Novabeans: Providing End-To-End Manufacturing Solutions To The Industry

Gaurav Loyalka,FounderThe 3D printing sector is growing precociously in the global landscape, owing to its unmatched contributions embedded with technology and engineering to cater to the rising need of the industry. Still at the nascent stage in India, 3D printing is emerging as a significant phenomenon by ensuring a gradual shift from conventional manufacturing techniques to novel AM technologies that not only enable higher precision and resolution but also catalyse the manufacturing process while addressing environmental concerns.

Additive Manufacturing today needs advance materials that conforms to industry standards. To manufacture with these materials using AM Technologies intelligent machines that are proven to deliver industry standard outputs are a necessity today. The industry needs AM specific softwares that are easy to use and protects intellectual property. The workforce needs training and education in order to use the technology hence skill development is a key aspect for the industry today.

Novabeans provides the 360 eco-system solution bundle to the industry which provides machines, materials, employee training and service & support and waste management solutions.

An International Ecosystem
A leading Additive Manufacturing Solution Provider in India, Novabeans is empowering manufacturers, professionals, students, and individuals alike to bring their ideas to life in material choices including plastics, metals, resin, silicon, ceramics, bio-materials and edibles.

Novabeans enables their customers from various verticals to imagine, design and manufacture their products using the advanced and comprehensive 3D design-to-manufacturing solutions ranging across industry's best 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printing materials, Training workshops & school kits providing professional support and services. Novabeans can customise solutions individually catering to the needs of their customers.

Novabeans focus on adaptability, affordability & accessibility allows them to provide novel AM solutions across various verticals with a unique set challenges. The idea of concept-to-creation and the ability to
manufacture ensures Novabeans far reaching AM technology is implemented and widely accepted in today's fast paced consumer oriented market.

"Novabeans is a leading AM Solution provider in the desktop and industrial space to facilitate the industry in its transition to digital economy and customised manufacturing,: says Founder of Novabeans, Gaurav Loyalka.

An Array Of Distinguished Services
Meeting the demands of todays new age industry, Novabeans is able to distinguish itself from key competitors by allowing a user to explore the spectrum of AM Technologies while enjoying the benefits of open-source solutions. Novabeans endeavours to professionalize Additive Manufacturing Education to bridge the knowledge gap and enable industry adoption of AM Technologies.

Our globally recognised Certified courses provides credibility in the AM space and accredits the skills of the participants, developing future workforce for AM Industry. We offer to develop the skills of todays youth and provide them with great job opportunities in the AM space through our Centre of Excellence program.

Our state of the art training programme covers all aspects of AM Training. Developed as per the industry standard includes Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Metal and Ceramics Printing, Food Printing, Medical & Bio-Printing, and Electronics PCB Printing Courses.

Founded when the industry was learning to avail the amenities of 3D printing, the notion of novabeans has always been staying ahead of its time

Investing In The Future
Novabeans has invested in future technologies by shifting focus into adoption of additive manufacturing for mass customisation of products. We see a huge transformation in this arena where the machines would become more robust and powerful as the industry will be driven by Artificially Intelligent which would use virtual & augmented reality and precise scanning techniques to build products from very sophisticated and engineered materials of tomorrow while keeping the environment concerns at the fore-front of manufacturing.

Our first principle is to enrich human lives and we have integrated a full arena of products for Bio-engineering, Bio-printing and Food Industry. The pharmaceutical industry is already using our technologies to customise and manufacture patient specific solutions. We have spread our wings to research in Nutrition delivery solutions while printing food like a piece of art.

We have recently invested in `Additive Manufactured Electronics' which would allow faster, precise and environmental friendly production of electronics. Novabeans is also addressing the economical concerns when 3D Printing is concerned. Our Metal and Ceramics printing solutions allow printing of metal components using the lowest cost solution for metal & ceramics printing in industry today, allowing early adopters to fulfil their dreams.

Gaurav Loyalka, Founder
Having expertise in technology know-how and concepts, business development, purchasing, imports & exports, R&D and strategic alliances, Gaurav is engaged with developing hydrogen powered vehicle and more.
Office: Gurgaon
Offerings: Additive Manufacturing, food printing, metal & ceramics printing, scanning solutions, bio printing