RT Diagnostics: A Change-Bringer in the Indian Diagnostics Market

  Dr. S.T. Swamy,   Managing Director

Dr. S.T. Swamy

Managing Director

Diagnostics is a crucial facet for healthcare professionals to understand the problems faced by the patients and offer them the most effective treatments. And over the years, the awareness for the importance of diagnostics industry is rising which is showing in the steady growth of the market as well with the current market size of Rs.67,500 Crores approximately. With that said, unlike other segments of the healthcare domain, the diagnostics market is still largely unorganized which is roughly, about 80 percent of the above said market size. Still, the patients expect the best and most accurate results consistently. Also, now people are also more aware regarding the clinical aspect of diagnostics and this has resulted in more and more people directly coming to the diagnostic service providers and taking those test results to physicians especially when it comes to preventive care and wellness. After covid-19 pandemic, the demand for topnotch diagnostics services has rapidly increased and this has resulted in more and more companies mushrooming in the market.

In this ultra-competitive market environment, RT Diagnostics (Formerly Aarthi Diagnostics) is one pioneering name that has been able to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but also create a foot hold in the market through their top-notch services. This NABL accredited, ISO Certified, and ICMR approved diagnostic firm has 35+ years of experience in medical diagnostics as well. RT Diagnostics was incepted with the objective to provide the most advanced diagnostic imaging and lab testing technology at affordable costs, and to deliver compassionate care to our patients. To stand out from the rest of the competition, RT Diagnostics has made sure that they remain clinical and patient oriented, with molecular and genetic focus, as well as, patient wellness and preventive care given top priority. This coupled with their 24 hours service, diagnostics @home facilities, wide range of tests, packages and profiles, 11 processing Labs with Central processing Lab at Chennai, 100+ collection centers, and collection points in 5 States shows why RT Diagnostics has build a resume of more than 35+ lakh satisfied customers.

When asked about the team behind RT Diagnostics and their expertise, Dr. S.T. Swamy, Managing Director adds “I believe that the quality, as well as, the motivation of
our employees have been the cornerstones behind our sustained success in the market. Our team of doctors is a blend of pioneering professionals from different specialities. This helps us to have specialized and qualified professionals in each department. They make sure that they scrutinise each and every report meticulously and precisely to ensure the most accurate results for our customers on a consistent basis. Our team also ensures that they follow quality norms of NABL, and all other statutory norms at every stage of operations to ensure that they not only grow as a brand but also to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their services. Apart from that, our team can also analyse the patient’s past history with all analytical parameters and confirm with referring”.

RT Diagnostics strives to upgrade their technology, use the latest equipment and Innovative software application with focus on patient care

Quality and precision are crucial in the diagnostics industry and RT Diagnostics has committed to never compromise on both of these parameters. To ensure optimum quality, the firm conducts regular and meticulous quality checks at all levels including pre analytical, analytical, and post analytical levels. Apart from that, RT Diagnostics also do quality checks when it comes to acquiring clinical history of the patients, interactive lab services, and they also conduct multi-point checks in case of abnormal values. RT Diagnostics also strives to stay ahead of the curve both in terms of technology and patient-centricity.

And as part of their growth plans, the firm is aiming to incorporate more AI into their operation to not only streamline their operation but also to ensure better services for their customers. The firm is also aiming to implement latest and advanced technology apart from the current use of CLIA, LCMS, RT PCR, GCMS, ICPMS, and ELISA techniques into their portfolio as well. Apart from all this, the firm is also working around the clock on their research activities to come up with revolutionary innovations in the Indian diagnostics domain.

RT Diagnostics strives to upgrade their technology, use the latest equipment and Innovative software application with focus on patient care. The firm believes that quality, accreditation, patient care, commitment, qualified and experienced technical team of laboratory medicine and outreach program paved the way for overcoming their hurdles and difficulties during the past. Going forward, RT Diagnostics aspires to have 60 processing centers, 300 collection centers, larger franchisee network, high-end digital diagnostics and pan India presence.

The firm also has plans to expand their R&D to focus on implementing latest technologies to ensure the accuracy levels of their report and thereby to maintain the confidence levels of their clinicians. RT Diagnostics also has Diagnostic Awareness program that tries to spread the knowledge of diagnostic test parameters by organising camps, issuing phamplets, tips on social media, effective feedback from our clinicians, and continuous follow up of customers/patients. With all this, the firm is showing that they are operating for the greater good of the society and they are not just operating for financial gains.