NLP India: Empowering Individuals With Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mark Model & Coaching

Rajiv Sharma,  Founder

Rajiv Sharma


In a world where technology reigns supreme, where AI and innovation are rewriting the rules of the game, tech and IT professionals face an unprecedented challenge: How do you not only survive but thrive in this dynamic landscape? How do you harness the remarkable power of your humanity - the way you think, speak, connect, and lead while staying at the forefront of the tech revolution?

The answer lies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the MARK Model, two transformative tools that can empower individuals to evolve into a formidable managerial and leadership force in the tech industry. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a comprehensive framework that unravels the intricate web of human cognition, communication, and behavior. It dives deep into the patterns of thought, language, and influence that shape our interactions with the world. When combined with the power of the MARK Model - Mindset, Action, Repetition, and Knowledge - it becomes a force to be reckoned with.

MARK Model is a registered Trademark of Rajiv Sharma and NLP. This powerful synergy is designed to help professionals set and achieve one’s professional goals. NLP, combined with the MARK Model, is like a finely tuned instrument for the tech professional, helping you orchestrate your journey toward leadership excellence. If we speak of NLP, it isn’t just a theoretical concept; it’s a practical skill that can be honed. Combine NLP with leadership coaching, and one will have a potent recipe for success. ICF-approved leadership coaching with NLP skills opens up a world of possibilities, equipping professionals with the tools to lead and inspire others effectively.

A Framework To Success
After a lot of late nights, early mornings, and a tonne of trial and error, in 2013, Rajiv and his competent team developed the MARK Model, a framework for effectiveness and success. Thousands of professionals in various countries have tested this model and with practice, they have received excellent outcomes. This promising MARK Model focuses on four distinct parameters, i.e. Mindset, Action, Repetition, and Knowledge.

Rajiv believes that the profound significance of cultivating the right mindset, understanding that ideas held within one’s mind remain bereft of value until they are translated into tangible actions. Further, to embark on a transformative journey, equipping themselves not only with the knowledge required to take decisive steps towards their desired objectives but also mastering the art of repetition. This art of repetition will serve as a catalyst in the transformation of these actions into robust and enduring habits, ultimately leading to the attainment of mastery in their chosen fields of endeavor. It is within the confines of this literary work that one can transcend the realm of self-mastery, progressing to the point where they foster innovation and pioneer new realms of knowledge. The assurance of success in these endeavors is grounded in the fact that countless students have ardently embraced and harnessed the transformative potential encapsulated within the MARK framework to consistently and decisively achieve their goals.

“Imagine having the ability to communicate with precision, delve into your subconscious for hidden talents, overcome self-imposed barriers, set strategic goals, master your emotions, and inspire cohesive teams. These are just some of the benefits you can reap when you combine NLP with the MARK Model. It’s not just about professional growth it’s about personal transformation that transcends boundaries”, highlights Rajiv Sharma, Founder at NLP.

Origins of NLP
The roots of NLP trace back to 1970 when Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder collaborated to create this profound framework. NLP became the key to
understanding human cognition, communication, and behavior in a deeper, more meaningful way. Rajiv Sharma embarked on his NLP journey after a chance encounter with Dr. Richard Bandler in 2006. From a background in sales, he transitioned to NLP, becoming one of the top global gurus in the field. His vision gave birth to NLP India in 2013, a platform dedicated to enhancing individuals’ efficacy and bridging the gap between ambition and attainment. Today, NLP India stands as a beacon of knowledge, transforming lives across the globe with a presence in 45 countries. It has trained over 742,000 professionals, all of whom have experienced profound personal growth.

“Since my initial exposure to NLP in 2006, I have harnessed its principles to facilitate therapeutic interventions, coaching, and personal development. NLP finds versatile applications across diverse domains, notably in leadership, sales, and elevating customer experiences. Akin to a conductor orchestrating harmonious symphonies, proficient utilization of NLP empowers leaders to harness the nuances of human cognition, communication, and behavior. While one need not be familiar with the terminology, the fundamental dynamics of thought, speech, and conduct invariably shape our interactions”, cites Rajiv.

In the realm of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rajiv Sharma stands out for his commitment to practical expertise. Unlike many who merely read books & present themselves as trainers, NLP India’s strength lies in being competent practitioners of NLP. We consider ourselves enablers rather than mere trainers

The Benefits of NLP in Unlocking Human Potential
NLP’s transformative prowess lies in its ability to optimize human potential through enhanced communication, self discovery, overcoming limitations, goal attainment, emotional mastery, influential leadership, and lasting change. NLP India’s impact is not just in numbers but in the countless stories of transformation, they’ve enabled. Furthermore, NLP India’s approach caters to both corporations and individuals. For corporations, it enhances sales, optimizes customer experience, and empowers leadership. For individuals, NLP Practitioner and ICF Coaching programs offer certified NLP training and coaching techniques, amplifying personal development avenues

The CREST Approach
The success of NLP India is deeply rooted in the CREST approach, which comprises five core values: Commitment, Responsibility, Empathy, Scaling, and Trust worthiness. These principles serve as the foundation for all their interactions, ensuring an unwavering commitment to the growth of their clients, taking full ownership of their client’s aspirations, fostering a deep sense of empathy, driving extensive scaling efforts, and nurturing a culture characterized by trust and reliability. Underpinning NLP India’s ongoing journey is a steadfast commitment to the empowerment of individuals and organizations. Their relentless focus on amalgamating human skills with the right mindset through the application of neurolinguistic programming exemplifies their dedication to innovation. NLP India is not merely transforming lives; they are actively shaping a future where the limits of human potential are pushed to new horizons.

“Consider your innate devices - eyes, ears, brain - akin to natural gadgets. NLP fine-tunes these devices, enhancing perception and enabling you to decipher unspoken cues. This transformation empowers you to connect better, harness intuition, and develop a sixth sense - a powerful asset in understanding the world. So to say, NLP India’s mission amplifies human potential by fostering profound perception shifts, honing innate senses, and aligning them to create enhanced intuition and effectiveness”, asserts Rajiv.

Robust Engagement Process
NLP India commences with a strategic focus on bolstering sales, a foundational program that uncovers the art of selling with profound precision. This program hinges on understanding clients’ perspectives, addressing their pain points, and cultivating a client-centric approach.

Following this sales-driven transformation, NLP India delves into optimizing customer experience and engagement. This strategic shift ensures that the corporate partners are adept at forging meaningful connections with their clientele, fostering loyalty and sustainable growth. Subsequently, the spotlight turns to leadership empowerment. Acknowledging that enduring success requires astute leadership, NLP India offers specialized programs that invigorate and equip leaders with the skills to navigate dynamic business landscapes. Within a robust team of 13 individuals, NLP India is fortunate to have a diverse group of core investors, with over 50 percent of our shareholding held by women and around 40 percent by men. This makes it proudly identify itself as a female-driven company. Furthermore, client satisfaction and achievement take precedence over mere ratings or accolades for NLP India.

As NLP India charts its course forward, they remain resolute in their determination to introduce innovative services that align with the ever-evolving dynamics of the market. Presently, the company’s primary focus is the fusion of human skills with artificial intelligence through neurolinguistic programming, reflecting their continuous quest for cutting-edge solutions to empower their clients and partners.

Rajiv aptly concludes, “In the domain of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), our distinction lies in our unfettered commitment to practical expertise. Unlike those who simply peruse books and present themselves as trainers, our strength resides in our proficiency as practitioners of NLP. We perceive ourselves as catalysts for change, rather than mere instructors”.