Nidhi Jain: Digital Healthcare Path for India

Nidhi Jain,Founder & Director

Nidhi Jain

Founder & Director

Starting own business without a doubt is still challenging for women in IT focused on healthcare, a sector where women entrepreneurs are still underrepresented. But now a big change is sweeping across this immensely technical and challenging business landscape. A new crop of female entrepreneurs has emerged at the top, coming up with game-changing ideas and services in the sector. The skills and expertise of female entrepreneurs, their ability to spot gaps in the market, and to be innovative and cost-effective in their launch strategies were lauded as signs of the beginning of a golden age for female startups. Today, they are becoming a trendsetter, sketching a path for other women to follow and strongly contributing to the economic development of the country. One big example of this change is Nidhi Jain, Founder & Director, KareXpert Technologies.

Realizing that there is not much adaptation of IT in the healthcare, which is very important for developing countries like India where population growth is more than healthcare resources, it became challenge for them to deliver minimal healthcare services to every citizen. Thus, Nidhi incepted KareXpert Technologies with a vision to revolutionize the Indian healthcare system by pioneering in digital healthcare and transforming billion of lives by bringing health inclusion for every one. Today, KareXpert is a potential leader in the global healthcare market providing end-to-end digital healthcare solutions for all stakeholders, starting from hospitals.“I come from family of doctors and am well connected with healthcare industry, hence digital healthcare became a natural choice for me,”avers Nidhi.

A Trendsetter in Healthcare Industry
Since childhood, Nidhi had the fetish to indulge in business that contributes for the welfare of the society. Thus, utilizing the
professional experience(15+ working in startups & reputed organization in Silicon Valley, USA) after graduating from IIT Roorkee (B Tech. Computers, 1993) with the desire to create jobs for 1000 people, she thought of setting up her own enterprise in India and ventured KareXpert in 2014. She says, “The seed in me to make a change in society is very old, but waited for the right moment, right experience, right market and some seed money to give this venture a meaningful start”.

The seed in me to make a change in society is very old, but waited for the right moment, right experience, right market and some seed money to give this venture a meaningful start

Nidhi has techno commercial expertise in the web scaling, cloud and telecom technologies and has always adapted new techniques (BizOps and DevOps model) to build architect, design & market B2C products, there by bringing the agility into the process while delivering business requirements. She stacks her entrepreneurial journey on strong believes (persistence, consistency and agility) and principles (trust, transparency, integrity & competence) that convert her failure as learning cycles and later into success. Being a woman of principles, she not only looks for win-win situation & push her own personal agenda but also ensures Kare Xpertians follow the aforementioned standards in every situation. Nidhi, understanding the entire clause of being an entrepreneur and with her innovative ideas & clear objectives where one can take decisions, show their strength, make strategies for growth, execute them appropriately and also be responsible for its success or failure have today made KareXpert and herself a potential shining star in the industry.

KareXpert Cloud based technology transforms Hospital into “SMART Hospital” in less than 72 hours bringing 24x7 Digital Access to its Patient. KareXpert is not point solution but a Digital Healthcare Platform bringing one touch care for the patient with Hospital, Clinics, Pharmacy, PathLab, Imaging, Ambulance and Blood
banks using single Mobile App for a Distributed Healthcare System like India.

Success Story
There are lots of pitfalls while setting up the venture. Finding the right talent that aligns with company vision is one of the major dilemmas. But Nidhi, being the extraordinary woman, never gave up on her hard work to set-up the organization. In very short span of time, she showed her strengths, and build like minded, passionate & strong team who believe in and support her vision to make a mark in the healthcare industry by technological innovation. During initial days, she even played multiple roles and delivered product, which has a 10x value proposition in the market at 1/10th the price to cause a meaningful disruption and build long term gains. Nidhi says, “My battle is already half won, I have built a strong KareXpert team with open culture, product is already launched in the market and acceptability of the product is coming out very good”.

An entrepreneur’s journey generally has two outcomes – either you succeed or you learn a whole lot and grow as an individual because you couldn’t succeed. “These values are time tested and are my core strengths,and while working with my young enthusiastic team these values have further deep rooted in me,” asserts Nidhi. Handling KareXpert and being the mother have never been easy for her. Yet, Nidhi has always maintained a proper stability between her work and professional life with the support of her family, and whenever work permits, she spends time with them. More over, Nidhi enjoys her entrepreneur journey and take this as a life-time opportunity to create highly constructive value for the human society.

Being passionate about work, Nidhi keeps herself upgraded with recent market trends by reading various articles, news and connecting with the right people in the industry and dots as well. She strictly follows open work culture and motivates her employees to stretch themselves, discover new technologies, think out-of-the-box, build new features, take risks and learn from the consequence to constantly build and delivery the business solutions. “We at KareXpert believe in what I can instead of what I know. Leaders create more leaders in the organization, not just followers,” expound Nidhi.