Prayojana: Enablers For The Senior Citizen

Anupama Sarma,   Director

Anupama Sarma


A pioneering company with operations in Chennai and Bengaluru, Prayojana believes in adding life to the years of senior citizens. Through its unique way of looking at itself as a part of the extended family, Prayojana is as much for the children living away from the parents as it is for the parents. This company firmly believes that the elders can live active, healthy, and comfortable lives within the cozy confines of their own homes.

The joint family system is no longer as common in India as it once was. People no longer live in the same city or nation as their parents as the world shrinks and their children dwell in different parts of the world. Many names have entered this industry in response to market expansion and with the intention of filling existing gaps, however, Prayojana is one that stands a notch above all. Prayojana’s primary goal is to bring this sense of excitement and anticipation in the life of its senior citizens.

Established in the year 2017, the organization strives to understand senior citizens, their needs and problems and offers personalized solutions. “Prayojana's approach has been unique.They first spent considerable time getting to know the family and understanding their goals and then offer their services. They are very open to new challenges and ideas”, says Thomas Joseph who lives in the Dallas area.

“We understand the anxiety and eagerness
of the children to enable their parents to lead a fulfilling life during their Golden Years”, adds Venkataraman Krishnan, Founding Member, Prayojana.

Driving Value with Care
The goal of the company is to make it possible for its members to have happy, fulfilling lives with something to look forward to. For the children, Prayojana gives them the assurance that their parents have someone to turn to without obligations like when receiving support from family, neighbours, and more, and that emergency help is only minutes away. “We don’t look at our members as patients. We are aware of their health challenges and have ways and means of tracking and staying ahead of these issues. We reassure them by ensuring prompt communication, sharing our opinions, and bringing the most optimal solutions (doctors, hospitals, and testing services) to the forefront”, says Anupama Sarma, Director, Prayojana.

At prayojana, we Are your family Away from home In india

“We provide emotional support, lend an enthusiastic ear, and look for ways to keep them looking forward to events, things, places and people. In short, our offering is not a set of boxes to tick, but more about helping senior citizens lead more fulfilling lives. Additionally, we have first point contact with the emergency team to provide immediate support whenever required”, says Chandramouli, part of the Management team.

Prayojana's staff is incredibly committed, dynamic and compassionate with a strong service mindset. They have surrounded themselves with an array of reliable ecosystem partners covering a wide variety of areas - doctors, hospitals, legal advisors, asset management companies and labs. “We don’t claim to know everything but, ensure that we find a way to get everything done. Having established our presence in Chennai and Bengaluru, we plan to commence operations at cities such as Coimbatore, Trichy and Mumbai in the next 12 to 18 months”, says Raj Narayan, Co-Founder, Prayojana.

In the years to come, Prayojana’s major objective is to continuously look for ways to keep senior citizens engaged, active and safe. It expects a carefully curated introduction of technology products into their members’ world adding a powerful dimension to their personal touch and personalized attention. “We have developed some deep insights in the sphere of geriatric care. We are excited at the prospect of adding AI, wearables to this and to take our personalization to a different level”, concludes Anupama.