SM Global: Fortifying Client's Digital Presence with Process-Centric Approach & Excellent Company Culture

Akshay Doshi,Founder & CEO

Akshay Doshi

Founder & CEO

Tremendous credit to the heaps of information available online, today’s organizations already know what they want when it comes to digital marketing and how they want it; but the utmost problem faced by them are unreliable & inconsistent services from poorly managed digital agencies. Thus, a dedicated plus performance-oriented digital marketing partner is a need of the hour for enterprises in order to establish themselves in the industry and get a competitive edge over other players.

Backed by an accomplished core team comprising of founding member Akshay Doshi(Founder & CEO)along with key share holders Shubham Punamiya, Milan Valani, Omkar Nachankar, Ashish Lodhi and Aniruddha Mungekar, Mumbai-based SM Global is one such firm which is helping businesses to fortify their digital presence with process-centric approach, professional work culture and excellent recruitment practices. The company carries majority of the development and marketing tasks in-house, thereby ascertaining delivering as per clients’ expectations and timelines. “About 50 percent of our customers are those who have come to us after experiencing a poor output with another digital agency,” proclaims Akshay.

The company’s services cover all the pertinent areas including international & local search engine optimization, social media campaign planning & management, creating visual & brand identity, website/web application development, mobile application development and online lead generation. As an end-to-end solution provider, SM Global leaves no stone unturned to create tailor-made & result-oriented packages for customers based on their needs and overall goals. Instead of perplexing customers with technical terms, it edifies them about their traffic growth, leads quality and potential revenue generation.

SM Global is not only extremely choosy about its clients and relationship but also conscious about how the overall strategy leads to value creation for the end-customer. Unsurprisingly, this result-oriented firm has openly
said 'No' to several customers of whom it wasn’t confident enough to meet business goals. “Some customers have tried our services since many other agencies don’t provide guarantee on output and RoI. We take-up projects on case-by-case basis and wherever we feel we could deliver, we keep the risk on our side by making the client pay only if he/she sees actual results,” professes Akshay.

"SM Global leaves no stone unturned to create tailor-made & result-oriented packages for customers based on their needs and overall goals"

Dedicated Workforce
Its four teams namely Idea, Design, Impact and Development comprising of young and energetic developers, designers and creative engineers are capably meeting challenges, tight deadlines and promises of the market place. The Idea team focuses on upcoming KPI with bold, standout and viral campaigns & concepts, whereas Design group converts the ideas into an elegant, creative& understandable visual design. Likewise, the Impact crew performs all the BI research, perceives the concept from the RoI angle and creates a detailed report (investment, expected value generation and other metrics) for everyone to understand, and lastly the Development squad handles the overall execution of IT projects.

SM Global’s experts narrate story from client’s audience perspective and fabricate excellent corporate presentations, beautiful visuals for social media, critical data and performance intensive apps and websites to engage customers’ clients. On one hand, well-versed with all the styles of impactful writing, its in-house team of writers, proofreaders and copy editors are successfully delivering appropriate content, while on the other hand creative/digital savvy consultative nerds assist in making client’s brand viral via digital advertising/marketing & development across web/mobile.

SM Global's it's okay to make mistakes’ work culture allows employees to openly experiment their ideas and be bold in their thinking; in case any mistake happens, employees are encouraged to ensure strong second recovery. Besides tracking a bunch of metrics related to customer engagement, employee engagement & investor returns, the firm keeps improving its internal working patterns & processes to meet customer’s expectation within agreed timelines and take futuristic decisions based on real data.

Skilled project management, transparent and professional communication, timely reporting, and openness to feedback are
qualities present in every rank at SM Global.“Efficient work ethic and client satisfaction are our two biggest goals todevelop a cutting-edge and innovative website design experience that is sure to put your business at the forefront on the digital map,” says Shubham Punamiya, Client Success Manager, SM Global. The company maintains paid accounts on numerous job portals to hire the intelligent, proficient and tech-savvy candidates/app developers (posing immense experience in developing mobile app for Android/iOS-based devices) and frequently sends them to seminars and internal training programs conducted by company’s core members and industry experts. The best performers undergo paid online courses available via Udacity, Udemy, Lynda and more.

Technology Advancement
Being a tech-agnostic company, SM Global goes that extra mile and ensures clients an edge over other competitors by using top-notch technologies like Asana & JIRA (project management), Clockify & Hubstaff (track productivity & customer relationship), SEMRush & Ahref (tactical SEO), Cyfe (creating reports), and Ranktank (position tracking on search engines) to name few. Emphasizing on security, it deploys a centralized server coupled with audit trails & firewalls to protect from outside attacks and signs NDA with employees to prevent data theft. For instance, SM Global has taken the sale of DesignXperts – a startup from zero to over Rs.5 crore annual revenue with 30+ leads generation monthly within one year.

Honesty, integrity, young energy, and laser focus on customer success is what makes SM Global deliver superior results to customers. “We commit to the numbers and go all-in to achieve it. Our SEO service has a strong retention rate of over 90 percent over the last two years. 2018 has been amazing where we saw 100 percent YoY growth in revenue and 120 percent YoY growth in overall profits. SEO and Mobile Apps division have done particularly well in terms of overall revenue, employee engagement and customer success ratio,” concludes Akshay.

Key Management
Akshay Doshi, Founder & CEO
During his stint at SM Global, Akshay has worked with many kinds of businesses ranging from a startup entrepreneur to a large MNC looking to beef up their digital marketing presence.

Office: Mumbai

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