OKSir: Real -Time And On - Demand Services

Arun Kapoor, CEO

Arun Kapoor, CEO

Best known as an on-demand real time online based marketplace that seamlessly connects customerto service professionals through its mobile app, OKSir provides timely and expert service at a fair price to customers. The company has trained and verified service providers in over 300+ services and a vendor base of 50,000 plus registered vendors who offer quick and professional services. OKSir is an effort to make life convenient to customers and offer livelihood to vendors by enabling both through an easy and convenient mobile app.

It all started with one man's vision way back in the year 1999-2000 - a time when the electronic industry was in a nascent stage. During that time, there were only a handful of electronic stores. In such a scenario, setting up something was way too expensive. Foreseeing that online industry was coming up and the internet was taking pace, Arun Kapoor decided to start something online and that's how was established. He bought the domain and his journey as an entrepreneur took a new turn in the e-commerce industry. Inspired by a real-life incident where he was once locked out of his house, the idea of zeroing in upon creating an on-demand service platform called OKSir took shape. That was the time in 2013-2014, where Amazon and Flipkart were exploring the electronic industry to its core. With similar visualization,
Arun bootstrapped into the industry with his company and is contributing to the electronic industry with sheer dedication till date. This marked the beginning.

" OKSir now offers more than 300+ services with over 50,000 registered vendors, and is in progress to expand to cover more Asian countries"

Given that, OkSir has come a long way to be known as an on demand real-time online based marketplace that seamlessly connects the customer to service professionals through its mobile app. “By using our app, customers are able to seek nearby trusted service experts around them instantly, then book service online and get immediate assistance in real-time. We are able to offer business to our clients, which helps them scale up not just their business but also improve their life and living standards,” says Arun.

OKSir now offers more than 300+ services with over 50,000 registered vendors and is in progress to expand to cover more Asian countries.

Sailing against the Wind
In online business start-ups now, the competition is getting tougher by the day, with no and very low margin for error. Every startup needs to be ever competitive and deliver their best to gain momentum and earn market share. Team OKSir constantly strives to understand the pulse of the market and the evolution of technology. “We have in place our customer insight cell, which is able to early identify the evolving consumer behaviour, the need gaps and the desire gaps in the consumer's life and are able to develop tech-based solutions that fulfil their needs and aspirations,” he mentions.

As an AI-based service platform that caters the services industry as
a whole, OKSir's silver lining is its
300+ services at one's doorstep – Certified Vendors, Free registration, Transparent Dealings, Professionally Trained OkMen, Secured Online Payments, 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee, and 15 days no-questions-asked money back policy.

The team believes in adapting to changes and is consistently evolving to stand out in the crowd. It is a podium defining the true essence of Quality. Throwing light on the work culture, Arun asserts,“We operate on no-door policy, it is a free-flowing and transparent setup, where the talent is recognized and harvested so that they attain growth and drive the company towards growth. We have a no boss culture, everyone is cultivated into an entrepreneur mindset, with ownership and authority and we have managed to get our people to treat the organization as their own start up.”

Team OKSir is in the process of launching various tech-based solutions in order to serve customers and the vendors better. Further, the company is looking at expanding its operations to other parts of the world and providing services across geographies. “We have a tech development cell which works closely with the changing dynamics and develops tech solution based on the insights,” he says. “There are some categories where the startups have scaled and are no longer startups, but there are many categories and segments where it needs a startup to fuel the next change, traditional businesses might not have the need to change it. And there are many such categories across various segments that are emerging, so the future is bright for the startups,” Arun concludes.