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Pankaj Sukhija, PromoterBuilding a positive public perception is essential for the success of any organization; more so in today’s competitive business environment. Effective communication strategies often come to the rescue of organizations looking to build perception, manage issues and shape opinions in order to meet business and perceptional challenges successfully. While many may claim to craft effective communications strategies, it takes an immense amount of talent and experience to help organizations design astute messaging. A maverick with proven expertise in the sphere of comprehensive communication and issues management is Profile Consulting. Founded in 2007 by Pankaj Sukhija, a veteran in the Indian communications industry, Profile Consulting is a boutique public affairs management firm. Headquartered in Gurgaon, the firm aids businesses and industry bodies in reaching-out to stakeholders with desired messaging through professionally developed content and skilful media communication.

Building Concepts, Shaping Opinions
Built on the foundations of Pankaj’s 24 years of industry expertise in varied fields such as corporate & public policy issues, corporate profiling, CSR initiatives and crisis communication, Profile Consulting brings to the table a seasoned approach to addressing client’s communication requirements. Over the years, the firm has developed proven capabilities in terms of corporate and issues management along with specialized public affairs management, media relations, editorial services and research & analysis. Having undertaken a plethora of challenging assignments, Profile Consulting is paving the way for building concepts and shaping opinions on a number of issues for various sectoral industry bodies while also helping its clients partake effectively in public policy formulation.

Strategic Communication
A vital vehicle for propagating an organization’s vision and values is corporate writing which needs to be persuasive and easily comprehensible in order to make a point successfully. Proficient in various forms of editorial services such as media releases, media backgrounders, contributing articles,case studies CEO speeches, press kits, editing annual reports and designing & editing company collaterals such as newsletters & company brochures Profile Consulting counts editorial services as the firm’s strongest growth drivers.
A common thread running in all of these services is the strategic input presented in a language that is professional and compelling. “All our editorial services are rooted in strategy. Strategic communication, aimed at making a convincing case on behalf of our clients, is therefore a key element of editorial services provided by us,” explains Pankaj.

Strategic communication, aimed at making a convincing case on behalf of our clients, is a key element of editorial services provided by us

Substance with Style
The firm also understands that in today’s digital world, presentation is as important as content. Profile Consulting has perfected the art of developing content with a perspective which interweaves subtle design with content in order to enhance the appeal.

The firm has increasingly been using graphic designing to enhance the appeal of its editorial content. “We have widened our services to include publications such as annual reports, sustainability reports, status notes, infosheets, white papers, yearbooks and more besides media outreach,” says Pankaj. In order to create content that stands-out and conveys the appropriate message, Profile Consulting makes use of tools such as infographics. The firm’s editorial services are also finding increased usage of audio-visuals too, such as creation of theme based animation films.

Lending Voice to Clients’ Concerns
Pankaj believes that sound editorials are a function of analytical thinking backed by research. Armed with the ability to think analytically and make a compelling case for clients has been instrumental in helping Profile Consulting gain a prestigious clientele that includes various industry leaders and groupings of top companies in their respective sectors. A dominant name in the automotive tyre manufacturing industry, Profile Consulting works with the Automotive Tyre (Tire) Manufacturers Association which is a collective of 11 major Tyre companies, including top five global majors (Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear & Yokohama) and top four Indian companies (MRF, Apollo, JK & Ceat). The firm also represents the organized face of Paper Industry in India for the Indian Paper Manufacturers Association which comprises of large companies such as ITC, BILT and JK. Profile Consulting is also working alongside one of the oldest industry associations, the Alkali Manufacturers Association of India and the Rubber Skill Development Council. Another one of Profile Consulting’s prestigious clients is the Indian Cancer Society, which is one of the most respected civil societies working towards creation of awareness on early detection and prevention of cancer in India.

Working with a wide range of industry bodies and industry associations, Profile Consulting understands that each of these industries face challenges and concerns surrounding imports, exports, taxation, raw materials and regulation. Through its services, the firm helps its clients in voicing their concerns, initiatives and successes in a manner that is impactful and leads to desired outcomes.

A bonafide communications industry veteran with over 24 years of industry experience, Pankaj has assisted a plethora of clients, including large corporate houses industry associations, NGOs and individuals. An alumnus from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and a postgraduate program in mass communication from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, he has proven expertise in corporate & public issues corporate profiling, consumer marketing, CSR initiatives and crisis communication.

Offerings: Corporate Communication, Issues Management, Crisis Communication, Public Affairs Management, Media Relations, Editorial Services, and Research & Analysis

Offices: Gurgaon