Separator Growing Faster by Nurturing the Right Talent and Helping them Stay Motivated

Naval Goel,Founder and CEO

Naval Goel

Founder and CEO

The health insurance market is worth over INR 50,000 crores. The onset of the new normal has boosted the growth of the insurance market further and it is touching new heights like never before. Many companies have utilized this market growth and have emerged as one of the best players. A few have excelled in their offerings and services, and a few have stood out from the crowd with their excellence in managing their workforce and their entire business.

PolicyX. com is one such company that has not only grown in terms of its business and outcomes but has also emerged as one of the best companies to work in with its unparalleled work culture., tied up with major insurance organizations in India helps bridge the gap between the insurance sellers and the insurance buyers with ease. It educates the buyers about policies and helps them buy the best insurance policies as per their needs without charging a penny.

For rapid growth, the organization plans to incorporate HR processes and include a leadership team for the betterment of the
employees and improved functioning of the organization. 'An organization is a combination of people, processes and product, when any of the three sells, the organisation benefits' says Naval Goel, Founder and CEO, receives quotations on a real-time basis from its partners and sells the policies to buyers with agility with the help of cutting-edge technology that integrates its back end. The organization offers end-to-end after sales services making it easier for the clients to file claims and select the right insurance policies. also provides free of charge 24*7 customer support. The most significant part of any organisation is that it hires talent and nurtures them to produce enhanced results and the company adheres to the same thought.

It has a transparent work culture where the KRA’s and KPI's for the simple evaluation process and constant feedback is passed on to the employees. The company ensures equal respect irrespective of designation and takes risks by allotting a higher level of responsibility to the employees irrespective of their designation. It encourages employees to give feedback or engineer new technologies to nurture their growth.

Our objective is to offer you with the finest plan that meets your needs only at right price.

It has a diverse workforce with an equal number of male and female employees in the leadership team. It believes that a healthy environment keeps the employees focused and enhances their enthusiasm to work with more dedication, thereby augmenting business outcomes. Amidst the pandemic has witnessed major support from the employees as they took up complete ownership of their work while they worked from home.

This can be validated by its tech team working day and night and transforming their entire CRM system into a mobile friendly one for the ease of work in a matter of just two days. 'The motivation of employees along with constant learning plays an important role in the increase of productivity. We help our employees stay motivated and bring results on the table with ease', says Naval Goel, Founder and CEO, PolicyX.