SiSoC Semiconductor Technologies: The Perfect Combination of Hardcore Innovation with its People

Hari Babu, Co-Founder & CTO

Hari Babu

Co-Founder & CTO

SISoC Semiconductor Technologies, incorporated in 2017 is a Bangalore-based design service and IP company laying its expertise in the realm of Semiconductors and Embedded devices. SiSoC was founded by Three key members namely Hari Babu, Suresh and Sudhakar. All three founders have extensive domain expertise in the field of Semiconductors and Embedded. The firm caters its services to the customers in the services model as well as works on its products across various expertise fields. SISoC Semiconductor is a completely bootstrapped company established with the vision to build up a product company. In late 2017, the firm stepped into the service domain with front-end design services. By the virtue of its standardized quality work, SISoC was able to prove itself in the market and slowly entered into the backend services. Significantly, in 2019 the firm got the opportunity to work for companies in Korea, Japan, and Malaysia and was able to get some good rapport. All these aided the firm in its keenness for product development and launched its first product i.e., Hydroid Smart Water Meters.

Hydroid Smart Water Meters is an Innovative solution for the conservation of water that comes in with various smart features and has had very good responses from the customers. This motivated the firm to further expand its product portfolio. Smart Energy
Meter Adaptor is another ingeniously Promethean product of SISoC wherein it converts the existing digital meter to Smart Meter with just 1/4 of the investment. It is to be noted that, SISoC developing prepaid LPG metering solutions for Bharat Petroleum and working on upcoming Contactless Payment wearables for Titan as well.

Hari Babu, Co-Founder and CTO adds "our end goal is to be a product company, so our concentration was on embedded products, however, IC Design is our main focus down the 5 years line. The scarcity of chips has created an enlightening point for all the companies, so we feel that we are at the right time in the market and should lay our emphasis on IC design as well." The firm started working on its CPU design using an open source CPU platform called RISC-V. It is an R&D project, but currently, the firm has formulated it as a hardcore design platform. It has come up with a concept called SoCMaker, a kind of toolset that helps any OEMs to design their custom SoC within short duration and with less investment.

The Core Engine behind the Innovation
Since its inception, SISoC has grown multi fold and has registered an impressive growth rate in terms of product portfolio as well as client acquisition. Hari Babu adds "SISoC is an employee-driven company, all these innovations are happening only because of our employees." Employees are the main aspect of the company and today it is highly crucial to never compromise on the aspect of work ethics to attain the goal. SISoC is one such organization that is perfectly amalgamating innovation with its people. It presents a clear roadmap of career building to its employees and are given enough exposure to stay productive. The employees' growth within the organization is taken care of the firm ensures to handhold them, presents them the growth progression technically as well as financially from the very beginning.

SISoC believes in building a proficient team that is apt for the company, rather than continuously increasing the number of employees. It ensures to grab the most appropriate talent pool right from the time they come from their colleges. For this, SISoC has tied up with several engineering colleges of repute across South India and conducts seminars related to its product portfolio, innovations, technical and industry knowledge. SISoC strives to create talent from the college itself, instead of going to the market and searching for good talented people. And as it proceeds ahead, it is keenly looking forward to expanding its business, strengthening the employees as well as grabbing the right talent pool. "All the budding young talents, especially engineering students should love what they are studying, rather than being a bookworm one should focus on being industry ready”concludes Hari Babu.