Rezorce Managed Solutions: Offering Innovation Based Cost Efficient Verification Services

Narendra KV, Founder & Director

Narendra KV

Founder & Director

As organizations fight for the best talent available in the marketplace, it is crucial for them to get insights on the hiring parameters. Based out of Bengaluru, Rezorce Managed Solutions has been identifying opportunities that are severely affecting the ability of an industry to survive and compete. The company identifies patents or niche solutions that can solve the problems and build a feasible business model around the solutions and offerings in a manner that enterprises can adopt at minimum risk.

“We offer our solutions as packages. The packages are designed to en¬sure comprehensive checks irrespective of age or number of employments. Also, Forensic Innovation is our core competency. We use technologies like Artificial Intelligence, database mining and ethical hacking to explore new verification frontiers. We have built many proprietary algorithms for background verification. Technology helps us to trace criminal activities across India easily and without fail”, briefed Narendra KV, Founder & Director, Rezorce Managed Solutions.

Technology and innovation are the two pillars on which Rezorce has built its operations. The company adopts new concepts like interoperability among neural & financial networks, convergence of AI with other data sources, and newer platforms, tools, and apps in AI. Rezorce brings in these technologies to revolutionize background check processes which play a key role in a lot many aspects of the society. Rezorce’s proprietary algorithms are using AI to check for criminal cases across 40,000 plus databases globally. Being the first company in India, Rezorce checks for criminal cases(for every individual) in each state of India, along with 72 countries in 5 other continents.

Flagship Offering in Background Verification Services
Speed and accuracy are critical differentiators in the background verification industry. The most important part is to provide quick revert on operational and strategic investments with complete information thereby helping customers to make appropriate decisions. Rezorce provides users all the reports with proof with in 3 days, and the final report in 10 days. The company offers accurate and speedy report
because it works on No -Questions Asked Warranty against any mistakes and oversight. “Our customers will not have to pay for any report that has not been completed to their satisfaction. This policy makes sure that we commit only what we can deliver”, adds Narendra.

Furthermore in India, names perse are common. Therefore citing criminals’ cases with few identifiers is challenging. Rezorce’s algorithm gives the edge to look for criminal cases for every individual. Not only cases, but the company also gives legal advice to the clients on the contents of criminal petitions and their corporate implications. More so, if the employer is awarding fake certificates and payslips, Rezorce manages to identify the fraud employer through Rezorce~Check Employer Red Data and helps companies to take the right decisions. Ever since its inception, Rezorce has identified 10,000+ bogus employers Pan India and has recorded nearly 20,000 hits every day from employers and verification companies. Rezorce offers such services as standard packages at half the rates of what other verification companies promise.

Rezorce is also associated with India Post as official address verification partners

Added to these services Rezorce also does comprehensive employment check for every employee that includes parameters like identity permanent & current address global criminal checks & pan India court & police checks, global national reputation & statutory checks, and complete education & all employments(from first employment). Similarly, the company works with financial institutions to get access to taxation & statutory databases in order to enable itself to check the background of both, employers and individual employees. Data points like IT Returns, and PF Returns are helpful for the cause. Rezorce is also associated with India Post as official address verification partners. As India Post is the only organization that reaches every village in India, Rezorce’s clients can check addresses in remote locations, including forests and even terror prone or extremist areas in the country.

Rezorce is currently working with 450+ clients across all industries which includes all public banks (except SBI) and private banks(DCB Bank and Karnataka Bank), big basket, Meru cabs, healthcare, IT companies and many more. While successfully operating with such reputed names, the company won Karnataka State Innovation Award Amulya 2012. As a fully grown company in ten years, Rezorce is executing 20,000+ verifications per month. The company believes that technology and certain public investments will reduce the number of industry players; however, the scope of the industry will expand exponentially. It is executing a technology led plan to not only retain their competitive advantage but also remain relevant in years ahead.

Narendra KV, Founder & Director
An excellent visionary and hands-on implementer, Narendra has the unique ability to convert abstract concepts into successful business. He has a track record of managing a virtual corporation profitably for over five years, leading a staffing company globally, leading award winning software product development teams and helping Indian companies manage a mine-field of statutory regulations when running a software development company from Bangalore. His current assignment is to make the Rezorce Investigation and Verification business a global player.

Offerings: Role-Based Verification, Employee Background Verification and Investigation

Offices: Bengaluru, Newark(US), Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Awards: Karnataka State Innovation Award- Amulya 2012 – Karnataka Knowledge Commission, Government of Karnataka