Scinntc Supply Chain Solutions: Promising Wholistic Solutions For End-to-End Visibility

Balaji V.,   Co-Founder & CEO

Balaji V.

Co-Founder & CEO

The supply chain business in India is going through a massive transformation leading to some significant trends emerging in the industry. Simplifying regulatory frameworks, revamping road and port infrastructure, skill upgrade programs that aim to fill the lack of skilled professionals gap, and digitalization to bring operational efficiency. There are a plethora of companies that are working towards streamlining the supply chain industry but only a few like Scinntc Supply Chain Solutions have succeeded in bringing adept digitally enabled supply chain initiatives. The company delivers logistics services and solutions to its clients and provides end-to-end visibility of the entire process.

Established in 2018, Scinntc has been focused on providing the right information to the right customer at the right time. “We provide process automation and storage information in our service portfolio, where customers can see the information of the entire transaction being handled at the warehouse to the warehouse and out of the warehouse", says Balaji V., Co-Founder and CEO, Scinntc Supply Chain Solutions. “In terms of process automation, we have warehouse management software and transport management software through which we provide customers complete visibility in terms of process automation. On the other hand, we have implemented ASRS - Automatic Storage and Retrieval System for storage automation.” The warehousing service solutions are designed by the experts in Scinntc to improve efficiency and accelerate the ability to meet the dynamic demand requirements. The solutions can be customized as per the client’s requirements and are capable of handling today’s and future requirements. In addition, the company also possesses rinse camera technology with sorters and segregated separators for efficient storage.

For logistics, people at Scinntc have the necessary experience and expertise to optimize clients’logistical operations from procurement to actual manufacturing. The company has developed I2M to cater to the gap between supplier operations and client manufacturing sites. From kitting and subassembly to JIT and JIS delivery, I2M manages all aspects of supply for manufacturing operations. Apart from manufacturing, Scinntc offers a host of
packing and returnable packing solutions to protect the products from damage in transit, while minimizing costs. The company even provides the first mile to last mile transport solutions. To pace up with the current demands of omni channel, hyper local and digital deliveries, the company has opened up Mother Hub and Dark Store models across India entering the e-Commerce space. In addition, the clients can have complete visibility of the shipment of the product, monitor the vehicle and the driver, and utilize digital POD to track delivery. In addition, Scinntc’ s design consultants help the clients in Supply Chain Synchronization where they give them the ability to coordinate, organize and manage end-to-end supply chain flows to ensure supply chain functions as a single entity.

Any of the solutions provided to customers largely revolve around operational efficiency that is productivity improvement in the output in terms of productivity output per hour

“One of the key strengths that Scinntc provides is operational efficiency with cost-efficiency. Any of the solutions provided to customers largely revolve around operational efficiency, that is productivity improvement in the output in terms of productivity output per hour”, says Balaji. The company conducts skilled training programs for employees across the levels. Cost efficiency is the virtue of improving productivity where Scinntc takes into account the resource allocation for a particular set of activities and substitutes technology wherever necessary. “We can deliver higher efficiency and lower deployment of resources thereby we can provide them cost efficiency and operational excellence”, adds Balaji.

Their dedication to helping the supply chain industry leverage technology to improve operational efficiency has garnered Scinntc recognition from various bodies. From CII to Economic Times, Scinntc has won numerous recognitions for its services to the industry. From addressing the supply chain needs of the automotive segment in the initial days, Scinntc today services across industries. The company is amongst the top 10 in the country in the chemical logistics as well as the automotive segment. Some clients have also ranked Scinntc in partnership excellence. And these have given the company the required confidence to expand its services even further.

In just three years, Scinntc manages 22 warehouses across the country in over 15 locations. The company operates six dark stores and mother hubs for leading e-commerce players to cater their hyper local and digital deliveries. They handle close to 20 lakh square feet of warehousing solutions today for their clients. And now the company is eyeing further expansion and by 2025, wishes to reach the east and northeast India, and have close to 56 lakh square feet of warehouse operations by 2025. With more than 3000 employees across the spectrum, the company will continue to provide cost-efficient logistics solutions. Scinntc aims to venture into the consumer durables segment - FMCG and pharma. As far as the long-term milestone is concerned, by the next five years, the company wishes to furnish solutions beyond India - the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asian countries, and Australia.