Radiant Home Health Services: Improving Quality of Life with Professional Home Health Care

Dr. Renuka David ,   FounderIndia is the second-most populous nation in the world, and this is the reason why it will continue to experience an increase in the need for medical care and services. The number of people aged 65 and older is projected to triple within the next 30 years. This will call for more on-site medical assistance and care than is currently required. The market is expanding as a result of the ageing population and the rising incidence of chronic diseases like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases. In 2019, the Indian market for home healthcare was valued at $5 billion, and it is anticipated that this figure will increase to $20 billion by 2027. Due to the rising demand for health care services, competition is intense in the market because of different market players. Radiant Home Health Services is a part of the Radiant Group of Companies that was started in the year 2007, a firm committed to providing flawless health care services.

"Home health services have always been neglected so far. The problem occurs when the adult members migrate in search of jobs leaving the elderly parents behind. These days, taking care of elderly parents who live alone is a challenge, made more difficult by the frequent onset of Alzheimer's and dementia. Compassionately addressing this challenge requires individualized home care. We have gone through this while I was looking for treatment for my father in law and that is when he had come across the concept of home health services. The first and most significant change we saw was grandfather's improvement and apparent happiness. Being looked after in a comfortable environment was appealing. Their condition was improving, thus inspiring the founding of the business. Another driving force was the idea of educating rural girls to the point where they could support themselves", briefs Dr. Renuka David - Founder.

Radiant Home Health Services(RHHS) showcases a wide range of services in the health sector. The range of services include Doctor visiting at home on call, Physiotherapy at home, Simple procedures - Dressing, IM/SC/IV injections, sponge bath, catheter/ urine bag monitoring, TPR charting which will be done by our experienced and trained BSC nurses and caregivers. Other than this there are various flagship programs like Elderly care, Baby care, Dementia care, Post-Operative care and Palliative Management.

RHHS is empowered by Dr. Renuka David who encourages the girls to discuss their problems and helps them emotionally and financially

Col David is a former infantry officer who is the chairman of the Radiant Group of Companies. Lt. Col Rajakanthan is director operations in RHHS, and being a former Military man himself, ensures that discipline and safety of the girls is most priority. And a brilliant former military officer, Lt. Gen Shashank Upasani heads the business development for RHHS and is responsible for its PAN India expansion. RHHS is empowered by Dr. Renuka who encourages the girls to discuss their problems and helps them emotionally and financially. The core of the company broadly focuses on educating girls about diseases, the training, mental health & counselling of the nurses and so on. The caregivers and nurses have proved their worth by treating a patient in the terminal stage of cancer at their place. Nurses and caregivers are very knowledgeable and skilled as they are being trained in house. Their manners and etiquettes have always been praised. RHHS team also goes village by village, giving rural girls an opportunity to study, skill and thereby earn a livelihood for their family. The company is associated with different reputed hospitals like St Thomas Hospital, GEMS Hospital, Dr. Anbarasu Hospital, Vinetha Hospital, Balaji Hospital, and Baharat institute for recruiting girls.

Mapping the Path Ahead
Looking at the consistent market growth in this sector and the successful running of their hospital base, The Radiant group of companies is planning to expand its foothold in different other parts of the country. The main two goals include is to establish a presence in additional regions including Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chandigarh and be a part of National Skill Development so that it can educate rural girls more broadly and make sure they can support themselves and their families.