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Mohammed Yusuf,  Founder & Business head

Mohammed Yusuf

Founder & Business head

Today, the advancements in technology have helped the field of architecture in more ways than ever before. The biggest improvements have occurred in the designing and creation of 3D models which help the designer or architect to create 3D models of designs and plans on computer. A recent study suggests that people prefer to have visual representation of their house rather than having a traditional top-down blueprint. 3D modeling allows even an ordinary layman to see and understand the design with a 360-degree view of the design where blueprints only allow you to view the design from a single angle. 3D architecture also allows the end-customers to go for virtual tours which give them the visual representation of the final product. Established by Mohammed Yusuf Gahlot, Render Image has been in the forefront of the technological advancements in the architecture space since its inception.

Based out of Mumbai, Render Image has been operating in the architecture domain for more than a decade now and the firm has been working with interior designers, architects, developers and other professionals in India, USA, UK, Europe, and Africa to become the epitome of 3D visualization. Render Image prides itself on creating and delivering high quality realistic outputs for their clients consistently. The 3D visualization company offers a wide range of expert services in the designing domain some of which include creating 3D interiors, 3D exteriors, 3D floor plans, 360-degree panoramic views, and virtual walk throughs.

By providing top-notch end-to-end services at a competitive price, Render Image has created a niche in the industry. Render Image helps its clients get an outstanding photo
realistic 3D architectural rendering of their dream real estate. The company uses computer graphic image or CGI technology to provide the best 3D visualizations in the industry. “We, at Render Image give a great amount of attention to even the lighting and shading of the buildings which enriches the client’s opportunity to start marketing and promotional activities of that property even before the actual construction begins. After understanding the client’s dreams and expectations, Render Image uses their technical expertise to create a 3D walk through and visualization that gives their clients a real world experience of walking through his or her own dream project,” Mohammed Yusuf Gahlot, Founder and Business Head, Render Image.

Render Image uses their technical expertise to create a 3D walkthrough and visualization that gives their clients a real world experience of walking through his or her own dream project

At Render Image the company prioritizes on the quality of their services to give its customers the best experience. With the client’s demand getting bigger and challenging day by day the company is constantly updating themselves about what is happening in the industry to stay on top of the competition. “Clients come to us with a variety of issues which makes our job even more tedious and challenging. There are times when they approach us with an incomplete drawing of their plan and they want us to rework and complete the design for them. With the help of our architects we provide them a better version of the previous design and we do not charge them extra for this. These challenges help us to constantly develop and this compels us to be always on top of our game providing solutions end-to-end”, shares Mohammed Yusuf.

The constant passion to improve and develop has catapulted Render Image as one of the trusted names in the industry which has helped them to be a part of 750 plus successful projects during the past decade. Today, the firm reflects an impressive clientele which includes companies like Skyline Architects, Mika Design INC and RY Group to name a few. Render Image’s hard work and dedication have helped them to double their revenue growth when compared with last year and in coming years the firm is planning to improve their growth rate phenomenally.

Mohammed Yusuf Gahlot: A natural visionary who with his decades of domain expertise has successfully guided Render Image to be one of the most sought after brands in the industry. He along with his team has created a unique platform that has been useful for their clients around the world. He completed his BA in English Language and Literature from the prestigious Karnatak University.

Office Location:Mumbai
Offerings: 3D Interiors, 3D Exteriors, 3d Walkthroughs, 3D Floorplans, 360°Panoramic Views, AR/VR