Revvlocity: Bolstering Sales through Strategic B2B Appointment Setting

Abhinav Sharma,  Co-Founder,Kejal Haria, Co-Founder

Abhinav Sharma, Co-Founder

Kejal Haria, Co-Founder

In the burgeoning competition of the contemporary world, most organizations hold world class products or solutions in their portfolio but constantly fail in connecting to their ideal clients. What do these organizations lack? Well, they lack insights on choosing their best fit industry, their top clients and the best ones among them to pitch in their products/ solutions. On the bright side, these organizations can partner with Revvlocity and gain access to qualified & sales ready leads through appointments with decision makers, which can save their time, energy & efforts and also bestow them with dedicated domain experts, enabling efficient sales and exceptionally high sales conversion rates. Thanks to Revvlocity, a brand of SalesPro Consulting Pvt. Ltd., that imparts profound expertise in Strategic B2B Appointment Setting with strong emphasis on customer-first ideology. The company primarily deals with Lead & Demand Generation for B2B enterprises across international markets including North America, LATAM, Canada, Europe, MEA, Singapore and Australia. Besides, it also offers Data Intelligence, Inbound Lead Nurturing, Events Lead Optimization and Market Research services to its clients.

Wondering what makes Revvlocity unique? To understand its USP, let’s go back a little in time! In early 2000s, Abhinav Sharma and Kejal Haria (Co-Founders) started their careers as inside sales representatives and then spanning into direct and channel sales across domains & markets, while holding over decades of sales experiences across diverse industries and geographies. The duo had extensive knowledge with regards to understanding the inside sales team of companies (inhouse or outsourced) and observed a huge gap in the quality of sales. They also realized that other demand generation companies in the market weren’t garnering the essential data for sales, but instead focused on mere setting-up and completing meetings. That’s exactly why
Revvlocity was born!

Harnessing the Right Data
Standing in stark contrast to the other players in the field is Revvlocity, an extremely data-driven company that invests heavily in building the right data before reaching-out to its clients’ prospects. What further sets its offerings apart is a systematic and informed approach to appointment setting, besides a team of experienced account growth specialists at the clients’ beck who call to take their business to newer heights. The appointment setting process begins with Revvlocity’s team connecting to its clients to learn about their services & solutions, identifying their key decision makers, reaching-out to them to establish value, and later setting-up high-potential appointments between them and their prospects.

The company, in fact, plays a crucial role in the first phase of sales for its clients by arranging these appointments, which are executive-level meetings for clients to further explore their requirements, opportunities,
sales and other aspects. Abhinav adds, “This is how we aim to achieve better customer acquisition and unparalleled revenues for our clients, besides a better customer satisfaction for Revvlocity”. Moreover, the company also excels in providing market research as a service to its clients by comprehending the nuances of the market, clients and their competition in order to bring-in better offerings to their customers.

Revvlocity plays a crucial role in the first phase of sales for its clients by arranging strategic B2B appointments, which are executive level meetings for clients to further explore their requirements, opportunities, sales and other aspects

Backing these services is Revvlocity’s infrastructure with zero downtime along with CRM software like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, and others. It also has a state-of-the-art delivery center at STPI zone, Mohali. Revvlocity’s other backbone is its team of experts who always stay abreast via skill enhancement programs and constant feedback from customers.

Diverse Client Base
Today, Revvlocity not only stands an edge above its competitors, but also boasts of a phenomenal track record across the Strategic B2B Appointment Settings space. Kejal articulates, “We take pride in the fact that the average retention of our customers is over 24 months, while few of them have been with us for over four years”. Time and again, a range of clients from variegated geographies and industries have been leveraging the best of Revvlocity’s offerings and enhancing their sales significantly. Currently, the company is working with six of the top 10 Global IT solution providers, Service Providers of world’s top three ERP & CRM companies, and a dozen of niche product/solution providers from Silicon Valley.

Kejal Haria, Co-Founder

When a leading IoT solution provider from Silicon Valley approached Revvlocity, they were in need of a dedicated team to handle prospect research, generate qualified leads & appointments, product demonstration, develop business case and close the deals in coordination with its respective teams. Thanks to Revvlocity’s end-to-end sales support, the client grew with over 50 new customers across multiple geographies. In another business case, while working with an IT major across verticals such as Healthcare & Life Sciences, Manufacturing & Technology, Energy and Utilities, BFSI – Revvlocity was able to add tremendous success by generating hundreds of sales ready leads and appointments YoY that converted into multi-billion dollar sales pipeline. The partnership started in 2015 and has grown 10x and going strong!

No wonder, Revvlocity has experienced a double growth in revenue in its current FY as compared to last FY along with a tenfold growth in its sales pipeline. In the future, the company aspires to add more innovative solutions, invest volumes in sales & marketing activities, increase manpower and further expand into Singapore, Australia and other markets.

Abhinav Sharma, Co-Founder
With over 18 years of experience in almost every area of sales, Abhinav currently oversees the entire strategy and business operations at Revvlocity.

Kejal Haria, Co-Founder
With over 15 years of Direct & Channel Sales experience, Kejal presently outclasses as Revvlocity’s strategist for customer acquisition, partner strategy and marketing across the globe.

Inception Year: 2015
Offices: Bangalore(Headquarter), Mohali and Sunnyvale, California
Services: B2B Lead Generation, Data Intelligence, ABM & Market Research