Shankar Electricals Services (India): Bringing International Standards to Indian Market

 Rajesh Shetty,   Chairman & Managing Director

Rajesh Shetty

Chairman & Managing Director

The frantic developments in India have put the country on a rolling wheel of prosperity. We have come a long way from just mud and clay to safety regulations to mobile devices and motorized vehicles. The innovations in the engineering industry have made a world of difference; setting new milestones and continuing to progress remarkably. Certainly, even today, every aspect of construction demands the highest levels of standards, safety, and reliability, and the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services remain the crux of well-built structures and complexes. But who puts together unique MEP blueprints with a simplified approach and cost effective solution to a flawless project? Indeed, the credit goes to the engineering contractors and consultants who showcase state-of-the-art expertise, time-boundedness and quality delivered with best practices or strategies.

These industry oracles join hands with construction panjandrums and proactively execute procedures and principles at every stage of the project cycle, thus creating a win-win situation for efficient project deliveries. Among such players, Shankar Electricals Services (India) Pvt Ltd (SESIPL) is one that stands out from the rest, in terms of its quality, cost-effectiveness, credibility, and merit. What makes Seed Engineering more special is the vision of being a one-stop solution provider of full-spectrum electrical services including manpower; while adhering to sustainability. Today, SESIPL is marching forward as a top-notch Electrical Contracting and Engineering company.

"SESIPL pledges Quality, Reliability, Safety, Assurance, and Costeffectiveness and is completely focused on the liability of customers"

The Bangalore-based firm is broadly operating in two verticals: First being the operational and maintenance vertical, the company provides complete asset management and facility management through Electro-mechanical services. “We offer the utmost technical assistance in the area of operations and maintenance for electrical systems, and help our customers keep the company running and profit without excess costs. We recruit ITI, diploma, and engineering graduates for leading institutes to the team and ensure that they are in line with the latest technologies and adding on capabilities to help the customers in passing on their best knowledge. Post hiring, we also have our own professional training academy that offers extensive skillbased training towards electro mechanical installation", the founder Rajesh Shetty mentions.

The second vertical of the business is focused on carrying out complete MEP solutions. “With the focus of providing reliable and uninterrupted electricity operation, our core business has been in electrical projects in IT Park data centers. In the last two decades, we have provided employment opportunities to thousands of talents and have successfully executed nearly 100 million square feet of electrical infrastructure projects in both the high side of the power distribution system and the low side of electrical works in various sectors", he says.

What makes Shankar Electricals the preferred partner?
The company has a powerful core team with accumulated experience in various geographies, sectors, and types of projects. Its members are directly involved as project directors or overseers in all projects, thereby ensuring knowledge transfer to the ground teams. Rajesh informs, “Over the years, we have adopted a couple of processes to scale our business and stay ahead of our contemporaries. As said earlier, our new members are rigorously trained through our excellent training program for a couple of months. This program helps the candidates understand the process of electrical installation method, digital tools tackling, and operational aspects as well under the guidance and supervision of professional trainers who monitor their skill strength and help them enhance their performance. This in turn provides quality workmanship at our client premises".

He further adds, “The second value proposition is that we are equipped with a
complete digitization process; our designer works with the latest BIM and Revit model which enhances the the accuracy of the quantity of raw materials consumption. Safety is the biggest parameter that our firm believes in and doesn't compromise at any cost. The procurement process has been completely driven by the ERP system, to ensure that the project is delivered on time. Apart from this, we are different from other players in terms of a dedicated offering called mobile engineering services (MES) through which we deploy trained staff (whom we call task force teams) in centers across the cities.

We believe in the practical perspective of working with demanding clients and meeting deadlines in design and electrical services

The team will be well equipped with tools, trained engineers, and support staff to enhance customer support for any electrical infrastructure works required for operation or project. The system is planned in such a way that the team can reach the location in less than two hours and provide agile service. Moreover our integrated vehicle with GPS module assists the clients with traceable and easier solutions. All such strategies and initiatives are in place to furnish a proactive support service post completion of a project or during the operation as well".

The Silver Lining
SESIPLs relationship with clients doesn’t stop after a project closure. The team ensures to continue the support and build strong relationships that continue post project completion as well. As a trusted electrical solutions partner, SESIPL ensures that its customers get the best from its expertise, i.e., skilled engineers with rich experience, advanced technologies, and models with high accuracy of the execution.

(SESIPL)carries out complete designing, execution, and commissioning. Adhering to quality and reliability factors, the company has built a portfolio of full-spectrum services that includes Site Survey/Designing /Execution of Projects with international safety standards, ERP system, and technology-driven system. Right from quality equipment selection, to professional installation, operations & Maintenance of Electro-Mechanical Services, Integrated Facility Management Services, AMC services(HVAC & Electrical Panels), Mobile Engineering Services (MES)/Fire alarm Systems (FAS), professional project management, and complete Operation & maintenance of electromechanical for every electrical and allied service, SESIPL is the go-to partners.

Speaking of the company’s offerings Rajesh exclaims, “All our services are catered to both high side and low side of industrial, commercial and residential projects. We also carry turnkey electrification work; meaning, once we are on board, the client doesn’t have to search for another partner for anything. With advancements in technologies and the introduction of innovative products, the energy and utility industry is becoming more customer-centric. To meet the customers’ dynamic demands, we are equipped with a complete digitization process driven by the ERP system right from sourcing to delivery. Internally, we are continuously adopting several innovations that can scale up our productivity and bring accuracy".

The Big Vision
SESIPLs journey began in 1998 with a team of five employees. In the past 24 years of service, the company has grown rapidly and earned a rightful reputation as a Facility Maintenance and as an MEP contractor. “In the two decades, we have been able to work for Microsoft, Google, TCS, and Amazon. to name a few. As said earlier, we do offer support on the operational front as well, where we outsource manpower of trained professionals. In fact we are one of the leading providers of resources for government projects. We are also a government Super Grade Class one Electrical Contractors.

Keeping those licenses we can engage the government statutory for any kind of approval or coordination-related matters. Moving forward, we will have a call centre set up for 24/7 extended online support services to all our esteemed clients. Our long-term vision is to become a leading MEP contractor by demonstrating our rich experience in mechanical and electrical installation. Moreover, we have been an authorized OEM distributor and dealer for HVAC equipment, fire alarm system, and more; therefore, we do ensure to have ample stock of the E]raw material. With that said, clients need not worry to depend on any other source rather we can afford to support them".

Over the years, SESIPL has created employment opportunities for nearly 50,000 people through its professional training programs. It currently operates with over 2500 staff and is looking forward to onboarding 5000 more people to the team in the next two years. Sharing about the brand vision Rajesh says, “Service industry is the backbone of the Indian economy, and we hope to be the key driver in helping our Prime Minister's dream of achieving a $5 trillion economy by 2025".