Prime Events & Conferences: Embracing Experience to Conquer the World of Events

Simha Shastry,Founder & Director

Simha Shastry

Founder & Director

The prolific success of Asia's largest air show, Aero India hosted by Ministry of Defence, has been the center of attraction since its inception among the related industry and general public alike. The 2015 version was a much bigger manifest as the challenge was to secure the 25 square kilometre area with 150 CCTV cameras for the security of over 300 VIPs and lakhs of attendees during the four day demonstration. To provide live telecast of the proceedings and during the flight delays in the Bengaluru International Airport, seven cameras and 18-20 km fibre optic cable were to put in place. In the tentative timeframe, Prime Events provided a scrupulous planning, quality service and zero technological blunders. Yet, this is not a legend of just one event. Prime has furnished Aero India a mammoth six times, making every season better than before. Over the years, Bangalore based Prime Events & Conferences exceeded every one's expectation through event-technology solutions and transformed the events to a memory to relish for. Not to be surprised, Prime is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company
serving blue chip names such as ISRO, NASA, SIEMENS, SUN, Motorola, Microsoft, Wipro and many more.

Amidst a booming market prime Events & Conference is exploring the shores with adventure and wild life expo in multi - city including various competitions and events related to wild life

Founded in 1996, the company is the brainchild of Simha Shastry – a seasoned veteran with a proven expertise in event management industry. In the decade when event management companies' existence was discarded and questioned, Prime Events struggled to get a hold of the market but eventually overcame the precincts with dedication and solutions provided to every detail. Marking success with India's lone Miss World 1996 event, this company setup a high-end internet service for the media center to communicate with the world and came to fame. This pioneering event management company continued the spirit in 4th National Games and benefit cricket matches between Indian National Team and Karnataka Cricket Team.

Replenishing a Wide Spectrum of Event Services
Prime has mastered the art of conducting an event professionally. Prime Events &
Conferences is one of the few in the industry who builds its forte in offering technologies for voice, data and video and endow with cutting-edge, cost effective solutions for clients' requirements. The company provides services like video conferencing, video streaming, internet connections, multi-point, live shows, CCTV & LED rentals, brand promotions and Bar-Coding/RFID since over a decade for registration management under its umbrella besides event management. The self-sufficient team comprising of graphic designers and production experts helps Prime design an event without an additional vendor. Through an armada of world-class services, Prime has expanded its roots to Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

A Radiant Prospect
With a mounting CAGR of 30 percent every year, event industry is getting a strong hold of the market in India. Thus, Prime is expecting an expansion to other cities in the country partnering with companies that have similar ideology. Amidst a booming market, Prime Events & Conferences is exploring the shores with adventure and wild life expo in multi-city including various competitions and events related to wild life. Also, the company is rolling out adventure and wild life magazine which will help the industry in a big way. Simha Shastry is also looking at international investors to take the company to newer heights. And with the credibility Prime holds, sky seems to be the limit for the company.