Radma Research: A Premium Qualitative Research Organisation Providing Highly Qualitative and Insightful Research Output

By Rajiv Sharma, FounderFrom identifying the existing market opportunities to understanding customer preferences, market research plays an important role in availing the business strategies of an organization. With in detailed insight of economic shifts, demo¬graphics, latest market trends, and preferences of potential consumers, a company can be one step ahead of the game by accessing effective market research. A smart player never underestimates the importance of market research and by leveraging the information accessed from it, creates effective strategies to lower the risks involved in the ever changing industry scenario. Relying mostly on the KPOs and IT analyst firms for quantitative research the industry has always been deprived of qualitative research with an insightful depth and meaningful output.

Quick enough to notice the gap and optimistic about contributing to the research sector with specialization and talents possessed, Rajiv Sharma established Radma Research in 2017. Dissatisfied with typical yes/no objective kind of results, Rajiv has always opted for qualitative research services with comprehensive discussions that require more industry expertise and probing skills. With an industry experience of more than 17 years, Rajiv is keen to navigate the research industry towards a more flourishing platform by channelizing the available resources. Under his proficient leadership Radma Research is currently vesting its focus on providing high touch, collaborative research experience by combining expertise perspective, and ideas.

A Powerhouse of Unique Offerings
Acknowledged as a premium qualitative research organization providing highly qualitative and insightful research output to customers, Radma Research delivers exclusive services in tailored research engagement, market research study, market/index tracking program, in depth senior insight study, channel optimization and channel monitoring.

Describing the distinctiveness in the bestowed services Rajiv Sharma, Founder, Radma Research says, “We are playing largely under the qualitative research area, where we do a lot of telephone based indepth discussions, indepth interviews, and recruitment services by setting up appointments with clients to conduct discussions. We follow immaculate procedures to achieve perfection oriented objectives which put us into a league and a niche of very few research companies who
are able to deliver successfully up to the market expectation. Apart from that, we do a lot of online surveys for the clients who want to hear the voice of customers or do some market landscape or try to understand any specific product acceptance. Our approaches and methodologies are diverse with which we conduct these online surveys such as social media campaigns and tie-ups with the largest and credible panel companies that we work with. Apart from it, Radma is heavily venturing into digital marketing, this has helped us reach the audiences directly and have their responses.”

Today Radma Research is the only company in India to launch video surveys. We also do IVR surveys where the surveys are conducted by robots eliminating the human intervention at one end. The firm is also the business partner of economic times where it uses their leadership panel to conduct their service. Also Radma Research conducts surveys through a team of freelancers in 28 countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Research is a premium qualitative research organization which focuses on providing highly qualitative and insightful research output to their clients

Still quite neglected by Indian firms and corporate sectors, most of the companies fail to understand the prudence of market research and analysis. Reflecting on this convoluted issue, Rajiv utters “The Western world completely relies on research and the data to make strategic decisions. However, due to the conventional mindset, Indian firms are not recognizing the advantages associated with market research. As an ever-green industry research is always going to be a great investment even during the times of recession. In fact, research is going to be at its peak during the recession. It plays a bigger role at that time because everyone wants to know what the corporate are going to do in terms of their spending and budgets during the recession period, how the consumers are going to spend will there be any change in the buying behaviour of the customers. So, research actually is something which is always the need of the hour.”

A Glance into the Future
Commencing its journey from a small working space, within a span of less than a year Radma Research has reached a highly credible and reputed commercial space of Pune i.e. World Trade Center. Grateful for the capability of the entire team and outstanding services conveyed by the organization throughout the journey, Rajiv feels the only challenge in the market is talent acquisition. Chasing to bring in innovative vision amongst people to look at a bigger picture and work towards that he feels blessed to have a few of the team members who have been solid with the company for a long time.

Talking about the future expeditions of the company Rajiv shares, “I don’t want research to be commercialized or executed for monetary gain. We are doing research purely because of the love for it. In the near future, we would like to venture into data analytics. We have grown phenomenally in terms of revenues but now we would want to sustain. We have very few sets of clients, typically seven to eight that we are working with, and we really want to give them that attention and time for the next year at least. We would add maybe a couple of clients but those would be to develop strategic relationships rather than to just increase the number of clients. We don't want to get carried away but want to sustain this phenomenal growth.”

Rajiv has an overall experience of 20 years including 16 years in Market Research. With deep strategic knowledge, he consistently embraces the core values of integrity, innovation and growth to work towards client’s development. With domain expertise lying in ICT, BFSI, oil & gas, retail and the automotive sector, he is also a business partner of the Economic Times.

Offerings: Tailored Research Engagement, Market Research Study, Market/Index Tracking Program, In Depth Senior Insight Study, Channel Optimization and Channel Monitoring

Offices: Pune