Navriti: Unbiased Rewarding Work Environment Fostering Performance

Mahesh T, Founder & CEO

Mahesh T

Founder & CEO

Even smart employees succumb to uncomfortable work environment, lack of growth, purpose & recognition, poor relationship with colleagues & management, or even personal issues. There has to be some give and take between the employer and the employee where the former won’t be able to take their best from the latter without giving them the aforementioned conveniences. Considering this, Navriti Technologies, a holistic Assessment and Audit Services company, keeps its people on their toes by establishing a rewarding work environment which is free from biases, where people are respected and performance is nurtured.

Navriti provides holistic assessment services including assessment design, questions authoring, assessor certification, administering assessments and reporting. It covers the complete spectrum of assessments such as formative, summative, diagnostic, job-skill certification and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) through its cloud based assessment platform – Certiplate. Founded in 2012, Navriti has successfully delivered more than 400,000+ assessments across 70+ districts in 22 states and has grown into a 150 people strong organization. “Happy employees are the assets of our company. Hence we go beyond statutory policies (PF, ESI, Bonus, LWF and so on) to delight them with health care and group medical benefits to family, employee referral incentives, employee favourable attendance & leave policy (general, sick, privileged, paternity & maternity leaves) and rewards & recognition policy among others,” expounds HR, Navriti.

A Culture of Openness,Fun & Support

Strongly believing that good decisions can come from anywhere, Navriti has inculcated a culture of openness, which empowers its people with the freedom to express their thoughts openly and to disrupt
the present by thinking out-of-the-box and innovate on all processes. In the company’s employee friendly working environment, the top management including the founders are always accessible and available. The founders often engage with people from top management to entry-level employees across different departments and works closely with them to discuss new ideas, products and solutions. “We perceive our workforce as a team not as a bunch of individuals. We see openness, fun at work and internal support from team to team,” remarks Mahesh T, Founder & CEO, Navriti.

Navriti has inculcated a culture of openness which empowers its people with the freedom to express their thoughts openly and to disrupt the present.

An organization’s culture is an invisible but powerful force that influences the workforce’s behavior. Hence, Navriti vests immense importance on carving the company’s values & missions deep within its workforce’s hearts as well as in hiring people who are a perfect fit to its culture.In order to get more prominent candidates, the company reserves a specific budget for future hiring and forecasts the possible talent required for the company in advance. Based on this, Navriti espouses different recruitment strategies such as social media & employee referral programs, and filters them via telephonic, video and personal interviews.

The Secret Sauce Slaying Attrition

The company’s performance appraisal process accelerates its people’s career & financial growth by assessing their performance, identifying their skills & areas of interest, and training them accordingly. Navriti fast tracks their personal growth by providing flexible work schedules & the freedom to work remotely, whereas social gatherings outside of work organized by the company adds further spice to their life. On special occasions like Company Annual Day, engaging employees’ families to make them know the company better is another cherry on the cake. “We are proud of our low attrition rate. We have succeeded in
maintaining flexible working conditions, good employee relationship, learning & growth opportunities, and rewards & recognitions, which motivate and indirectly act as retention factors for us,” says Mrinal Kumar, Co-Founder & COO, Navriti.

Apart from having a security guard and CCTV cameras inside the company premise, Navriti’s security measures also include a women’s grievance redressal committee to address women related issues. While all female employees have flexible work timings & work from home option, mothers are additionally entitled to leave early and can utilize maternity benefits & extended maternity benefits in case of availability of other leaves to take care of their new-born baby.

Navriti intends to build a stellar team, as it plans to use the cutting edge technology to build innovative and disruptive products and solutions.“We are poised to be the technology leader for the vocational skill sector and in line to be a Rs.100 crore company in three years. In the coming five years, we would invest in recruiting the best talent, build a nurturing environment and be the top destination for world class talent and employer of choice,” concludes Mahesh.

Key Management:
Mahesh T, Founder & CEO

A go-getter, Mahesh is the force behind Navriti’s extensive consumer base. A NIT, Trichy and IIM-Bangalore graduate, he has a knack for deploying his networking skills and attention to detail that helps convert ideas into successful business propositions.

Mrinal Kumar, Co-Founder & COO

A NIT, Trichy and BITS, Pilani graduate, Mrinal is the thinker, doer and problem solver at Navriti Technologies. Backed by years of experience, extensive technical knowledge and out of the box thinking, he is the mind behind the company’s unmatchable solutions.

Offices: Bangalore (Headquarter) & Delhi.