Papertrue: Publishing Enablement through English Language Improvement – Translation, Editing, Proofreading, Typesetting & Plagiarism Identification

Manish Keswani, Co-Founder & Director

Manish Keswani

Co-Founder & Director

decade ago, HSBC, one of the largest banks in the world ended up in a careless mistake with their catchphrase: ‘Assume Nothing’, when it was translated in many global markets as ‘Do Nothing’. HSBC spent millions rebranding in the affected markets. In today’s times with the outrage of memes, mistakes could irreparably break the brand. Considering what could be the price of even a negligible-looking mistake, it’s important to have translators and editors who are native speakers of the language to be translated from, with an English language expert to proofread after the translation to ensure accuracy, clarity, an ability to recognize the message within the words and convey it perfectly. This embraces the story of PaperTrue – a pre-publishing solutions provider, offering end-to-end services that go beyond just professional translation, editing, proofreading by language experts, native English speakers and even subject matter experts. PaperTrue’s services even include formatting, book cover designing, and services powered by AI and Machine Learning such as a plagiarism identification service which checks the originality of English texts against 90 billion sources with accuracy and confidentiality.

PaperTrue’s services for students applying to foreign universities are popularly known as BestAdmit. These include creating powerful, unique, and error-free personal statements and essays that will make the desired impact on admissions committees, owing to professional editing and critiquing. “Be it thesis, research papers, journal articles, business marketing content, crucial company documents, books or even international job applications, our expert editors and subject matter experts ensure that our clients’ documents are error-free and effective, while having increased coherence, clarity, style and impact. Also, the document is formatted according to the prescribed guidelines whilst ensuring confidentiality so that they make a real impact on their end-customers and colleagues,” asserts Manish Keswani, Founder & Director, PaperTrue Pte Ltd.

The Singaporean company with offices in the UK and US walks the talk by strictly adhering to a foolproof multilayer quality checking process. In addition to several rounds of proofreading & editing the manuscript, the document is scrutinized in terms of coherence, before it finds itself on the table of subject matter experts who makes suggestions, after which it is once again checked for any English language improvements which might be required. The result? Flawless documents with exemplary language expressions and communication quality. However, considering the internet powered dynamic audience across the world, quality makes sense only if it is delivered globally and within the stipulated time. Grasping this crucial entailment, PaperTrue
deploys cutting-edge futuristic technologies across its processes to ensure on time delivery.

Entrustment Engine: Translation, Editing & Proof-reading by PaperTrue boasts of its AI powered global entrustment engine which drives the documents from manuscript to the delivery. For instance, the engine detects the sense of urgency, the type of documents, the client’s requirements, and in turn notifies the best suited translators, editors & subject matter experts applicable for that assignment to translate the documents within the stipulated time frame. As PaperTrue processes thousands of documents every week, these qualified and experienced subject matter experts & language aficionados, assisted by PaperTrue’s AI powered engine manage deliveries globally. Clients range from researchers to fiction and non-fiction authors, students to job seekers, business houses to law firms located anywhere and everywhere across the world.

Beyond quality & timely delivery, what makes PaperTrue the English language improvement service provider of choice is the user experience of their clients at any stage of their journey towards getting published. is extremely easy to use. Log on to the website, upload your manuscript on PaperTrue’s highly secured platform, and check out. “We use 256-bit encryption. Documents which we polish to perfection contain confidential intellectual property and classified information. A wide range of well-known authors, global businesses, researchers, scientific publications and journals which are our continuous and repeat clientele stand as a testament to our security measures” asserts Manish Keswani, Co-Founder & Director, Papertrue Pte Ltd. Once Papertrue’s editors and subject matter experts receive, scrutinize and improve the manuscript, they upload it back and the users receive the corrected document along with the improvements recommended.

Mission English Language Improvement
PaperTrue continues to grow, owing to its continuous efforts to deliver high quality English language improvement services as is evident from their near five-star ratings and rave reviews. Manish Keswani is proud about his 100-member team of course subject matter experts located globally. This enables PaperTrue to offer every service to get its clients successfully published. The company currently has offices in the UK, US, Singapore and India. “Doctoral, post-doctoral candidates, researchers, the scientific community and even reputed scientific journals recognize the fact that PaperTrue’s editors are best suited to ensure that one gets published”.


Manish Keswani, Co-Founder & Director

Manish is a well-known business strategist. Through his career spanning over two decades, Manish has built several successful businesses and brands. When asked about his learnings, he responded in his characteristically witty style that his biggest learning is that one must be skilled at unlearning. On a more serious note though, his colleagues credit Manish with being a calm, composed, long term visionary who is patient, perseverant and sees possibilities that might otherwise remain unseen.

Offerings for:
Academic -
Accurate, enterprise level translation with English language Editing and Proofreading by native English speakers and specialized ESL editors for documents such as journal articles, dissertations, thesis, research papers, university applications, literature review, capstone and more. Plagiarism identification services powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Pre-publishing and Publishing for authors - Ensuring that some of the best-known authors’ fiction and non-fiction work is impactful, error-free, and ready to publish, with our expert editing, constructive feedback, and careful proofreading, formatting, typesetting and book cover designing.

Professional translators, followed by native English editors ensure your business documents are error-free and effective, so you make a real impact on your clients and colleagues. Reports, manuals, brochures, newsletters, marketing material, business documents, legal documents, website content, business plans - all done to perfection by way of the best words for your ideas in the format required.

SwiftPlag for businesses checks the originality of text against 90 billion sources with extreme accuracy & confidentiality for SEO purposes in addition to achieving other business objectives.