Reservoir Financial: Thinking from A Professional's Perspective

Rahul Singh,National Sales Manager

Rahul Singh

National Sales Manager

Lingering holidays with family and overseas voyage aspirations take birth and die in dreams for most of the professionals who find themselves buried under immense work pressure all year round. Wonder how many companies interpret this dream of employees and buy tickets for them! By giving birth to a new era of work culture in India, potential startups such as Reservoir Financial are determined in fulfilling akin craves of its employees. One of the top financial planning and wealth management firms in India, Reservoir Financial takes its employees along with their families for outbound & inbound voyages on quarterly and monthly basis respectively, and thus alleviates them from the corporate routines. To align workplace with their families and have a good balance in life, the company augments this alleviation part with its yearly 30 days mandatory leave policy and by making them work for only eight hours a day and five days a week – seems pretty much maturity for a three year old startup! Headquartered in Connaught Place, Delhi, Reservoir Financial is lucid in its vision to build offices across salient locations.

Astute financial planning can be a powerful tool that can help you carve out a better future. Abreast of proffering employees with the ease to travel, choosing the magnetic sites has more things to do with company’s intentions and prospects – catering to not only a niche segment, but also masses from the most convenient locations. Reservoir Financial constantly endeavors to help people convert their dreams into reality by developing a personalized strategy and approach that constantly evolve with a focus to adapt the long-term plans and aspirations of them.

Growth, Stability & Compensation

Owing to the matchless service model, there has been flow of candidates to this organization – to do something different. It recently hired around 20 fresh talents from colleges. “We are not here to sell any financial product, but to help clients
understand the deals and plan accordingly, though we facilitate all these products under a single roof,” asserts Sneha Singh, Co-Founder & Director, Reservoir Financial. However, it entails talents with pin-point knowledge reservation, time management skills and exceptional communication skills. And once they are inducted, along with attractive salary packages, they are subjected to tremendous learning experience across all these financial services & products, in addition to persistent skill development & motivational sessions (on every 15-20 days) projected towards their personal & professional enhancement.“Besides enabling employees a steady growth, this company is a movement of inspiration in building a movement,” says Sujeet Singh, Regional Sales Head (North), Reservoir Financial.

Reservoir Financial help its people convert their dreams into reality by developing a personalized strategy that constantly evolves with a focus to adapt to their long-term plans and aspirations

“In the initial phase, we faced hurdles in terms of hiring professionals from reputed BFSI firms,” elucidates Arti Singh, Co-Founder & Director, Reservoir Financial. Experienced professionals always aim the financial stability & growth; so alongside a steady yearly growth plan, the company adopted a unique incentive plan for them based on their team’s overall performance, apart from the competitive salary package. “Everyone is exposed to multiply his/her CTC in one year,” adds Sneha. The company not only proffers this cutting edge workforce with perfect technology tools and knowledge base (has partnered with Google), but also celebrates and rewards every minute achievement of them. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, so is my experience with Reservoir Financial,” echoes Rahul Singh, National Sales Manager, Reservoir Financial. Further more, the company has also adopted a mandatory notice period lasting for three months (for both employer & employee).

The reverberation of this cutting-edge compensation package, growth plans and learning experience have been sensational, as it has mitigated the attrition in big-time; though people leaving the
organization once they enhance their knowledge have been a curse to the startup dynasty from ages. To eradicate this flaw, Reservoir Financial is planning more attractive compensations like accounting some additional money to every employee, holding it till he/she completes one year, and giving it back to them with interest on the 366th day.

The Potential Future

As an employee-friendly organization, Reservoir Financial finds time to sit with its people, understand their concerns, seek suggestions, and in turn never hesitates to implement the good ones. Besides providing with four months of maternity leave, it strictly follows all the government policies to makes sure that women are safe and no gender discrimination happens within the company. “We pick & drop women employees if they come from outskirts or taking flight in the late night,” adds Arti. As our country lacks a well-routed financial advisory network, with predominant focus on its due diligence process, Reservoir Financial has pipelined prodigious growth plans for this year – to expand the team size from current 60 to 300 and open up to six more branches in Delhi where people can just come in and seek help in extremely lower charges. Thus, though remained bootstrapped till date, the funding plans with the company are now on-the-go.


Key management:

Rahul Singh, National Sales Manager

Having over nine years of experience across UHNI, Wealth Management, Capital Market and Secure Lending industries, Rahul lays strong emphasis on growth and is responsible for framing Reservoir's sales and marketing strategies.

Sneha Singh, Co-Founder & Director

An Indian Business woman, Sneha is a founder member of Reservoir Financial. With her passion for interior designing and a strong financial acumen, she has been serving on the leadership teams of renowned organizations and start-ups across the Design & Financial industry.

Headquarter: Delhi