Renascence Talent: Strategic Partner To Businesses Helping Them Hire Top-Notch Leaders & Sales Professionals Globally To Achieve Successful Business Outcomes

Prasad Tataverty,Founder & Director

Prasad Tataverty

Founder & Director

Hiring the right professionals is the key to success for any business. Many businesses succeed due to a strong team and many fail due to the lack of experienced or effective leadership and sales professionals. Having said that, the most difficult and crucial task for many businesses is to hire for leadership roles who have the right skill sets to boost business profits, thanks to the high demand and rare but most necessary skill-sets that these roles require.

Although there are many agencies who offer assistance in hiring talent to businesses across the globe, but there are a very few cater to the niche sector of hiring experienced leaders who have the potential to lead a business to its desired goals. Catering to this need in the market, Renascence Talent assists clients to hire top professionals in leadership and sales roles who deliver high business impacts.

One Partner For Global Hiring Strategies
Renascence Talent is a boutique search firm that specializes in Global Leadership and Sales hiring. It offers its state of the art services to growth oriented companies in ITES/GSC/GIC's, Technology, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Infra, Real Estate Industries and more. The company has grown leaps and bounds since its inception and is currently working with clients in 13+ countries. Executive Search is the company's key area of service to clients with which it helps in identifying best Leadership Talent who can inspire, influence and execute with passion and have high impact on businesses.
For Global Sales Hiring, the company collaborates with clients and assists them to hire top-performing Sales Leaders who can enhancebusiness outcomes. The company
provides prescreened and preassessed AIML talent to its clients. It evaluatescandidates on their fundamentals and programming skills, along with ML, NLP, Statistics understanding and more. This helps clients evaluate only those who suit their requirements and thus adds the required boost to the hiring process.

Sales is all about mindset and we ensure to assess sales leaders on their behavioral aspects. We help our clients hire phenomenal Sales Leaders who engage, manage, and empower their teams to achieve business growth. We work as a strategic Hiring partner to clients, hence receive roles that will have direct impact on businesses.

Though we had been a part of many such assignments where we had closed critical roles, few in recent times had been very exciting and successful for us,' adds Prasad Tataverty, Founder and Director, Renascence Talent.The company has been instrumental in helping a large conglomerate hire an CFO to help them file their IPO seamlessly.

Renascence Talent was also approached by a $13bn organization to help them hire a leader while expanding their services to Middle East Region. Renascence Talent's strength lies in its team of highly experienced professionals who have vast experience in leading businesses for large corporates. The team understands industries and businesses to the core and have deep connections too. They are highly skilled in assessing the candidates for any senior role and the company considers this to be massive value add in its offerings.

"We are a futuristic and modern age company and thus we had offered flexible work style to our staff from day one of our operations, they can workfrom anywhere. This has worked really well for us, as we could hire the best talent, especially woman professionals who had to stay home to fulfil their personal commitments, although they were keen to continuing working. Our policy of complete WFH since 2016 had given them the opportunity to keep their dreams alive and pursue their careers staying at home, balancing their personal and professionals commitments rightfully", Prasad adds.

Recognitions And Future Roadmap
The company with its value driven offerings has successfully bagged multiple awards and accolades including APAC Insider Business Award 2019 - Specialists in Global Leadership & Sales Hiring, APAC Insider Business Award 2021 - Specialists in Global Leadership & Sales Hiring, Best Recruitment Agency - Global Leadership Hiring by Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2021, and many more.

The company is currently working on its flagship products - AIML Talent Portal and The Sales Talent Portals which are expected to be launched by the end of 2022. Further the company is aiming at expanding to other countries. "With our utmost efficiency and knowledge in the sector, we are now looking at start our office at Dubai to cover our client's needs in Middle-East and Africa region", Prasad concludes.