RoundChillies: Trusting Employees with Utmost Responsibilities

Santanu Das,Founder & CEO

Santanu Das

Founder & CEO

Many talented people prefer startups in a pursuit to gain knowledge that is abundant enough to embark on their own venture. At a few startups, they get to interact with clients directly and are allowed to take ownership of their projects– an opportunity they cannot even think of at corporates. Proffering such experience at a very early stageeven for a fresher is RoundChillies, a startup providing integrated blend of fresh & innovative digital marketing strategies that would make brands desirable, capture qualified leadsand help to multiply customers with measurable results. The company has a mixed work culture, which endows employees with the freedom of a startup and the discipline of a corporate. “The employees here are imbibed with the utmost responsibilities, irrespective of their experience. Our employees have the independence to manage their work, co-ordinate with clients and take decisions when required,” says Santanu Das, Founder & CEO, RoundChillies.

“I have learnt alot at Round Chillies in the last six months. Being a graphics designer, I have learnt the use of Digital Marketing and can now manage clients on my own,” affirms Soumyadipta Biswas, Fresher, Round Chillies. With an infrastructure that is perfect for a startup of its size, RoundChillies provides several latest technical infrastructures in its facility. The company keeps its employees on their toes by proffering incentives for new sales as well as for achieving customer satisfaction. The frequent office tours help RoundChillies to strengthen the bond within the team. Despite its size, the company
doesn’t compel its work force to work during weekends and offers maternity leaves as per government guidelines, which facilitates them to relish a perfect work-life rhythm. Bestowing employees with myriad of growth opportunities in terms of learning, salary, exposure and the feeling to work with a splendid team, has helped RoundChillies to achieve almost zero attrition.

RoundChillies looks for both technical expertise and experience in live projects in potential employees, but their attitude is the ultimate deciding factor.

Homely Ambience

RoundChillies treats all employees, male and female, equally. Professional and personal growth are taken care of for all of them. Female employees have a choice not to stay back late for work. If they stay back late, the company ensures that they are provided with transportation to reach home safely. “Ours is a very homely office. Every office member is like a family and we do our best to give a helping hand,” adjoins Santanu. All female employees can talk to the management directly for any issues they have. “RoundChillies is my second home. I feel this is the best place I have worked in my life,” echoes Nibedita Dey, Senior Employee, RoundChillies.

Stringent Hiring Criteria

Even though the company uses job portals for finding talent, social media is an important area which helps in decision making. “Being a digital marketing agency, we feel our employees are our best evangelists, and thus their social profiles need to be in accordance with our goals,” reveals Santanu. To be core members of the team, they should be able to work both independently and as in teams. RoundChillies looks for both technical expertise and experience in live projects in
potential employees, but their attitude is the ultimate deciding factor.The company that normally hires during project expansions or onset of new projects intends to hire fresh talents via campus hiring this year.

Having such stringent filtering system along with the fact that the company is growing at a very fast pace has made the recruitment of right talent a daunting task.“We as an employer have to ensure that the spirit is alive. We try to keep our employees motivated and give them ownership feelings by allowing them to take important decisions and stand by them through out,” proclaims Santanu Das, Co-Founder & CEO, RoundChillies.

This bootstrapped company that has been running profitably since day one is currently working for a few Kolkata-based clients & some national level clients. Gradually moving from SMBs to big-pocketed enterprises, RoundChillies anticipates a 5x growth this year &2x year-on-year growth rate in consequent years, whilst envisioning being one of the top digital marketing agencies in eastern India in next five years.

Key Management:
Santanu Das,Founder & CEO

Having an Engineering& MBA background, and around eight years of Internet Marketing experience working across diverse sectors, Santanu is adept with strategic,targeted marketing planning and implementation. He has expertized in digital strategizing and is capable of wearing multiple hats in the organization.

Office: Kolkata
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