind Matters, and a Child & Family Psychologist, picked the topic ‘Child Behavior Patterns with Reference to Parental Strategies of Parenting’ for her research for Doctoral thesis, she became deeply engrossed in the concept of ‘Parenting’. She wanted to help parents realize that relationship between them as husband & wife and parents is the key foundation to the family’s interpersonal relationships. Hence, she established My Mind Matters in 2014 to offer various exciting possibilities of parenting through her parenting classes. This includes Preparenting exhilaration, New Horizons Tender Steps, Primary, and Being the lighthouse in the storm. “We offer a continuous hand-holding all through the different stages of parenting, and provide extremely practical steps that parents can immediately start applying at home,” explains Dr. Aruna.

Courses that Matter
While Pre parenting exhilaration are for
couples planning for parenthood to help them be parents, strengthen their as husband & wife and thus setting a strong ground work for the future, New Horizons are for parents of the newly born babies on how to accept and accommodate with the changes and take their relationship as new parents to the next level. For the parents of children between one to six years of age My Mind Matters Tender Steps helps them gear-up on how to lay a strong foundation on which the child can build a strong educational castle/building. The company’s Primary is for parents of children between six to 10 years and helps them understand how the children at this stage face the task of industry vs. inferiority and are likely to compare themselves with others to see how they measure up. “If they get appropriate parental support and guidance they develop a sense of pride and accomplishment and become secure. Otherwise, they may end-up feeling inferior and inadequate,” avers Dr. Aruna. Going a step further, My Mind Matters empowers parents of adolescents to deal with their fiery adolescence through peer pressure/ loneliness/ confusion/developmental stages of sexuality under its Being the lighthouse in the storm course.

We offer a continuous hand holding all through the different stages of parenting, and provide extremely practical steps that parents can immediately start applying at home

“Since a large number of families have both working parents, they are well familiar with the concept of leadership. Our endeavour is to help parents draw parallels between leadership and parenting,” explains Dr. Aruna. Hence she along with her team of psychologists, help parents learn the art and styles of parenting. Further they teach parents the traits of effective leaders that can help them develop strong parenting skills and become the leader of their home. “It is really essential to provide fundamental knowledge and insight about leadership and parenting through experience-based learning, and make them understand the demands and expectations placed on them as parents,” further adds Dr. Aruna.

Dr. Aruna thanks her dedicated team of psychologists who are either equipped with a Master’s degree in Clinical/Counselling Psychology or have done their major in child development. “Their dedication, experience and people orientation contribute heavily to the success of My Mind Matters,” says a proud Dr. Aruna. Being honoured for her contribution towards counselling couples for husband and wife relationship, Dr. Aruna has very carefully planned the future of My Mind Matters with three new innovative projects in the pipeline. In the coming years she aspires to make the company one of the biggest counselling centers providing all the family and counselling related services under one roof.

A child and family psychologist, Dr. Aruna beholds powerful insights into human behaviour, which led her to craft courses that are extremely result oriented and powerful.

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