Ramki Technologies: Streamlining Transportation & Logistics Industries Through VTS & ERP Innovations

Sriramakrishna Dendukuri,    Chairman & Managing Director

Sriramakrishna Dendukuri

Chairman & Managing Director

In an industry as cluttered and data-intensive as logistics, fleet management becomes a business critical, yet challenging task for an enterprise to streamline the system and cut unnecessary expenses. On one hand, the influx of technologies like Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and telematics are reforming the transportation industry, but, on the other, the efficiency of fleet management is hindered by multiple long-standing constraints and a lack of systems that aid visibility, data transparency, digital agility, and strong account management. The fleet enterprises, hence, need advanced and, importantly, end-to-end solutions to make the fleet efficient and reliable, while also ensuring complete accountability and safety of the drivers. This is where Ramki Technologies (RTPL) enters the frame. Although just a startup, this flagship venture was quick to sense the rising demand and redefine the industry with its breakthroughs, Pragati Utrack and Ramki TOFA, which serve as user friendly vehicle tracking and ERP systems respectively.

These are just two of the multiple technological innovations of RTPL, one of the daughter companies of the Ramki Group of companies, which is distinguished by its reliable, bespoke, and quality solutions. Founded in 2006, the Group is the brainchild of Sriramakrishna Dendukuri (Ramki), an entrepreneur and a respected leader, renowned for his prowess in complete software development, right from ideation to maintenance, driven by internationally acquired acumen and knowledge, he is proactive in delivering according to the volatile needs of the global IT market, resulting in a portfolio of diverse clients and multiple successful projects.

Into the Elements of RTPL Innovations
“We, at RTPL, empower businesses to revolutionize their logistical processes with our advanced technology, including vehicle tracking systems, comprehensive business operations management tools, and robust accounts management software,” proclaims Sriramakrishna. According to him, the innovations of Pragati Utrack and RAMKI TOFA exemplify RTPL’s industry expertise and commitment towards fulfilling the same vision. Built with a streamlined data management system and high-resolution Google maps of local regions, Pragati Utrack is an easy-to-use platform for fleet operators to not only monitor the vehicle location virtually, but also access trivial data such as the exact time of the start and end of the journey, the speed of the vehicle, the fuel consumption, the estimated time of arrival, and the delayed trip of all drivers, on a day-to-day basis. Utrack also has the power to store around three years of data history with playback and sharing options.

Not just transportation, but Utrack is endowed with applications tailor-made for different vehicles and business verticals. Available both on web and mobile platforms, including iOS and Android versions.The applications can be plugged in instantly anywhere in the world and notify users through SMS and email. Until today, RTPL has deployed the applications not only in India but also in Australia, the USA, Kenya, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Columbia, Congo, the Philippines and many more. Along with Utrack, RTPL has also been helping major manufacturing brands through its software like BAJAJVTS. RTPL holds an impeccable
record of enabling BAJAJ to efficiently manage their fleet transport service companies and vehicles using a single Common Platform called BAJAJVTS.

RAMKI TOFA (Transporters Operations Fleet & Accounts Management System), on the other hand, serves as an ‘all-in-all’ logistic management, financial management, and ERP software, built to effectively monitor the logistics and transportation industry operational activities. Comprising four modules built over masters (users), fleet, operations, and accounts. The pioneering application is equipped with vehicle documentation and maintenance, job cards, tyre management, accident management, vehicle handover, spare purchase order generation, inventory management, GPS tracking, and other functionalities. While the master module offers data on multiple factors, like branches, staff, petrol pumps, users, vehicle model and type, the route, and drivers, the operation module helps users manage E-way Bills, LR (consignment), fuel slips, extra trip advance, trip settlements, driver and staff salary, Happy Card and Fast-Tag recharges, customer and petrol pump payment, route planning, and budgeting, and more.

With the ability to consolidate expenses, the accounts module of TOFA includes features such as account groups, account master, vendor invoices, money receipts, voucher transactions, trial balances, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets. “The savings achieved through reduced expenses significantly outweigh the investment made in the software solution, resulting in a highly favourable ROI. By leveraging the RAMKI TOFA software, transporters can expect increased operational and financial performance, enhanced decision-making capabilities, improved market intelligence, asset optimization and management, reduced lead time, partner management with customers, and a hassle-free and secure transaction mechanism”, adds Sriramakrishna.

Born to continue the legacy of its core group, RTPL is highly acknowledged for Pragati Utrack and Ramki Tofa - two breakthroughs aimed at enhancing productivity and customer experience

Fuelling the Success Saga
Over the years, Sriramakrishna Dendukuri has managed to onboard a strong team of highly qualified, like minded management personnel and veteran employees who share a similar track record of on field experience and technical expertise in application development, backed by a strategic process flow, the development team initially designs avantgarde products using agile methodology, which, in turn, moulds the products to support the company as well as the customers’ locations. The codes of the products are then extensively tested by the QA team, before reaching the final production phase. Focusing on continuous improvements, the company also entitles customers to suggest new features and customizations. In order to empower the employees to mitigate the constant struggles of adopting new technologies, the company conducts training sessions led by senior managers.

Incepted with a custom-built web-based VTS application, Ramki Group of Companies has grown extensively to cover state-of-the-art telematics and different industry-centric solutions. Currently focusing on expanding its one-of-a-kind TOFA application limitations, the company is targeting to implement TOFA in a major percentage of Indian vehicles in the next two years and seeks to cover multiple countries in the near future. To achieve this goal, the company is looking forward to recruiting more than 200 people, from across other countries. As the exclusive technical partner for Bajaj Auto. for their logistics and transportation division, RTPL is also instrumental in helping Bajaj manage their new lines of electrical vehicles and three-wheelers. “We have installed some sample Pragati Utrack devices into the vehicles to provide accurate information in terms of analyzing their battery stations, battery capacity, daytime, and nighttime reports, and driving pattern analysis. In the year 2023, we are planning to ensure another 45-50 countries collect the data and launch electrical vehicles across the world. Even in India, we have installed the prototypes in 18 cities, including Mumbai, Agra, Hyderabad, Kerala, Bihar, and more”, claims Sriramakrishna. With such revolutionary initiatives in its arsenal, RTPL is marching towards fulfilling Sriramakrishna’s vision of developing inspirational solutions and service applications that are in tune with elevated goals for humanity as a whole, serving more than monetary benefits.

Sriramakrishna Dendukuri, Chairman & Managing Director
Popularly known as Ramki, Sriramakrishna holds an M. Tech in Artificial Intelligence and has more than 27 years of IT experience, serving diverse roles in HP, Dell, Gateway, and other MNCs in APAC and North America. He also specializes in Microsoft related product databases and technologies such as .Net, SQL SERVER, MYSQL, PHP, Navision & Axapta, and CRM. Besides RTPL, Sriramakrishna is one of the founding members and the Director and CIO of Dhanush Infotech. As an epitome of inspiration, he has been leading different divisions in Dhanush, covering application and web development, IS, automation, database management, and administration.