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Pankaj Sachdeva,Country Market Director - Telecom & Energy

Pankaj Sachdeva

Country Market Director - Telecom & Energy

From analog systems to digital systems and from digital systems to today’s IP systems, the global telecommunications industry is continuing to transform, paving the way for new technology and innovations. Especially in India, the telecom sector has undergone a revolutionary transition in the last two decades to become the world’s second-largest telecommunication market. With 4G geared-up for large scale commercialization, the industry is undergoing a sea change in the way networks get rolled-out and how sites are built. This growth in the market is driving the demand for related infrastructure in the telecom sector. Addressing such rising demands & requirements while contributing the best of its innovations across the telecommunication sector is Ramboll a Denmark based engineering, design, and consultancy company with its Telecom Engineering Centre in Hyderabad.

With its presence in India since 1997, the firm is providing multidisciplinary solutions that serve both private and public sectors across the country. The array of solutions offered by Ramboll mainly focus on structural engineering, buildings transport, environment & health, and energy apart from telecom services. However, the segment at which the firm excels is its telecom services. Its telecom offerings include analysis, design & delivery of masts towers and poles, measurement of electromagnetic radiation & radio frequency network studies & economic assessments inspection & maintenance smart site solutions, smart city solutions and more. According to ENR 2018 report, the firm is also ranked first in the world for towers and antennas. With more than 300 offices in 35 countries, Ramboll combines local experience with a global knowledge base, constantly striving to achieve inspiring and exacting solutions that make a genuine difference to its clients, the end-users, and the society at large.

The growth in network services and data utilization from the last few years has resulted in the installation of a large number of towers to increase the coverage area and network consistency. But the construction of the new tower takes a long time and the time delay during the construction of new towers and the installation of new antennas cause a great interruption for customers in their network services. Besides, it requires the availability of land, tower aesthetics, stringent timeline, and associated costs. To overcome these challenges, Ramboll has adapted a step wise approach that involves
various technical (Field & Design), inhouse software platforms (iTowers & Rambase) and other requisite capabilities to complete the process. Known as Tower Reverse Engineering Analysis, Ramboll provides a one-stop-solution to clients. It also undertakes tower loading validation activities(TLVA)to fully utilize the existing tower base, while addressing the network coverage and capacity gaps. The firm has completed reverse engineering for 75,000 sites to date.

Sustainable Solutions
“Ramboll’s mission is to create sustainable societies and hence all the offerings are built around this core ambition,”states Pankaj Sachdeva, Country Market Director Telecom & Energy, Ramboll. Ramboll’s team of experts have the expertise in offering sustainable telecom structures, while at the same time maintaining a balance between quality and cost effectiveness. For instance the firm has suitably developed ‘Tubular Profile Tower’, where the use of the tower structural steel and foundation is relatively less than other tower configurations. The designs utilize 30 percent lesser steel when compared to traditional towers which lead to huge savings on the resources and carbon emissions significantly. The firm has deployed more than 100,000 tubular towers in India and has also catered to many other countries. Besides Ramboll’s services reflect high quality standards and the company follows a stringent process to test the same. All the towers masts and smart poles designed by the firm undergo a check for wind loads drag coefficient, durability of the foundation and for the optimum footprint size.

Ramboll’s mission is to create sustainable societies and hence all the offerings are built around this core ambition

Innovation for Development
Focusing mainly on continuous innovation Ramboll looks beyond today’s requirements for solutions that are innovative and ahead of the future. Apart from that the firm believes in optimal utilization of resources and offers customized solutions to clients depending on the requirements after assessing all the factors. While working closely with tower companies and operators to help meet the best standard and aesthetically design for their key clients, Ramboll offers designs like the lotus monopole palm tree pine tree and many other solutions, which blendin with the city’s requirements. Alongside, Ramboll’s Digital India initiative aims at providing universal access to mobile connectivity & internet to the farthest corners of India.

“Our holistic approach to our projects integrating our services into solutions that reflect the complexity of the problems we solve, positions us very well to help clients realize their vision,” states Pankaj. Currently, the firm is engaged with all telecom operators and tower companies in India and is also serving the global market in countries like Africa, Indonesia Middle East, and the European markets. With such dedicated services Ramboll has witnessed gross revenue of DKK seven billion and employee growth by nine percent for the first half of 2019 and aims to become the globally leading consultancy delivering integrated and sustainable solutions shaping today and tomorrow.

In his career spanning 25+ years in the Indian telecom industry, Pankaj has played critical roles and brought strong leadership skills in key account management, sales & marketing, business development, project management, profit & loss responsibility and talent development.

•Aegis Graham Bell Award for ‘Innovation in Telecom infrastructure’
•Smart city awards Jaipur – Best impactful thought leader – innovative smart city solutions
•Aegis Graham Bell Award for innovative managed services – Tower Assessment
•Aegis Graham Bell award for innovative Smart city solutions

Offices:300 offices in 35 countries, Denmark(Headquarter), Hyderabad (Telecom Engineering Centre in Hyderabad)