PropertyAngel: A High-End PropTech Firm Overhauling the Property Management Arena

  Rahul Pai,     Co-founder & Joint Managing Director

Rahul Pai

Co-founder & Joint Managing Director

There's no denying that the landscape infrastructures are sprawling over the regions in the city and around. Consecutively, it has become all the more important for the highly sought after realestate & physical property management companies to set their foot firm, and overhaul the space by providing expert services, staying ahead of evolving market needs. And, this is where the expertly devised services of Bangalore-based PropTech company, PropertyAngel a leading O2O second landlord platform comes in handy. Whether one is looking to rent, buy, or sell a property, the PropertyAngel's demarcated team of professionals with decades of experience in the Technology, Internet, and Real estate spaces are there to assist all by leveraging their expert guidance & help.

Established in 2014, but with a rich & storied solid business presence in the real estate market since two decades, this PropTech company, pays keen attention to the evolving needs in the space & makes the property owners, buyers, as well as the tenants experiences notable, using technology at the helm of all its services to simplify all property management matters. A proprietary tech team keeps innovating & refining the apps & ERPs.

In an exclusive interview with Silicon India Magazine, Rahul Pai, Co-founder & Joint Managing Director, talks about the unique property management services of Property Angel to enriching customer experience& growing sustainably.

Give us a brief overview of PropertyAngel. Also, highlight its USP.
Thriving as a second landlord platform, essentially in the PropTech industry, PropertyAngel is one of the pioneers in the space, majorly providing its services under three heads Tenant management, Financial management, and Inventory management. First, under the Tenant management classification, we are dedicated to finding & shortlisting the right tenants for the property owners, and thereafter conducting a thorough background check on them, and verifying their profiles ensure that they are going to stay for a longer term & are capable tenants. The whole process is seamless & tech enabled.

Tenants can in fact, manage their entire tenancy relationship with the company, through our app! Secondly, under the financial management aspect, we cater to end-to-end finance management beginning with rent collection, deposit collection, and remit statement generation for the property owners, which are available on our app. All financial transactions are seamless & enabled through highly sophisticated algos which automate every last element of any transaction. finally, the inventory management services, wherein we help the property owner starting with the interiors (through our inhouse team) to other related services, from the point they take over the property from the builder, and then hand it over to the tenant. Further, if the tenant has any issues after they move in (like electrical, carpeting, plumbing, painting, waterproofing, interiors & more) then again, they can contact PropertyAngel and our inhouse proficient CRM team takes care of all their queries & issues through our portal.

We have SLAs & a proprietary high tech ticketing system for that as well, wherein we make sure that the vendors are following a strict turnaround time, guaranteeing the highest level of service. We are working on various other innovations in this space as well for eg smart lock deployment & so on.
So be it the NRIs or the Resident Indians owning a property who need our services, we have a powerful vertically integrated service offering for them. We are a one stop-shop for all property management needs. Whether it's concerning the legalities, taxation, property maintenance, tenant placement or marketing/selling of the property we do it enthusiastically& with utmost integrity staying true to our vision & mission of using technology to simplify the end-to-end process of property ownership & property investment.

We are working on an automated AI/ML driven sales model, one that will revolutionize the way real estate is bought/sold & transacted in the country.

We believe that keeping the customer happy, and providing them value for their money is a sustainable &longer term way to grow

Tell us about the impact of technology on Property management industry and how Property Angel has used technology to improve customer satisfaction.
In the present age of digitalization, where technology has overhauled the entire industry functioning significantly, Property Angel is one of those companies that is fully stacked with innovative in house technology resources. Deploying a full time technology team proficient in their field of works, we're constantly innovating on new means to suffice the evolving customer needs. Be it the owners or the tenants, our processes are thoroughly & automatically managed through our efficiently proprietary apps, hence transparency & efficiency is ensured. The owners can login to our app from anywhere and can download the softcopy of rent receipts, TDS forms, contract copy, and even view the tenant's profile, and more signing into their respective accounts.

Also, in the per say of tenants, it's equally convenient as they can download their end receipts, analyze their claims, subsequently & even raise tickets regarding the maintenance issues & much more. We believe that keeping the customer happy, and providing them value for their money is a sustainable way to grow, hence we strive to build trust among all the owners and tenants working with utmost transparency.

What are the unique Property management services offered by PropertyAngel & how are they different from its competitors?
Poised as a behemoth PropTech company with one of the largest privately & closely held property company portfolios, we are there for the property owners right from the time, the owner takes over the property from the builder.

Beginning with the interiors, to finding tenant, placing them, performing the rental contract management, tenant management followed by the exiting check, and inventory check, we are there for the entire cycle up until, eventually, the owner wants to sell the property.

Hence, we are right at hand for the property management assistance to our property owners & tenants, 24/7. Our innovative technology apps are what helps us simplify these processes end-to-end and serve the customers, seamlessly.

Shed light on your core leadership team of the company and the recognitions it has received so far.
Founded by a team of skilled professionals holding combined experience of over two decades in the Technology, Internet, and Realestate space, PropertyAngel stands tall with profound contribution of the two Co-Founders, and of course the professional, dynamic & hardworking team that has been nurtured& developed over the years.

Sapna Chandiramani has a core tech qualification from an Ivy League college in the US + an IIM management qualification, & brings core tech & best global practices from leading MNC's to the table.

Rahul Pai is a real estate veteran, having a family real estate business background. Armed with a professional IIMB qualification, his innate real estate acumen & goodwill earned since decades are an invaluable asset to the customers & the organization.

We're proud to have been recognized by some globally recognized brands like the Zoho Prop Tech Star Award [2022], Facebook Grant for Socially Impactful businesses[2021], and also we won a startup grant from Freshdesk [2021], among others.

Further, we wish to keep our successful journey ongoing, leveraging our resourceful services aptly amidst the rapidly growing industry.

What is the roadmap ahead for the company's new growth phase?
We pride ourselves in using innovation to simplify and secure real estate affairs. Hence, as our mission says, we want to keep doing it imbibing innovation in simplifying property matters. Currently, as we are present in Bangalore, Mumbai Hyderabad & Chennai with a good market presence, we are looking forward to spread our wings to the other fast growing Metro cities as well, aspiring to be the number one property assets management player in the country while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. We would look to take our brand to other countries & do our industry & city proud And, that's our long term goal!