Seekahost India: Unleashing Hosting Excellence by Empowering Digital Landscape

  Gowdham Subramaniam,     General Manager

Gowdham Subramaniam

General Manager

In India, the online landscape is undergoing a transformative surge with millions transitioning from basic mobile phones to smartphones, and even children engaging actively in online activities. The pandemic underscored the significance of the online medium for businesses, prompting a paradigm shift in consumer behavior. The retail sector, realizing this, has embraced online platforms, leading to a remarkable boom in e-commerce. As this trend solidifies, web hosting emerges as a pivotal industry. India's burgeoning population and increasing investments in data centers, evident through governmental initiatives, highlight the sector's importance. Many web hosting companies are focusing on India, recognizing its potential as a thriving market. The trajectory suggests an auspicious future, marked by a growing demand for competent firms capable of providing seamless online experiences and reliable hosting services.

SEEKAHOST INDIA is headquartered in the UK has established its roots in India under Gowdham Subramaniam who is handling the entire SEEKAHOST Operations. The organization has positioned itself as a prominent player in the domain and web hosting services sector, with a keen focus on providing tailored solutions. The organization has recorded impressive growth with over 15,000 domain registrations through
SEEKAHOST INDIA within 6 Months and it is one of the cheapest domain name provider in India. SEEKAHOST INDIA excels in offering specialized hosting packages designed for specific platforms. Understanding the diverse landscape of website development, the organization provides optimized server configurations for various systems such as PHP, WORDPRESS, and Magento. This strategic approach ensures optimum speed, security, and performance for each hosting package. Moreover, SEEKAHOST INDIA takes pride in its unique regional language support including Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, and English, fostering a comfortable environment for clients to communicate and clarify queries effectively. With round-the-clock assistance, SEEKAHOST INDIA stands out as a customer-centric provider in the competitive domain and web hosting arena.

“What separates us from other players in the market is our custom hosting packages and regional language support, giving us a global edge. Unlike generic hosting, our specialized setups enhance performance and security. For instance, dedicated servers for WORDPRESS have carefully curated libraries and security measures. This meticulous approach prevents conflicts and ensures smooth operation", asserts Gowdham Subramaniam, General Manager of SEEKAHOST INDIA.

“At SEEKAHOST INDIA, we believe in the power of monthly discussions and idea exchanges. Our support interactions and solution seeking endeavors often lead us to discover unique technologies and approaches. Weekly team reviews and brainstorming sessions are part of our routine which helps us foster an environment of continuous learning and growth. This dynamic process not only propels our technological progress but also nurtures our job satisfaction, as we actively contribute to the company's evolution and our personal development", continues Gowdham.

The Way Ahead
When enquired about the future roadmap, Gowdham informs, “SEEKAHOST INDIA has embarked on a comprehensive global strategy that includes the establishment of our own data center in Liverpool which is currently in progress. Our focus lies in customizing hosting services for platforms like PHP, Python, Magento, WORDPRESS, Shared Hosting, and VPS. Emphasizing customer-centric approaches, SEEKAHOST INDIA specializes in crafting unique solutions to enhance performance and user experiences. Simultaneously, we are also actively pursuing accreditation from ICANN to become an accredited registrar. Our plan for the future also encompasses the launch of a data center in India which is projected to be operational by the end of 2024".