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Nabin Roy,Founder & CEO.

Nabin Roy

Founder & CEO.

Instrumental in catering to the dire quest for quality, safe, consistent and world-class consumer experience in the service-commerce industry, SayFix was founded in mid2015 as a one-stop-shop for all household cleaning, maintenance and repair requirements. Simplifying the concept of discovering and purchasing services online, the company provides a network of right handymen or technicians and exclusively tailored, automated, quick call-out and value-for-money services. Besides, the platform is also touted to be the only company who roll out integrated apps and many additional perks to even track the technicians. Within just 10 months of its operations, the venture has emanated to embrace 12,500+ happy customers across independent homes, apartments, villas, duplexes and commercial buildings.

The Roots of Success

The roots for such paradigm shift stems from SayFix's dexterity to clearly understand the consciences of consumers. Seizing the potential recruits majorly through referrals and different role-specific job portals, the venture has imbibed stringent hiring strategies to ensure scrupulous acquisition of customer-oriented personnel, who are adept to fuel the legacy of SayFix and empowers them to step into the customers' shoes and understand the pain points. Hence, each employee is mandated to have one-on-one interaction with customers every week to proffer the best experience, thereby churning out repeat businesses. The company currently hosts 30 in-house employees, 250 service partners and 500-600 technicians and handy men.
"With less than two years of professional experience,I was assigned responsibilities for order management and design of service products, which gave me a sense of ownership. There is an open feedback environment,a strong bonding among employees, enjoyable workplace and an excellent growth opportunity," adds Vaibhav Raj,Asst. Manager-Operations and Service Products, SayFix.

SayFix considers its resources as its success factors and key stake holders, whose excellence is regarded as a part of its own

The Roots of Success

SayFix considers its resources as its success factors and key stake holders,whose excellence is regarded as a part of its own.Endowed with equal dignity and respect a SayFix employee reaps-in, the service providers are also paid through its weekly payment system - which is too scarce to be found in the industry.Freedom to operate,freedom to jump into the bandwagon of opportunities,freedom to spearhead a difference in the industry through their innovations, most importantly freedom to make new mistakes in the course of incarnating the company's vision and learn from them so as to confine themselves from repeating them-this is how the CEO explains the work culture infused within the organization. Such empowering policies have been proactive in not only attracting the best of the rest, but also achieve an envious track record of zero attrition and en route, the organization looks forward to maintain its record and keep the rate to less than five percent.

"Apart from technology and processes,'People'are the most important factors to provide great customer experience.While our employees are taking care of our customers and the business, we ensure that their short-term
and long-term needs are well taken care of. Team SayFix is a bunch of young professionals who are creative, crazy and competitive, and we have lots of fun while doing our work," asserts Nabin Roy, Founder & CEO, SayFix.

Creating a Healthy Workplace

Considering every employee as an asset, SayFix strives to create a healthy environment in different ways. While the statutory compliant HR policies, medical/health insurance, work flexibility in terms of timings and work-from-home help employees to achieve a better work-life balance, the fun work culture brings to the palate a happy work aura. Their families, on the other hand, back SayFix's prosperity. They are not only encouraged to partake in the recreational activities, but they are, in fact, one of the first consumers and feedback providers of the company's new services.

"Initiatives like Crazy mornings, group outings for movies and picnics, customer connect and flexible hours have helped us to create a special bond between employees and company. I look forward to keep the same level of enthusiasm among employees even when company grows to 1000+ employees," proclaims Ricardo Jacob Cruz, Senior Executive-HR, SayFix.

According to SayFix, one's experience and eagerness to grow are the major benefactors to their work prosperity. The company also likes to advice its employees to try their best to contribute towards the nascent, yet thriving industry, while keeping their endeavors aligned with the company's goals.

Key Management:
Nabin Roy, Founder & CEO

As a serial entrepreneur, Nabin's endeavors have always been directed towards orchestrating the services market. Prior to his ventures SayFix and Celtem (a professional certification courses provider),he has also been one of the significant personas at Infosys and L&T.