Nutrifresh: Ensuring Healthy Lifestyle with Best in Standard Agri Products

 Sanket Mehta, Co-Founder ,    Ganesh Nikam, Co-Founder

Sanket Mehta, Co-Founder

Ganesh Nikam, Co-Founder

With ever-changing lifestyles and a desperate drive to appear to be growing, mankind have been unable to reawaken their connection with mother nature. Unhealthy, unsanitary, and genetically modified foods have become an integral component of our diets. With continual efforts to improve our desired lifestyles, the day will come when we will jeopardise our own loved ones by feeding them dirty and fake foods.

Nutrifresh is the only Hydroponic grower that boasts of over 42 SKUs of fruity vegetables such as Bell Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchinis, Seedless Cucumbers, and Broccoli, as well as leafy vegetables such as Lettuces, Spinach, Fenugreek, Coriander, Mint, Kale, Arugula, Celery, Parsley, and Mustard Green, and herbs such as Oregano, Thyme. Anyone can order vegetables from the company's proprietary-owned website (www.nutrifresh. co), Android (Play Store), Apple (App Store) managed apps, and Google forms.

Nutrifresh now sells its products to over 100 B2B aggregators in India, as well as modern trade aggregators and delivery partners such as Nature's Basket, Big Basket, Swiggy, KissanKonnect, and Zomato Hyperpure.

Nutrifresh' aim, co-founded by two Agripreneurs, Sanket Mehta and Ganesh Nikam, is to supply consistent pesticide-free Hydroponic produce that is nutrient-rich to the Indian consumer year-round. Nutrifresh is committed to quality and is one of the few farmers with ISO, FSSAI, APEDA, HACCP, and GLOBAL GAP certifications.

“At Nutrifresh, we are committed to providing nutrientrich farm produce to consumers in India. That is why with international research and understanding of technological needs in farming, we started the largest hydroponic facility in India. We use RO purified Water and most importantly soilless farming. Entire supply chain from Farm to Fork is less than 24 Hours and minimal or no hand touch and is done by our own Nutrifresh Team. It is more precise, predetermined, and traceable
and because of economies of scale, healthy, fresh, and nutrient-rich exotic fruits and vegetables will be now available to everyone. We are currently operating on 10 acres serving Mumbai & Pune, farming a wide variety of crops, while maintaining an active pipeline of new customer opportunities from existing B2C channel servicing over 15k households to modern grocery/retail and global restaurant chains across the country", says Sanket Mehta, Co-Founder at Nutrifresh.

Nutrifresh has raised $5 million in pre-series seed capital. The funds will be used to expand farm operations, implement total traceability and transparency of output, market products, and develop an integrated Farm-tech platform

Nutrifresh has raised $5 million in pre-series seed capital. The funding is led by Theodore Cleary (Archer Investments), Bina Khan, Summit & Co., US, Sandiip Bhammer (Managing Partner - Green Frontier Capital), Sky Kurtz (CEO & Co-Founder of Pure Harvest UAE), Mathew Cyriac (Florintree Advisors & ex MD of Blackstone India), Dr. Soumitra Dutta (Dean Elect - Saïd Business School, University of Oxford), Shaishav Dharia (Regional CEO, Lodha Group), Karan Goshar (Samarthya Investment Advisors LLP) among others, for setting-up India’s largest soil-less farms. The funds will be used to expand farm operations, implement total traceability and transparency of output, market products, and develop an integrated Farm-tech platform.

Nutrifresh has an established protected growth facility that uses high quality seeds from Israel and the United States, where air is given in controlled amounts, water is RO cleansed, and nutrients are water-soluble. From seed procurement to germination, nursery, harvesting, packaging, and finally delivery to the end user, the entire production is under control. The produce is delivered to the consumer within 24 hours of harvest, demonstrating that the supply chain is fully linked and in sync to ensure consistency of freshness.

“We plan to strengthen their technology stack while also providing consumers with greater transparency into what they eat. This will be feasible because of the tracking of its products from seed to delivery. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of environmental, social, and corporate governance. We utilise 90 percent less water than a normal farm by implementing centralised nutrient and pumping systems and a close-looped irrigation technology. Over 80 percent of our agricultural crew is made up of women, and we seek to train them in cutting-edge practises so that they can be self-sufficient", concludes Ganesh Nikam, Co-Founder at Nutrifresh.