Signature Planet: A Game Changer in Safeguarding Digital Transactions with its Matchless USB Token

Ankush Pagaria,CEOBusinessess, Government Department and Individuals are subjected to the physical signing of the Various Letter, Invoices, HR, PO & allied legal documents. Not only it took a plenitude amount of time to sign the documents but also exhausted bulk bundles of papers over the years to rot. Further physical documents have considerable transit & Storage cost and difficult to retrieve. To catalyse the proceedings empanelled with bulletproof security of the sensitive information, Mumbai-based Signature Planet finely substituted the manual signing paradigm of physical document with its cutting-edge digital signatures, and availed the encrypted online copies of the same. Digitally signed documents are legally Valid under the Indian Information Technology Act 2000. Signature Planet as a Licensed Registration Authority (LRA) under the Controller of Certifying Authority (CCA), roots deep into its forte of securing digital transactions of any type via digital signatures. “Digital signature not only gives authentication, non-repudiation and integration of the documents, but makes sure that they are not tampered after it has been signed,” asserts Ankush Pagaria, Founder, Signature Planet.

The Unparallel 'ProxKey' CrytoToken Protection
As a pioneer in enabling digital signature for more than 20,000 IRCTC Agents and 8000 Custom Housing Agents, Signature Planet offers unparallel digital signature solutions with ironclad security to meet the needs of Indian market, be it the colossal Income Tax filing, Banking authentication, Government department to issue certificates or Digitally signed purchase order/invoices, DGFT and Tendering.

While storing Digital Signature Certificates(DSC)in the web browsers of the PCs and using it on a standalone basis are quite risky,once you store the digital content in a token as per the govt guidelines it becomes
impossible to breach. As a venture by Pagaria Advisory and licensed registration authority for 'SafeScrypt'(Sify Technologies) to execute Digital Signature operation in India, Signature Planet in association as Gold Partner with Watch data assembles India's highest selling Level 3 FIPS certified USB token solution - ProxKey to keep DSC on password protected e-token (a small USB port devise).

Being a plug-and-play module with in-built driver that takes less than five minutes for installation, it automatically updates to the latest version without going to the website irrespective of the OS platform

Designed to meet the demand for secure, fast and reliable external tokens with built-in secure mechanisms, it facilitates high-speed data transmission and encryption operations based on the PKI technology. In addition to processing digital signatures during the electronic transactions to effectively prevent phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, ProxKey extensively increases the security level to store certificates & private keys that ensures the authenticity of user’s identity. With over 3.5 million users in India, ProxKey is a game changer in the arena of digitally transforming businesses by supplying token to five State Government Departments, 10 Banks and more than 25 Central Government departments & PSUs.

Being a plug-and-play module with in-built driver that takes less than five minutes for installation, it automatically updates to the latest version without going to the website irrespective of the OS platform. Equipped with one-click system settings for PKI Apps & Java Configuration, a dedicated ticket support panel and built-in remote assistance software in the token driver, ProxKey enhances the user experience with its multi OS support (Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Apple and Windows), clean & intuitive UI along with convenient portability. As an additional benefit to the user, the USB token is decked with ProxKey Signer Suite with life-time license which enables bulk signing of PDF, Office File & Files in a folder in addition to issue of digitally signed invoices
and TDS certificates; there by galvanizing green paperless user-friendly legal compliant practices. The technology makes the documents accessible and available anywhere and anytime, enables fast distribution of documents through email and makes the document storage & retrieval easier. While the quality of the copies is as good as original, the documents are entirely tamper proofed, since altering the document’s content would result in the removal of the digital signature.

The Business Path
Acknowledged with the letter from the President’s Office for best support, Signature Planet has built a first-of-its-kind knowledge portal knowledge where all the customer queries are handled over the search engine alongside a dedicated team deployed for technical support, customer care and ticket supporting system. “Usually, the practice is to hide the information but we have shared all the resources publicly just like a self learning portal,” adjoins Ankush Pagaria, CEO, Signature Planet.

Experiencing a surge in user base with GST coming into picture, Signature Planet intends to further augment its applications for customers to digitally sign the businesses and go paperless. Besides a kids’ watch that can perform real-time location tracking and make a phone call, the team is simmering ‘Android POS Terminal’ integrated with thermal printer, QR code and bar code scanner procuring global connectivity standards along with PCI certification and EMV level I & II compliance for the payment industry, which is expected to roll out in January 2018. Growing two-fold YoY with enhanced and efficient frameworks, Signature Planet guarantees authentic digital transactions on 24x7x365 basis thereby facilitating upgraded electronic signature services. Make transactions secured with Signature Planet!

Key Management:
Ankush Pagaria, CEO
Ankush Pagaria is founder and promoter for Pagaria Group. Pioneer in designing and formulating digital signature technology using a Cryptotoken - ProxKey.

Head Office: Mumbai
Clients: PNB, KELTRON, UPLC, Sify Technologies, Canara Bank, SBI, Konkan Railways, and many more