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Pradeep Dadha,Founder & CEO.

Pradeep Dadha

Founder & CEO.

When a research crew from California visited, although it was situated in one of the most desirable locations in Chennai, they fully expected to find yet another haggered, over worked and disgruntled staff. Their first indication that this might be unlike their other surveys, was when they were granted unfiltered access to the population.They roamed around the office and repeated the FAQs, but when they came back after an hour, one of them couldn't stop him self from vocalizing, "You know I have to tell you, this is amazing. !This is the first place where people spoke about how happy they are to be here and how excited they are to be a part of this organization". These words speak well of the corporate culture at our country's only online pharmacy- Empowering the residents of metros as well as 2nd and 3rd tier cities to access all the benefits of modern and effective drugs, the company has already delivered to 600 plus cities in every state of the country.

New Hope For Country sides

This PAN India online pharmacy that delivers medications as well as OTC products in a single shipment is about to celebrate its first anniversary this June. "I uploaded the prescriptions from Chennai for my parents who live in a remote village and they received the medicines with in a couple of days. Netmeds delivers fast and their customer service is also the best. I received a confirmation call as well," this spot-on customer testimonial echoes the medication exigency of the rural quarters of our country. The ability to deliver to the tier two and three cities in each corner of this subcontinent at pocket-friendly prices marks the uniqueness of this organization.

The unified messaging system has brought dynamics in the way people communicate with the organizations, which demands an extra proficiency from the voice
skilled customer executives. Scrutinizing this synopsis,Netmeds has equipped its workforce to converse with the customers through accustomed messaging options like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and so on. This distinguished forward-thinking texture of the organization explains the heap of the entry applications.

Netmeds has equipped its workforce to converse with the customers through accustomed messaging options like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and others

The Well-Set Work Culture

"Our job rotation policy allows a guy working in e-mail support with the B.Tech qualification to move to the technical division if he exhibits the knowledge. We have been fortunate enough to meet good people who seek to expand their horizons and rise up to a challenge to achieve a satisfying and more rewarding career. We are glad to give them an opportunity to do that," asserts Pradeep Dadha, Founder & CEO, As an inclusion to the organization perks such as PF and flexible working hours, cherishes its workforce with a door-step transport conveyance and a Medical Insurance policy, in which the company plans to include the employee's parents as well. "People are our most precious resource. That's why we nurture, recognise and reward innovation & dedication," said Bruce Schwack, Director of Communications,and those are the kind of values that explain the company's impressive less than one percent attrition rate.

The appealing Silicon Valley-styled office Infrastructure of the company is filled with some mainspring gender morals, which ensures 50 percent involvement of women even in the management level."Apart from utilizing the three months long maternity leave, our employees can take a break for a year and then continue in our service. Our leave policy not only permits three days of leave every month, but also forces them to take a vacation every year," asserts Pradeep. Growing at a lightning speed, the management team that strongly believes in compassionate and warm
management strategy intends to increase the paid maternity leave to six months. The company builds on its people's enthusiasm by encouraging their participation in International fun-mixed challenges such as 'Step-Up-One' walking challenge, where its workforce split themselves into bunches of five and compete with 350 companies across the globe.

The Workforce

"As an artefact of legacy and fresh policies followed within, most of the workforce came through references. We keep our employees informed, whenever a new position pops up," says Philip Joshua Assey, HR Head, The company replenishes most of the management spaces with its own population. Born as an arm of a huge group that has been running mobile e-Commerce business for a number of years, Netmeds came into existence with a solid core team. It had no grapples to muster its 300 people strong workforce at any stage of the organization development.

Vijay Prakash, Networks Head, echoes this dexterity in sourcing its workforce, "I started with one of the group's other e-Commerce companies as a rank and file network engineer. They helped me grow as a professional and as a person, and when they formed Netmeds, they made me Head of the Department. I love this place and the people who created it".

Blueprinting its part to combat the chronic health hassles of the country, Netmeds is busy getting engaged with advancing the platform and finding new countryside to explore, with a bunch of medicines in hand.

Key Management:
Pradeep Dadha,Founder & CEO

Pradeep carved his management excellencies by innovating the organization plot of 'Pradeep Dadha Group of Companies',a holding group for almost every business vertical.