Racks & Rollers: Bestowing Highly Innovative Tailor-Made Storage Solutions

Hanif Khatri,  Managing Director

Hanif Khatri

Managing Director

Storage is a backbone of every warehouse distribution center and other industrial area. Today, businesses are facing acute shortage of ware¬houses, and distribution centers due to the fast urbanization process arising from equally rapid industrialization. On the flip side, majority of storage solution providers render readymade solutions which rarely fit the requirement of the organization thereby resulting in poor workflow and low throughput of the warehouse. These issues point the demand of a smart racking and shelving systems that conserve space as much as possible for other use and solve the problem of storage.

The quest for efficient storage systems ends at Bangalore-based Racks & Rollers(a unit of Storage Technologies & Automation Pvt. Ltd.), which leverages its expertise to fulfill customer’s demand with customized racking & shelving solutions. Being a pioneer in storage solutions, the company provides Racking, Shelving, Automation Structural and Consulting solutions to Food, Pharma, Chemicals, Retails FMCG and numerous other industries. It is one of the few players that offer Rack Supported Warehouses or Rack Clad Warehouses in India, the latest trend in logistics and warehousing domain. “At Racks and Rollers, we provide client specific solutions which are manufactured on order, hence providing them with a seamless workflow and better returns,” Hanif Khatri, Managing Director, Racks & Rollers.

A veteran in warehousing & logistics(27+ years of experience), Hanif incepted Racks & Rollers with a vision to fulfill the market requirements for state-of-the-art designs and more economical storage solutions. As a peerless subject matter specialist & consultant he has planned & executed nearly 2300+ projects in countries like India Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey, Egypt Russia, Oman and Qatar. This experience has helped Racks & Rollers to evolve as one of the leading suppliers of racking, shelving and automation products worldwide along with unparalleled work ethics, dedication, cutting edge designs and customized solutions.

Customized Approach
Furnishing world class services to the client’s table is the core foundation of all actions at
Racks and Rollers. Prior to designing any solution, the company not only deeply understands the client’s requirement right from the ground level but also scrutinizes all vital aspects (capacity & material requirement, challenges faced in their warehouse operation and others). Depending upon these inputs, a viable and fitting solution is recommended to clients where aforementioned solutions are clubbed to acquire the best result. This customer centric approach optimizes client’s warehouse operation while reducing errors & saving cost. None of the two solutions delivered are ever the same. Its uniquely designed solutions not only meet customer’s desires but also exceed their expectations.

Prior designing any tailormade solution, the company not only deeply understands the client’s requirement right from the ground level but also scrutinizes all vital aspects

At Racks & Rollers, every solution is designed in harmony with customer’s enterprise and management thus driving their business as a whole. Emphasizing on quality, the company manages a proper set of guidelines for structural analysis that examine the risk factors along with load bearing capacity of the warehouse. Not only this a quality control is also carried out frequently during production process, ensuring flawless process flow. Besides innovative storage solutions it also bestows fire & safety solutions complete support for warehouse surveillance & security systems, and annual maintenance services along with inspections for the safety of the inventory warehouse and human resource.

Innovative Approach
Backed by a team of engineers and experts guidance, Racks & Rollers performs continuous R&D which enables company to meet the ever changing demand of the industry while establishing long lasting bond with customers. Training programs are conducted for new as well as existing employees wherein every new joinee works in each department for a few days under the mentorship of the department head before finally joining their post in the allotted department. This way each team member is well versed with the processes of each department and understands the importance of following the deadlines as a result providing timely delivery and quality control.

Experiencing a whopping revenue growth of 35-40 percent YoY, Racks & Rollers is planning to expand its footprint nationally & internationally with increased workforce. “As a company that is striving to make cutting-edge solutions economically accessible worldwide we take pride in our vision to equip every custom¬er with an absolute solution to their problem rather than delivering just a storage system,”concludes Hanif.

Recipient of Logistics Asia Award for Life Time Achievement, Hanif recognizes the concept of integral leadership and strategic planning which encourages a balanced engagement between Racks & Rollers’ stakeholders.

Offices: Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi

Services: Racking, Shelving, Automation, Structural & Consulting Solutions

•Top 5000 SME Companies - 2003
•Best Startup Company in Warehousing Industry(ELSI)2014
•Industrial Excellence Award 2019