SeviTech: Empathetic & challenging work environment, creating value for both clients and employees

SeviTech Management Team,  Most companies fail miserably in reaping the abundant benefits of the open-door policy, mainly because of the bureaucratic wall that toughly stands in between employees and employers. Unfurling the utmost benefits of this policy by elevating it to a whole new level is SeviTech – a Semiconductor services company specializing in all areas of chip design and embedded software, founded by ex-Texas Instrument employees. “We run SeviTech more like an engineer group rather than being a multi-hierarchic operation, where the whole management is just a call away to any employee in our company on any day, regardless of his role. This helps us not just to gratify employees, but also to solve client issues faster,” remarks Ashish Gupta, Co-Founder, SeviTech.This intimate engagement level assures employees that they are being cared and their growth is in the minds of leadership team.

Taking employee engagement to a new level

SeviTech passes on abundant benefits and a fat pay cheque to its people rather than keeping the profit locked within. “I’ve been building teams for startups & MNCs for past 23 years, but I’ve never come across a company like SeviTech, where the founders are whole heartedly endeavouring to best satisfy the employees by twisting the standard policies, be it soft loan policy, long service award, fat employee referral bonus, spot rewards and education policy,” asserts Jackie Dolphina, HR Director, SeviTech. Though the company’s practice of heeding to employees’ concerns with a wide open-door policy keeps feedback machine well-oiled, the company performs a standard assessment with KRA setup annually twice to assess, discuss, identify the improvement areas and provide appropriate internal or external training programs. “It’s great to start your career with a startup whose vision has a long-term goal, and is led by reputed persons,” remarks Tarun, Engineer, SeviTech.

Besides arranging cab facilities, SeviTech tries to convince clients to allow female employees to work-from-home whenever possible and assigns them client sites that
are nearby to their home. Noting that most of the employees are distributed across different client sites, outings happen on a smaller scale within teams without disturbing client’s project execution cycle. However, SeviTech often organizes events witnessing participation from the entire company.

We consistently focus on customers who provide awesome work culture that nourishes talent and empowers every one to enjoy and excel at work.

With a strong list of clienteles, SeviTech sales team work hard to find challenging work for its employees, enabling them to work on cutting edge technologies and on projects that adds to their skill set. “We consistently focus on customers who provide awesome work culture that nourishes talent and empowers everyone to enjoy and excel at work. We are working on expanding operations at various geographies within India and Over Seas as well” informed Aman Ghani, Sales Director, SeviTech.

Building a Talent Pipeline

“We select freshers with right attitude who are eager to learn and grow and expect lateral hires to have industry experience, willingness to embrace challenges & handling responsibilities and mentoring capabilities,” briefs Anil Dalwani, Co-Founder, SeviTech. It has been effectively addressing the huge deficit of skilled employees in the chip design industry by building a talent pipeline, wherein a fresher it hired during inception is now versant enough to train incoming freshers. Besides this hefty investment, the company also must compete with its big brand clients who wish to acquire its talents as direct employees. Nevertheless, SeviTech has achieved a stupendous attrition rate of five percent in last two years. “SeviTech has an awesome reputation in the market. They have strategic plans and I’m proud to be a part of their developing success story,” says Bharathi, Senior Engineer, SeviTech.

The company has an exceptionally unique leadership team that has plentiful knowledge in the technical aspects of chip design arena. “We continuously groom them with abundant training processes, productive activities and open group discussions. New joinees and employees with free time are encouraged to go through the company’s internal training material. Since 90 percent of SeviTech’s
projects are team-based, the learning process continues in client site, as senior members constantly guide juniors,” explains Shekhar Sharma, Co-Founder, SeviTech.

The Beginning and The Future Vision

Before founding SeviTech in 2013, the founders had done meticulous pre-work and even aligned a seven-member team before approaching clients, who had witnessed their capabilities. SeviTech proposed a captivating offer of owning client’s problem and solving it, rather than merely augmenting their resources. Though everyone was in dire need of good solution, they were hesitant to handover their projects to a seven-member team. With un yielding resolute, the founders rolled up their sleeves and groomed several talents in minimal time. This brought them an opportunity to prove their words when SeviTech attained a small project from a big client who had trust in the founders’ skills. Led by strong customer referrals, today SeviTech has not only enriched its clientele list with almost all MNCs and chip makers in Bangalore, but has also been doubling its revenue annually for the last three years and has 200 engineers working in ODC & client locations. “In the next two years, we aim to be a 500-people strong company and intend to grow in system design and embedded areas as well,” concludes Prabhu Bhairi, Co-Founder, SeviTech.

Key Management:
Prabhu Bhairi, Co-Founder

Prabhu with 15 years of experience has led the SoC Top level Design Verification teams for multi-million gates SoCs used in the mobile phones and other wireless applications.

Ashish Gupta, Co-Founder

With over 12 years of SoC Design Verification to his credit, Ashish has led teams responsible for SoC Top Level Verification for SoCs used in wireless & automotive segments.

Shekhar Sharma, Co-Founder

Garnered more than 11 years of experience in SoC Design Implementation & PM, Shekhar has successfully led teams responsible for SoC Top Level integration & its PM features.

Anil Dalwani, Co-Founder

Anil brings with himself industry experience of more than 14 years in SoC Design and Verification with experience of managing Front End SoC Design teams.

Office: Bangalore.