Perfect Logistics: Helping Companies Connect with Endless Possibilities of Growing Business

      Manas Chugh,     Managing Partner

Manas Chugh

Managing Partner

When companies experience growth, they often run into challenges meeting the demand of their supply chains. Outsourcing supply chain services to third-party logistics providers gives businesses the ability to focus on primary functions and their core competencies. Forming these business partnerships allows retailers and manufacturers to more easily expand operations while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. To save money and become more efficient, companies need to partner with experienced 3PL providers having an extensive network of resources and warehousing locations to help businesses grow in new areas by being able to ship goods efficiently to anywhere in the country. Perfect Logistics is one of the key players in the 3PL industry which was established with the commitment to be the right logistics partner for its agents, contractors, stakeholders, clients, and employees, and the dedication to offer its customers warranty, service, and competitiveness which will meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Perfect Logistics, established in 2006, is a transportation, warehouse, and freight management company largely associated with B2B businesses offering unrivalled solutions to get companies moving by combining its strategic approach with a deep awareness of the customer's internal and external needs. It focuses on providing operational excellence to offer workable, affordable, and technology-enabled answers to the most challenging logistics and supply chain management problems. With a progressive attitude in all its work, Perfect Logistics has been serving prominent and
well-established clients like Reckitt Benckiser, Marico Industries, Godrej, Unibic, and many more. The company is successfully managing approximately 15,00,000 square feet of facility and ensuring that all its clients’ stocks are reaching their distributors and e-commerce chains safely and cost-efficiently.

Core Team Expertise & Implementation of Latest Technologies – the Secret Behind its Unrivalled Solutions
The team at Perfect Logistics is built to identify and fill the gaps in companies’ supply chains thereby offering comprehensive and one-stop solutions for enterprise supply chains in packaging, warehousing, transportation, and order fulfillment. The company’s expertise, best practices, and technologies can integrate into business processes to solve the most complex challenges in logistics management and make the supply chain a more agile, responsive function a necessity in today’s uncertain market environment. It takes care of the complete logistics management enabling businesses to focus only on their growth and market expansion.

With the identification & deployment of the most effective tools for its business, Perfect Logistics is forever one step ahead of other competitors in the market

The company’s services are backed up by the latest technologies like Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), software packages that support day-today logistical operations, and an application that can track the location of the trucks as well as get an update on the uploading and the proof of deliveries. With the identification and deployment of the most effective tools for its business, Perfect Logistics is forever one step ahead of other competitors in the market.

The Future Vision
"Perfect Logistics is growing every year and aspires to become the industry leader in providing the most reliable global logistics and supply chain management solutions and serving as a reliable partner to global clients. The industry is embarked on a journey of tremendous growth and Perfect Logistics aims to be a significant part of this growth while providing tailor-made services in this segment", shares Manas Chugh, Managing Partner.

The company focuses on grabbing every opportunity that is produced by this industry and for that it has recently introduced a new fleet of 32 feet multi-XL containers. It is also looking forward to building an association with the automobile industry to offer solutions to carry its spare parts as well as finished goods.

With solutions driven by process and technology, Perfect Logistics brings sustainable, and long-term competitive advantage to its clients while offering professional attention from its team and 100 percent service satisfaction.