Peerbits: Providing Top-notch Multi-Platform Mobility Solutions Solving the World's Problem

Shahid Mansuri,CEO & Co-Founder

Shahid Mansuri

CEO & Co-Founder

Understanding the 'Why' behind developing a mobile app is most important factor. If the case necessity is not well understood, then the quality of the app and overall objective of designing it will get hampered. Furthermore, with emergence of hybrid technologies the end-user has now started to look beyond the latest technologies apart from the Android and iOS platforms too. The need of the hour is for firms that value customer’s perception and enforce hybrid & latest technologies to build app and meet their client expectation. Peerbits, an Ahmedabad-based firm offering customized & top-notch multi-platform mobility solutions, fits in this mould as the ideal example. This five-year old mobile apps developer standing apart with its personalized & professional behavior, works around latest technologies such as IoT, AI, machine learning, embedded, augmented reality, virtual reality, BLE, Geofencing and many more. In fact, the company has shifted its processes from LAMP Stack to MEAN Stack to meet the ever-growing demand of clients for trending solutions.

Catering to organizations of all sizes, Peerbits concentrates on developing on-demand mobile apps, providing healthcare mobility solutions, and tech-enabling the startups worldwide. While following distinct processes for every task, the firm, maintains a holistic approach, and provides a wide range of services under one roof, starting from mobile app strategy to the user experience design. By integrating technology with creativity (Techtive: tech+creative), it facilitates unprecedented business growth and better outputs. Passionate about the industry, it ensures committed support to clients through regular updates, calls, and product demos, and keeps them updated with the work-progress through live demos, thereby ensuring the utmost transparency & smooth completion of projects and avoiding all unwanted surprises.
“Clients’satisfaction is our priority which contributes towards constant enhancement for maintaining and improving client satisfaction,” avers Shahid Mansuri, CEO & Co-Founder, Peerbits.

Peerbits concentrates on developing on-demand mobile apps, providing healthcare mobility solutions, and tech-enabling the startups worldwide

Delivery Excellence
The company drives excellence in tendering unique set of solutions such as Yelow Taxi (a taxi dispatch, booking, and tracking solution that comes with mobile apps), and Restaurant Management Solution (FeastPlan). Peerbits associates with various hardware partners to develop its flagship product E-transworks(eTW), the most comprehensive fleet management solution in the market, which utilizes a minimum set of hardware and works with most existing fleets. The company is further enhancing eTW by developing a dedicated piece of hardware, a GPS device, that would be plug & play and could be connected with most modern vehicles and carriers. “Our motto is to achieve a flawless hardware-software integration with our fleet management solution,” asserts Shahid.

Peerbits goes a step ahead in enabling business expansion through mobile by providing the customized white label solutions that come with mobile application (Android and iOS) and are cost-effective and take minimum time to market. These solutions can be branded to te respective organization's logo, branding colors & designs, and synchronized with the business rules. Besides complying with the best practices as defined in ISO 9001 for quality control, 20000 for service management, the company affirms data security by leveraging REST APIs, penetration test, SHA 265 encryption and audit trial.

Growing with Employees
With a pool of 100+ talented staff, company has served 250+ clients in more than 35 countries, across 4 continents. Learning and growth go hand-in-hand fundamentally, and so is the story at Peerbits. The firm follows the free-culture policy and encourages
employees to excel in whatever they do in the best possible way. Its project managers micro-strategize timeline, ensuring that the teams are ahead of deadline. Besides, the brains that are often engaged in cracking the codes and designing new thoughts get the required rest with the essence of fun Activities. At Peerbits, it is easy to find individuals who push their limits to surpass the expectations, challenge themselves on a daily basis, and improve continuously. Today, Peerbits has evolved completely from being the mobile pioneers to an international leader through the unique blend of holistic moves and capabilities, exceptional understanding on mobile branding and mobile consumer along with industry-leading proficiency enabled by seasoned and industry-recognized senior management team.

Embarked on this venture in 2011, when mobile application development was growing in two figures, Peerbits had been achieving an astronomical growth rate in three figure (331 percent in 2012), which has now become (not whopping, but a decent) 54 percent, due to saturated market and the fact that new technologies have left mobile applications as mere a facilitator. Hence Peerbits is transforming into a solution provider in whatsoever form required, provided the solution solves the world’s problem. “We arezero-liability, zero loss and zero debt company which is ethical and firm to its values. We will acknowledge a problem, look through the existing technology, find its application, build a solution around it, and deliver it as a product or service to our clients to solve the problem. May god bless us!” concludes Shahid.

Key Management:
Shahid Mansuri, CEO & Co-Founder
Leveraging his experience and expertise, Shahid, CEO, holds the fort by ensuring the technical and economic progress of the company.

Offices: Ahmedabad (India), and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Offerings: Application Development, IOT & Cognitive Technologies and Managed Services

Clients: King Saud University, Kuwait University, Medtronic, Astra Zeneca, al Maha, Bahrain Defence Force and Conception Pty Ltd and others