Numeric: Transparent & Fun-Filled Workplace Empowering People to Stay Versatile

Palash Nandy,CEOAt workplaces, employees with a sense of belonging are projected to engage wholly, perform well and retain long due to the freedom of being their authentic selves sans the fear of prejudice from co-workers. With its foundation laid around 36 years back, for Chennai based Numeric employees are a significant part of the organization and instills a deep sense of belonging in them. Besides being the market leader in the Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and associated power conditioning products in India, Numeric is the most sought after company due to the long tenures (10 years) of most employees who are relishing its solid work culture.

Empowering employees at each level, the organization encourages them to take their own decisions and execute them effectively based on the available organizational guidelines instead of always waiting for directions from the senior management. Openness and transparency is suffused throughout Numeric wherein the senior management analyzes each challenge, explains their expectations to the employees and allows them to freely communicate at any point of time. Moreover, the culture of continual improvement has been built over the last many years. “Apart from ad hoc sharing, each employee from any department is fostered to contribute better ideas at ‘The ideas’ contest for the enhancement of growth opportunities, efficiency and consistency of operations across other departments in the firm,” articulates Palash Nandy, CEO, Numeric.

Fun Based Learning
Joining the Group in 2012, Numeric has grown to be one of the top 3 brands in the Indian UPS market. For the last 25 years it has been consistently ranked as the No. 1 brand in Line Interactive and Single Phase UPS in India. Today it has an employee base of 1800 people, 44 sales offices, 254 service centres across India and 5 manufacturing units across Chennai & Sinnar. “While striving to frame strategies that can be employed to build a robust work culture, I assure that people at Numeric are exposed to a fun-filled workplace rather than just a mechanical atmosphere of fulfilling tasks,” elucidates Palash.

To achieve this, Numeric has instituted Individual Development Program(IDP) which is conducted twice a month for employees to constantly hone their skills in accordance with the emerging trends across all industries. While the crew of people handling this scheme choose different
topics to be exposed to employees, dedicated mentors are allotted to edify the employees in each team. This program, in fact, acts as a platform that motivates employees through seamless edification besides work and even mentors who feel proud of contributing something towards development of respective teams. In addition, specific online training courses are arranged with regular reviews to ensure that everything getting learned is put to the best use for the organization.

Prior to Numeric, I was part of 3 world leading MNC’s and my highest tenure was 3 years but now am part of Numeric for close to 6 years which itself tells that Numeric is something different. The most important thing I would like to highlight is Numeric is very quick in assessing the potential of the employee , provides them with opportunity and guidance to grow in the organisation. The entire management in Numeric is easy to access, we are able to communicate with and take their expertise to enhance our skill Deenadayalan G, Senior Manager Finance

Magnetizing Right People
“Our solid infrastructure, diverse products, high brand equity, consistent growth, unparalleled performance and above all good word of mouth from our ex & present employees and customers stand as the primordial reasons why people are attracted to Numeric,” ascertains Palash. While the external headhunters handle the jobs in local forums, Numeric stays in constant touch with the leadership teams of different colleges to recruit the potential candidates and also educate the students on a regular basis with their experience based lectures. With business models emphasizing on sustainable and profitable growth, the firm sails cautiously when creating new positions by taking into account its social responsibility towards the existing employees and other stakeholders. The sole strategy of hiring followed by Numeric is to identify people with the right attitude and passion towards work rather than only skills that can only be self-inculcated. Once people get recruited into Numeric, they get attached to its best workplace ambience and their sense of contribution to the organization’s growth bolsters. Exposed with boundless job opportunities, the Numericans with the 'can do will do' desire, attitude and ability have opportunities to grow across functions and across the other five associated brands of
Legrand to build a good and long career.

Perks Galore
From health insurance, six months maternity leave, five days paternity leave, flexible work timings for new mothers, work from home option in case of health issues, dedicated ‘she’ rooms for female employees, to regular health checkups, Numeric takes utmost care of its employees’ health. Ensuring balance of personal and professional lives, the firm makes sure that they spend ample time with their families, have more fun while working and celebrate their achievements at work to stay energized and motivated all the time. It also celebrates major Indian festivals and organizes sports day, annual day, annual picnics and themed days after achieving targets. Redefining the overtime work culture prevalent at many Indian companies, Numeric outclasses them by discouraging employees for overtime. Numericans are also encouraged not to monetize their leaves but avail them as required on a timely basis.

Key Management:
Palash Nandy, CEO
Associated with Legrand India for almost 27 years, Palash became a part of Numeric in 2016 and is leveraging his knack for strategy, branding, marketing and his analytical skills to create value in each endeavor.

• Home UPS
• Line Interactive UPS
• Single Phase UPS
• Three Phase UPS
• Modular UPS
• Special Power Systems

Offices: Head Office – Chennai
Regional Offices Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Karnataka, Hyderabad & Kochi

Abida Aneez, Assistant VP HR & CSR
‘Numeric is committed, customer focused and family-friendly. We are committed to build a performance driven culture to achieve business results, which truly reflects our effective people practices and core values. Our consistent effort has always been to ensure best practices reflects in all that we do - empowering our employees through continuous technical learning & development opportunities, internal job elevations, work process and creating an inclusive& highly motivated workforce".

Palash Nandy, CEO
‘We strongly believe that the strongest differentiator amongst organisations are its PEOPLE. We invest a lot of energy to attract good talent, train them and then subsequently retain them. We strive to give a work environment that helps them enhance their skills, develop a can do will do attitude and provide consistent challenges to drive them to get better at their respective jobs. All the while creating a fun atmosphere at work since we strongly believe having fun at whatever one does is essential to succeed and progress’.