Prospera Transpora: Navigating Product Haulage on Secure, Transparent & Customized Wheels

Prateek P. Jalan,Founder & CEO
Prateek P.Jalan, Founder & CEO

Currently caught in a transformative spree, logistics and transportation consortiums are testifying to changing market dynamics and mega-trends affecting the industry lately. According to a study conducted by PwC, the race is on to define the industry’s future and with an estimated $4.6 trillion of revenues at stake, companies can’t afford to sit back and watch. Adapting to changing markets proactively is certainly the call of the hour. As a result, rooted organizations are experimenting with their business framework to align with disruptive strands such as customer expectations, technological breakthroughs, competitive entrants and are willing to encircle collaboration for a longer run ahead.

In an era where change is the only constant, Bengaluru-based Prospera Transpora zooms in the spotlight by constantly evolving and adapting to market trends and client requirements. A 2016 established, end-to-end servicing conglomerate, Prospera exhibits immense excellence by leveraging transparent business practices and fleet diversity, which acts as a catalyst in creating an ecosystem within which customers avail benefits from various payloads, accommodated at their behest. Adding an extra coat of prowess is its unique mutually-beneficial model wherein it unifies fleet diversity with customized approach to evaluate customers’ current supply chain model for rendering versatile mobility solutions. “This helps not only in fleet optimization but also reduces cost, improves efficiency for our customers and in turn living up to our mottoof 'fuelling your supply chain’,” asserts Prateek P. Jalan, Founder & CEO, Prospera Transpora.

Acting as additional support for supply chain management, Prospera caters to multiple industries ranging from petroleum products, chemicals, food grade liquids and perishable commodities. Be it liquid bulk logistics, cold chain logistics, full truck load, part truck loads or made to measure solutions and
multi-compartment containers, the
company’s diverse fleet, inclusive of Stainless Steel and MS Taker trucks with 10.5KL to 30KL capacity ensures single point logistics servicing right from source to consumption. Besides, it offers FTL and LFTL services for refrigerated industry and takes an edge over its competition by simplifying liquid transportation hassle with its specialized fleet of wide tanker trucks. Further expanding Prospera’s unparalleled servicing curve is the company’s delivery of self-improved, customized transportation solutions designed as per customer’s entailment.

"Knowing the significance of quick loading and unloading, Prospera developed an intuitive TMS model for fulfillment of last mile obligation"

Goods on Safe Gears
Knowing the significance of quick loading and unloading, Prospera developed an intuitive TMS model for fulfillment of last mile obligation. Instead of having multiple mini vans queuing at warehouses for pickups, the company provides larger vehicles with larger capacity that not only allows effective operations but also encircles economical benefits. On the flip side, SOPs for pre-loading, in-transit & post-loading is deployed to ensure safe and time-oriented product delivery. While drivers are adequately trained for safe handling and transportation of product loaded, employment of multiple in-transit measures assures quality product transportation as desired by the client.

Etching stringent safety measures in its operational framework, Prospera always takes the route of bonafide logistics and anchors on the latest transport management systems for safe handling and unabridged trip completion. Always on the lookout for pain points for immediate correction, the company assures transportation of high value, critical commodities under strict surveillance management systems while pre-loading inspections and monthly safety checks are conducted extensively to minimize breakdown /accidental chances. Along with manoeuvring two prong temperature control system and TMS’ intuitive algorithms for intelligent route planning, all vehicles are equipped with door sensors and synched with client’s geo-fence for secure connection while transportation. Prateek elucidates, “We rely and strongly follow strict protocols, that at no point do we try to circumvent
come what may, as these help us
in ensuring safety of product, our crew and timely delivery of goods”.

Prospects Loaded with Dynamic Approach
Citing price as a critical factor for most customers, Prateek explains, “With times evolving and the necessity of quality temperature controlled transportation growing rapidly, customers are now shifting their focus to route and trip optimization essentially to get most value for money”. As a result, Prospera evaluates its customer’s supply chain regularly, works on self-improvement model and constantly indulges in innovative endeavours to establish long-term relationships across the market. Always ahead in ethical logistics race, the company follows RTO, FSSAI, Explosives & Excise guidelines and maintains a dynamic mix of traditional and modern business practices to balance workplace culture amongst its backend team of 100+ pros.

Extending its servicing spectrum through multiple geographical presence, including Mangalore, Chennai & Mumbai, Prospera is graphing steady growth with an added focus on Make in India schema and is determined to proffer efficient transportation solutions through automation approach. “Our versatility, diversity and within the industry reach has allowed us to maintain a steady pace giving us time to evaluate and improve our practices, enabling us to meet the market needs as and when they arise,” concludes Prateek.

Key Management:
Prateek P. Jalan, Founder & CEO
Owing to his vast expertise backed by advisors with over 50+ years of experience in logistics and supply chain industry, Prateek contrives calculative business strategies through constant innovation and strives to roadmap successful prospects for Prospera’s elevated growth.

Sunil K. Jalan, Chief Advisor & Associate Partner
Punith K. Jalan, Advisor & Associate Partner
Sameer S. Jalan, Advisor & Associate Partner

Locations: Bengaluru (HQ), Mangalore, Chennai & Mumbai

Offerings: Last Mile Transportation, Secondary Transportation, Long Haul Transportation, Bulk Liquid Transportation, Cold Chain Transportation & Customized Transportation