QuisLex: Leveraging Talent, Technology & Patented process in delivering Legal Process Excellence

Ram Vasudevan,CEOThanks to the rising demand of the outsourced legal services model and increased acceptance of offshoring, organizations persistently seek Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) firms that have moved well beyond commodity and wage arbitrage, with proven process expertise, real intellectual capital and provide pocket-friendly services without giving up quality. Addressing precisely this need with its breadth and depth of expertise and a capability maturity has what empowered QuisLex - a managed legal services provider specializing in executing highly complex & strategically important document review, contract management, and compliance projects for leading corporations and law firms globally, to emerge as one of the world’s leading LPO providers. The company stands apart from its competitors by delivering solutions that not only reduce time & cost, enhance quality and mitigate risk, but boost quality and allow clients to pursue complex strategic initiatives leveraging its expertise and execution capabilities.

Providing comprehensive management of end-to-end processes, QuisLex has been the front-runner in helping organizations to develop the policies and procedures that form the basis of their legal operations. It leverages upon best in class technology, proprietary methodologies, patented quality control processes, six sigma-based processes, lean disciplines and highly trained workforce (linguistics, data analytics, and search & retrieval experts, technologists, six sigma master black belts, legal professionals, project management and a host of other disciplines). The venture fully manages the review and analysis of documents collected in response to litigations, investigations and regulatory requests that may need to be produced to the opposing party as evidence in court. Built to perform, QuisLex has reviewed over six billion pages of such documents as well as hundreds of thousands of hours of audio recordings and worked on legal matters before courts in most major jurisdictions and regulatory agencies worldwide.
Its unique alignment of intellectual capital, process discipline, and multi-disciplinary background enables QuisLex to build customized applications that automate manual processes, crafts new applications from scratch and even customizes client-owned systems to enhance their capabilities for achieving project goals. Further, the firm tests and benchmarks various commercially available AI-enabled software systems used in contract abstraction/summarization, litigation document review and outside counsel invoice review projects and periodically shares the result with the clients; assisting them in buying internal technologies. “Our willingness to be in front of the marketplace and make future-oriented investments (not simply respond to current demands and trends) sets us apart,” remarks Ram Vasudevan, CEO, QuisLex.

Its unique alignment of intellectual capital, process discipline, and multi-disciplinary background enables QuisLex to build customized applications that automate manual processes, crafts new applications from scratch

Setting a Benchmark
As an industry leader, QuisLex has continually set the benchmarks in attaining internationally recognized standards and acquired several security-related certifications (most of which were first in the industry). Running ahead of the curve with its approach of leveraging process-driven efficiency, strong quality controls and the effective use of technology, it has deployed hundreds of well-defined security controls and clear processes to protect client data. Ram proudly asserts, “We received a U.S. Patent for our document review quality process (a rare instance of the USPTO awarding a business process patent) and we are one of the only three companies to be ranked as a Band One LPO by Chambers and Partners in every year that Chambers has ranked LPOs; 2016 marks its sixth consecutive year”.

QuisLex provides continuous training, mentors its employees who are engaged in new types of work and encourages all to be innovative in their pursuits. The extensive training regimen includes formal instructor-led classroom based training as well as departmental rotations and other skill expanding initiatives that enable employees to understand service delivery from
multiple vantage points. It has designed QuisLex Star Program to identify, nurture, and develop high performing employees with star potential. Representing more than 10 countries and 29 languages, each QuisLexian is inculcated with values to ensure focused growth to meet clients’ current and anticipated challenges. Its multi-shore model with offices in New York (headquarter), Chicago, San Francisco, Hyderabad and London tenders it access to specialized talent (including non-English speakers) and the ability to handle jurisdictionally constrained data.

Knowing QuisLex
Its growth from three employees in 2004 to more than 1,400 professionals today and geographical expansion manifests the robustness of QuisLex’s foundation. Being an independent, employee-owned company relieves it from the burden of beholden to the quarterly goals of a corporate parent or the short-term demands of outside investors, which allows it to continually think long-term, adapt to clients’ evolving needs, and keep its clients front and center. QuisLex recognizes the importance, value, and benefits of corporate citizenship and actively engages with supporting the communities. Besides helping Hyderabad-based orphanage housing at-risk girls and the Government Primary School, it keeps launching new initiatives related to education, health and nutritional awareness in underprivileged communities in India and also supports organizations that serve disadvantaged groups in U.S.

Formally introduced a legal spend management service line in 2006, this bootstrapped company is significantly increasing its operational & delivery capabilities and continues to add both operational personnel as well as subject matter experts in various fields. QuisLex continues to solidify its leadership position in the LPO space in terms of depth of services, positioning at the higher end of the value chain in legal process services, and the consistent high quality of deliverables.

Key Management:
Ram Vasudevan, CEO
A true visionary, Ram has presided over QuisLex’s rapid growth since its inception and has over 15 years of experience providing high-quality services to his clients in a variety of settings.

Offering: Managed Document Review, Contract Lifecycle Management, Contract Summarization & Abstraction, Contract Compliance, M&A Contract Due Diligence, Open Source Compliance, and Legal Spend Management