Rooparani Y: A Leader with a Vision & Social Cause

Rooparani Y,Co-Founder & Director

Rooparani Y

Co-Founder & Director

Design industry is rapidly growing and with a number of talented designers rising in our nation, the only way for this market is to go is up. Technology and streamlined business strategies can only take you so far in this dynamic field. One needs a leader to source all the talent, the technology and practices under one roof to enable smooth operations. For such scenarios, one need not look beyond Rooparani Y (known as Roopa), Co-Founder & Director, Design theme Creatives, to imbibe in the true quality of an entrepreneur and a leader who effortlessly brings the creative minds of the company together and fuse it with her expert marketing skills to attain the unanimous vision of being indispensible design partners for companies on a global level. “Our current presence in nine countries is just the start. I want to impact the whole world with design and creativity,” remarks Roopa.

A qualified MBA-marketing professional from Mysore University, Roopa is highly adept in marketing while her business partner, Yoganand G displays exceptional talent in design execution and has been an unwavering support throughout her journey. The dynamic duo started their journey in 2007 and ten years hence, their bootstrapped company scaled from a 700 sq. ft. office to a 2600 sq. ft. office space and simultaneously, have progressed from a team of two to a current team of 15. An active member and three times President of the BNI (Business Network International), Roopa’s profound
networking helped build up the company network, as a result of which, today Designtheme caters to 1500 clients.

Roopa’s decade long corporate experience helped her understand that in order to make her company’s mark on the industry, it was imperative to have an acute understanding of the client’s requirement

Roopa’s decade long corporate experience helped her understand that in order to make her company’s mark on the industry, it was imperative to have an acute understanding of the client’s requirement. Post her learning experience at GE Money and Standard Chartered Bank,the entrepreneur emerged as a whiz at effectively communicating with the team and curating strategies for the work to be done as per clientele demands. This way, Roopa levelled the ground for Designtheme to get noticed by other players while optimizing her team’s talent to the maximum. Additionally, as a member of the 37th batch of the Goldman Sachs Program for Women Entrepreneurs(2013) Roopa’s business skills, financing, account and negotiation skills received a big boost that still helps her run the business. “Now I have an insight on how to get work done efficiently & judiciously, as per client’s demand” states Roopa.

Heading a team of talented artists from institutes like Srushti and CKP, Roopa understands their need for a flexible & a creative environment and showcases her innate quality of being a reliable & understanding team leader by acknowledging the requirement of those so different from her area of expertise. Initiatives like 'Hungama days'on Saturdays, creative rooms and outdoor
activities give the designers a much needed break. Under her leadership, this creative organization also undertakes its social responsibility very seriously where birthdays are celebrated by distributing books and necessary supplies to government schools. "The idea started with my son's birthday and now the idea is to help children in tier II cities as well," informs Roopa who occasionally teaches yoga and meditation to students there as well.

Overcoming Challenges
Every business is subject to hardhships and Designtheme is no exception. There were times when the company was unclear about the nuances and entire decision making process would be riding on Roopa’s shoulder, with an expectation to be dealt with perfection. More over, the business world hardly empathized with her vision, making her the constant target for scrutiny. Roopa recalls, “People would ridicule me and make remarks that would hurt. Fitting in was very challenging for me”. Fast forward five years, this self made lady is looked upon for her business acumen for she has the unique knack for delivering results and closing deals with clients globally. Designtheme's array of highly diverse clientele stands a testament to it.

A self-proclaimed morning person, Roopa admits that the ‘early to rise’ was a foreign concept to her. But to complement the terrific growth of Designtheme, she altered her course and is enthralled by this new change that lets her enjoy yoga and spending time with her family, her support system. Additionally, Roopa's love for art and heritage fuels her travel dream of exploring different parts of India. The highs and lows of Roopa's journey are far from over but her experience of years has taught her the art of taking calculated risks. "Believe in the power of possibility. Think deeply about an idea but be bold and take the plunge," concludes Roopa.