Oyeeee Media: Bridging the Gap between Expectations & Contentment through Creativity

Prasanjit Gupta, Co - Founder & Director,Aksshat Raj Saluja , Co - Founder & Director

Prasanjit Gupta, Co - Founder & Director

Aksshat Raj Saluja , Co - Founder & Director

On one fine day, Dr. Anjana Prakash, the principal of Hansraj Morarji Public School – a trusted educational entity in Mumbai – was in qualms about the organization's 75th anniversary celebration as it was almost crashing down for mere blunders of an event management company. Oyeeee Media, an event management company, emerged as a savior and took charge and re-architected the whole event which was transformed into a glory that is cherished till now, crediting its success to creativity, that too in just seven days. This is just a single exemplary of excellence of Oyeeee Media. With other such enviable success stories added to its name, the firm has been instrumental in breaking the norm of industry's creativity less pale stature by proffering astonishing charisma to each event through its creative and artistic ideations. These success sagas have blown a trump for the company while blurring the whole existence of refund policy as not a single event has crossed below the boundary line of perfection.

Crystallizing Creative Ways
Incorporated by Prasanjit Gupta aka Jeetu – a Media & Entertainment industry professional with over 11 years of industry experience and Aksshat aka Raj Saluja – an Actor/Dancer/Entrepreneur, the 2008 born company quickly moved beyond the tough epoch of building trust and has emanated to be a listed limited company. Jeetu along with the 'Zara Nachke Dikha' star Aksshat imparted their own brand of industry experience and energetic leadership, constituted from running multiple events and laid a strong launching ground to the present supremacy. Nourished by the insights of the industry and prominent resourceful minds, the firm proffers a one-stop-shop solution, dedicated to cater the needs of corporate as well as private event management and media production. Thus, be it at national level or at international, Oyeeee has become a name to reckon on in the industry.

Nourished by the insights of the industry and prominent resonsourceful minds Oyeee proffer a one stop – shop solution dedicated to cater the needs of corporate as well as private event management and media production

Filling flesh to its tagline – Redefining Entertainment, Oyeeee endeavors to enable an output of 150 percent in every event to make it successful. For this Mumbai based company, success
is client's happy face, appreciation and a hug. Most of the time, only budget does not suffice the requirements of an occasion. Embracing the philosophies of authenticity, drive, appreciation, simplicity, mindfulness and adventure, Oyeeee has perfectly understood the essence of contentment, thus constantly look out for innovation. One instant can be their recent event in Kolkata where Aksshat, Jeetu and his team anchored a theme on 'PK', which became an instant revolutionary hit. Such out-of-box thinking of Oyeeee has offered it a prominence in the industry.

A Northern Star in the Industry
Quick, witty idea and equal efforts of the duo has led the organization to a new height and embrace a quick success. "We are currently rearing up for a country-wide event themed on Indian mythology," explains Aksshat, Founder & Managing Director, Oyeee Media who is busy with his upcoming movie '31st October, 1984' and various commercials. They are also about to unwrap their new office in Dubai and on the verge of expanding the business to different cities across India, and to New Zealand and U.S. Thus, in the industry which is likely to cross Rs.5,000 crore by 2015, Oyeeee Media is shining bright and making an example for the future start-ups through its genre of cutting-edge events.