Rajkumar Jayavel: A Devout Technician Leader Breaking the Decades of Hierarchy

 Rajkumar Jayavel,    CEOA true entrepreneur is a doer, not just a dreamer. Where people see risks, they see rewards. Every year, thousands of people yearn to be business owners, but very few succeed in becoming one. These individuals have been consistently slogging behind creating opportunities that may not even exist in the first place. They built everything from the ground up, and now we see them dominating their respective fields above all.

Rajkumar Jayavel, a devout leader from a low income family from the hills of Tamil Nadu, is one such exemplary figure who overcame all obstacles to succeed in the industry. Rajkumar, who had come to Bangalore with the hope of finding a job in the software industry, eventually began working in a roadside tea cellar. Before starting his career, Rajkumar Jayavel wanted to work in the software industry. Sadly, Rajkumar was unable to secure a job in the software sector, but he got a chance to work in IT hardware. He spent five years working in channel sales before launching his own company in 2007 to offer full-fledged sales and services for world-class laptops and computers.

Rajkumar started learning about IT hardware after learning about an entity with higher margins than his typical salary, and he later spent three and a half years as the chairman of an IT hardware company. But as the global recession came to an end in 2010, it was getting harder for him and his management to survey the market. He experienced a lot at that time. Then, as a service center, he came up with an exclusive laptop industry sale. Rajkumar started with just one branch and two employees today, it has about 29 branches all over India and more than 150 employees. For being the top retailer in South India, he most recently received an award from the India SME Forum. “In every business, some kind of issue arises, such as
a finance issue, an investment issue, a supply chain issue, or a payment issue however, never be afraid and leave. Don’t get motivated by others motivate yourself. When you're going through a rough patch, just be bold and enjoy the pressure, because it won't last forever", says Rajkumar Jayavel.

Journey of Excellence
Today, Laptop Store India is the number-one multi brand in India. The firm is a complete one

stop solution provider of laptops in all areas, including sales, service, rental, and refurbished laptops. It also operates a laptop store that is affiliated with all of the recognized and reputable data store brands, including HP, Dell, Acer, and Lenovo.

Laptop Store India has a contemporary service center with highly trained and skilled professionals for chip level repairing of all brand laptops. They collaborate with customers to achieve success. This method not only saves customers money but also demonstrates Laptop Store's customer-oriented, cost-effective vantage point. To manage consumer issues best, the company leaves no stone untouched when importing products from other nations. Moreover, the company owns customized software that streamlines the servicing process and assists customers through the process of obtaining services online seamlessly.

When you're going through a rough patch, just be bold & enjoy the pressure, because it won't last forever

“As the CEO, you should keep one eye on your team and the other on your clients and suppliers. Because most people only see things through two eyes, we need to see things through three eyes in order to be successful in business. If your vendor is happy, your product supply chain will run smoothly if your employees are happy working for you, you will be able to sustain multiple locations and businesses and if your customers are happy, your business will be more successful. If all parties involved are content, the business will automatically flourish”, explains Rajkumar Jayavel.

The firm has completed 16 years now and every year Laptop Store India gives free laptops to some of the chosen poor students who cannot afford a laptop. Going forward, Laptop Store India will develop their own brand name in the future because the laptop store is a common name, and most people are dubious of it. Because India does not have its own brand of laptops, Rajkumar and his team's vision for the future is to develop an economical laptop that would be their own Indian brand.

The objective of Laptop Store India is to achieve a dependable persona in the distribution of exceptionally qualified administrations and add qualities to customers through supportive movement, honesty in correspondence, and on-time redemption of items through superb execution. All in all, Laptop Store India envisions operating with passion and a focus on quality and efficiency to give its clients an advantage and, in doing so, to satisfy its organization's values.