S N G India: One-stop Shop for Healthcare Equipment

Pankaj Narula,  Managing Director

Pankaj Narula

Managing Director

SNG is founded by Late P K Narula in 1953 in the space of healthcare supplies. Over the decades SNG introduced many new technologies from World over in India and hi-tech healthcare solutions became synonym with the groups name. SNG has been pioneers in the space of intra-healthcare logistics optimization through Pneumatic Tube Systems, Automated Waste & Laundry Collection System, Automated Guide Vehicles each of these solutions are applied in a healthcare facility’s materials movement from one department to the other, such as lab samples, blood bags, documents, soiled and fresh linen, patient food trays, hospital waste etc. etc. Apart from this SNG has venture into the segment of design, supply, installation and maintenance of the very critical Central Medical Gas Pipeline Systems, Modular & Seamless Operating Rooms, Turn-key packaged solutions for Patient Rooms, ICUs, ERs and other critical and patient care spaces in the Hospital. With over 3000 projects and 500 active clientele, SNG today stands tall and strong.

SNG Offers currently the following healthcare infrastructure solutions:
•Automated Materials Transport Systems:
i.Pneumatic Tube System [PTS]
ii.Automated Pneumatic Waste Collection System [APWCS]
iii.Automated Guided Vehicles [AGVs]

•Medical Gas Systems
•Modular & Seamless Operating Theatres [MOT]
•MEDITEK Turn-Key Packaged Solutions

Primary focus of SNG and its associates is to continuously update, upgrade the healthcare infrastructure technologies with its management engaged in continuous trainings and work-shops with renowned OEMs from all over the World. This helps SNG stay at the top of the sector. Another difference from others is that SNG has its complete in-house teams right from conceptualization, designing, supplying, execution, testing and commissioning on Turn-key basis. This is complemented with solid, experienced and expert management with cumulative group management experience of over 127 years in healthcare space and support of well-trained engineers and technicians. SNG’s presence in various prime locations pan South Asia, including: Mumbai, Pune, Amdavad, Bengaluru, Manipal, Kozhikode, Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Vizag, Kolkata, Kathmandu, Colombo & Dhaka, with headquarters in New Delhi, puts SNG in a competent position to address customer’s concerns with quick response supported by centralized customer support center.

“It was extremely disheartening to see and experience the extreme and grave situation, specially during the second lockdown. The fatalities and casualties didn’t happen because of lack of oxygen, but rather because of lagging infrastructure be it inadequately designed Central medical Gas Pipeline Systems, absence of back-up systems, inadequately planned clinical and critical spaces. But it was equally heart-warming to see that both the Government and the Hospitals quickly took note of this and commenced the processes of re-designing the facilities and re-specifying the requirements for upcoming projects", explained Puneet Narula, Head Projects & Technologies. “We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest in solutions and technologies, hopefully not, but if we are hit by another pandemic, to ensure that we do not face such grave situation owing to in-adequacy of healthcare infrastructure”, he said.

We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest in solutions and technologies, hopefully not, but if we are hit by another pandemic, to ensure that we do not face such grave situation owing to in-adequacy of healthcare infrastructure

“Even during lock-downs, our organization was actively engaged in direct communications with the stake holders, primarily the hospitals and were able to give quick solutions to the needs at several hospitals’ region wide. We can proudly and safely say that we provided quick CMGPS solutions to some around 20 major hospitals amidst the pandemic, despite unprecedented challenges in supply chain, production, logistics and the race against time”, said Pankaj Narula, Head Business Development.

“On one hand we are continuously scouting for and introducing new technologies in the market has its own risks and hurdles”, says the Puneet Narula, “Whether the market will be receptive for change? Whether the technology will fit into local economic and medical applications? These have been challenges always however the Indian Healthcare Givers have been very open to adapting and adopting new technologies. On the other hand, when a technology is successfully adopted by the industry it attracts competition.” “Competition is Good, but this brings in corner cuttings, depletion in quality and price becomes prime we always avoid such situations by focusing on design engineering and solutions-based proposals”, explained Puneet.

The solutions offered by SNG have had a profound positive affect in the healthcare industry.“Customers have understood that they need solutions and not mere products this understanding has also helped SNG in its business model". “SNG will continuously scout for and introduce new technologies every few years in the healthcare space. This is our strength and our forte", asserts Pankaj.