Onething Design: Performance Driven Digital Experience Design

Divanshu Thakral,Co-Founder2020 has been a challenging year for all businesses. Many traditional businesses and SMB's were forced to adopt digital first approach to sustain and grow. However, true digital transformation needs expert design and development capabilities which is the strongest suite of Onething, a UX UI Design Studio. The company specializes in building UX strategy and designing solutions that creates revenue streams for businesses as well as improves the way of life for the users. Till date, Onething design has collaborated with over 100+ clients across 20 plus domains from across the globe.

Onething is a Design Partner to some largest brands and growth startups in India such as Airtel, CocaCola, RBL Bank, Hindustan Times, Crisil, ITC, TVS Motors, Hero Group Ventures, NASSCOM, and many more. Founded in 2015, Onething has already been listed among the Top UX companies in India in the past couple of years and has been gaining a lot of recognition from Indian & Global clients. Speaking of their core expertise, Onething specializes in human experience design which is commonly known as User experience (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) in business acumen. From a lead generation marketing website to complex web & mobile products in Automotive, Healthcare, Banking, Consumer Products, Analytics and others, Onething has impacted various industries through design practices.

They believe in solving complex business and user problems with design, technology, and innovation. "We believe in designing performance driven solutions that are valuable and bring balance to various stakeholders," claims Divanshu Thakral & Manik Arora, Co-Founders, Onething UX UI Design Studio. And contributing to this mindset permeating throughout the organization is its five-step model to designing, which includes ­ UX Audit, User Research, Strategy (user flows, IA, wire-framing, visual design and rapid prototyping), User Acceptance Testing, and UX lifecycle management.

Divanshu adds, "The design process as a whole is predicated on identifying, isolating, and eventually, solving a given problem. Where we do things differently is systematically adopting research, and data-driven outlook, all while never taking our eyes off the business objectives". "This, in turn, allows us to craft expansive and unique designs, all while maintaining a solution-oriented mindset," further explains Manik.

A Different Approach To Designing
Unlike other UX/UI design studios,s Onething's main focus is to enhance user experience that impacts metrics for companies and delivers value to users. The company believes that design is the only way that makes it possible to create a win win solution for each stakeholder in the value system; A good experience design brings technology, people (emotions), and business together for a holistic solution. "We're driven
by facts, and hence, every design goes through a rigorous user acceptance testing which lowers the cost of development and helps create a validated solution for each release." proudly says the duo. Onething also monitors progress and ensures quality at each stage which allows it to glide through projects, creating robust designs with minimum clean-up required.

Onething takes a two-way approach where it not just brainstorms with the clients to understand their needs, but also involves them as much as possible in the deliberation and execution process. "Understanding the nature of not just the problem, but the client who presents, and the users who face it, is what allows us to craft pinpoint solutions," explains Divanshu. This is what enables the company to serve two distinct clients with similar issues, as it takes completely different paths down the design process to solve them.

From Fortune 500 companies, large enterprises, to emerging startups, Onething, is excited to work with every product and service that has potential to improve and increase accessibility. Currently, Onething is working on exciting products. To list a few; A vernacular digital information product for next 500 Mn users form tier 2 -3 towns and rural India, Digital transformation for one of the largest media houses, Surveillance & Image analytics platform etc. Renewable energy performance management platform etcetera.

Manik Arora, Co-Founder

Onething Values Its Team
What makes Onething such a success is its team, which is a diverse, dynamic group of creative minds "who come together to form something far greater than the sum of its parts," adds Manik. Onething's 50-member team covers a broad spectrum and brings plenty of their personal qualities to the table. "Most of all, we function as one large unit, and nobody is afraid to ask a question, or for a helping hand," explains Divanshu. This explains the secret sauce behind the company's exceptional design offerings. Currently, this vibrant team is working on data-driven design models and piloting them with some customers, the objective of which is to make design an integral part of a product lifecycle.

Beyond design, we at Onething focus on enhancing user experience that impacts metrics for businesses and delivers value.

Talking about the future, the duo explains, "We are on path for a 100 percent yoy growth in gross revenue in the fiscal year 2020-21 and aim to achieve a 70 percent CAGR for next 2 years as well". Onething is all set to expand globally, with one studio outside India and two studios in India; they aim to become a 120 people strong organization globally by the end of FY 2021-22.

Divanshu Thakral, Co-Founder
Divanshu has hands-on experience to drive growth and business P&Ls, and has worked in the digital ecosystem in companies such as Micromax, IMImobile, Motorola, Times, Hungama in the past.

Manik Arora, Co-Founder
Holding around a decade of experience, Manik a Mechanical Engineer is a curious mind and has been part of product design for the last 8 years. He is the crusader behind the world-class experience design (ux/ui design)Onething offers.

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Gurugram
Awards & Recognition:
• IBDA best Agency 2019
• IBDA project of year 2019
• UX India Finalist
• NASSCOM Design Awards Finalist
• Clutch top UX Agencies 2020