RST Semiconductors: A Prominent Supplier Of Smart Health Cards And SIM Cards

Raj Singh,Executive Director

Raj Singh

Executive Director

Encouraged by the `Make in India' initiative many Small and Medium Enterprises are gradually Mushrooming in the Indian Market to mould the available technologies and deliver premium outcomes. In a successful turnaround story of RST Semiconductors, the SME company has become one of the fastest-growing and highly secure Embedded Systems manufacturers of Smart Cards, SIM and Payment Cards in India for the last four years. Gaining RuPay Card products manufacturing in 2016 and expanding to GSM SIM Card manufacturing in 2018, RSTS is a leader in various Smart Card based delivery services initiatives by central and state governments.

After receiving foreign investment from Hong Kong-based one of the leading SIM Card Contract manufacturer IGear Technology under the aegis of Govt. of India's Make in India initiative, RSTS now boasts of the most secure state-of-the-art manufacturing bureau accredited from NPCI and authorized to produce GSM-SIM cards for leading Telecom Operators in India and abroad. A prominent supplier of Smart Health Cards to several states namely, West Bengal, Karnataka, Orissa Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, RSTS has positioned itself as an embedded contract manufacturer to the leading system integrators in Telco and Payment Card sectors and direct supplier to several Government bodies in their smart card-based delivery of services initiative.

Maintaining Quality And Authenticity
RST Semiconductors presently deals in a complete highly secure end-to-end card delivery system for the Payment Card industry, provides large-scale GSM-SIM personalization bureau services for leading TEL-COs. Apart from this RSTS is also accredited from National Informatics Centre (NIC) for manufacturing and personalization of Smart Cards based on SCOSTA Platform under the brand name of RSTCOS.

"To provide timely delivery of services, RSTS has to run a high-volume production set-up for Manufacturing and personalization of embedded systems such as Payment Cards and SIM Cards. With the present capacity of 8.5 million SIM, Payment and Smart Cards per month, the manufacturing process have to be very agile and time effective while maintaining the utmost level of quality and security of product and facilities.
It is one of the most secure facility, nestled in the lap of Himalayas in the industrial township of Solan district, show-casing the aggregate monthly capacity of 8.5 million embedded devices with state of the art logical and physical security infrastructure which conforms to the norms laid down by National Payment Corporation of India, NIC, and several Telecom Operators," says Raj Singh, Executive Director, RST Semiconductors.

Offering Complete End-To-End Solution
Apart from accredited with NPCI and NIC, is also accredited with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 9001 for Quality Management. With more than 100 young energetic engineers, technicians and operators, presently RSTS is one of the vibrant organizations in this segment and one of the first MSME personalization bureau to be awarded the coveted license for manufacturing RuPay card products back in 2016. "We offer complete end-to-end solutions to banks, financial institutions, and system integrators wherein the payment cards and other card-based services are delivered directly to the end customer on behalf of the bank to the remotest corner of the country.

We have successfully executed a leading Financial Inclusion project wherein Kisan Credit Cards were to be delivered to beneficiaries in rural and semi-urban areas of Assam and Odisha, RSTS effectively provided complete end-to-end solution of manufacturing, personalization and last-mile delivery to the beneficiary. We engage one of the biggest cyber-security firms TAC Infosec to audit and surveillance our whole IT infrastructure to provide robust cyber security to our clients and end-users and beneficiaries. Apart from this with the state of art physical security surveillance systems, we ensure that each device and data is handled with utmost care. We employ dual-verification and sorting to ensure that each product reaches its intended destination without delay and demur," states Raj.

With more than 100 young energetic engineers, technicians and operators, presently RSTS is one of the vibrant organizations in semiconductor segment

In a brief time RSTS has become one of the leading companies in this sector with the help of guidance and leadership of R.K. Upadhyay, ex-BSNL CMD, Col. Ajay Sharma and Raj Singh. Raj, who was awarded Youth Leadership Award in 2018 by Uttar Pradesh Government for his entrepreneurial effort in this Sector. "On R&D and Innovation side we are collaborating with world leaders in the Semiconductors Industry in developing new products and services with a focus on emerging IoT sector. We plan to develop E-SIM manufacturing and personalization capacity in India in near future and exploring setting up Wafer-level chip packaging capability in India. We are also helping our client achieve cost economics to provide payment products to not just in metro cities but to people who are less privileged to have access to the main-stream banking system. We are one of the fastest-growing card manufacturing and personalization bureau with focus on Telecommunication Banking and the e-Gov Sector. We hope to become an end-to-end service and product provider in near future, with our ambitious plan of setting up Wafer Level Chip Packaging in India," concludes Raj.

Raj Singh, Executive Director
A young professional holding extensive experience working in the embedded systems industry, Raj holds strong business development acumen.
Office:New Delhi
Offerings: SCOST Cards, Banking Cards, SIM/U-SIM Cards, Dual Interface Cards, RFID Cards, Government & High Security ID Cards, SCOSTA, and Smart Cards.