SmartEco: Leading The Way In Green Energy Solutions

Saju K Pothen ,  FounderEmbracing green energy is now a responsibility, not a choice, as we approach the end of the fossil fuel era and face the looming threat of climate change. At the forefront of this battle for a greener future is the rising tide of green energy solutions. Harnessing the power of renewable resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower, these cutting-edge technologies offer a beacon of hope in a world grappling with environmental degradation and rising temperatures. SMARTECO is a green energy service provider that offers a wide range of renewable energy solutions including rooftop and ground-mounted solar power installations, thermal energy projects, solar lighting, and solar irrigation systems.

Nestled in the heart of Mysore, SMARTECO offers a wide range of solar energy solutions in partnership with India's top solar energy equipment manufacturers. As a channel partner for tier-1 solar product and solution companies in India, SMARTECO provides deep technical knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and best practices to their entire range of renewable energy solutions, from grid-tie rooftop solar systems, off-grip hybrid solar UPS systems to solar-powered water pump installations.

“Our commitment to excellence also extends to solar-powered surveillance installations and IoT solutions. Our AMC services cater to installations ranging from 50KW to 300+ KW HT, ensuring that clients' systems run
smoothly and efficiently”, speaks Saju K Pothen, Founder, SMARTECO. The firm also provides power solutions to farmhouses and plantations in and around Mysore with off-grid hybrid solar UPS solutions, providing 24x7 power backup for irrigation and lighting needs.

SMARTECO is on a mission to provide sustainable energy solutions that cater to diverse customer needs. The firm uses various solar panel technologies such as polycrystalline and advanced monocrystalline panels, including bifacial. SMARTECO selects inverter technologies based on project size, MPPT, or PWM.

The firm offers a range of solar technologies, carefully selecting inverters based on project size, utilizing single-axis trackers for ground-mounted solar, and using deep cycle solar batteries and advanced Li-Ion batteries for off-grid systems.

SMARTECO is committed to evangelizing renewable energy adoption by providing high-quality solutions & to make it easy & affordable

Founded in 2016, the driving force behind the company is a group of seasoned professionals with over 20 years of varied industry experience who form a dedicated core team of engineers, MBA graduates, and technical staff who execute projects at the site, supported by associate vendor companies with class-1 electrical contractors. SMARTECO's lean organizational structure empowers it to make quick and informed decisions. With the Founder, Saju K Pothen, an engineering professional with a passion for electrical and solar solutions, leading the way, SMARTECO's hands-on approach helps them implement the best solutions. Using only India's top-rated panels and inverters, the firm never compromises on the quality of the components it uses. Prioritizing the right top-quality components instead of adhering to a single brand thus providing the option of best-in-class products to the customer.

“Our goal at SMARTECO is to establish ourselves as the leading solar solution provider in Mysore, with a strong focus on providing exceptional customer service and technical support. We understand that post-installation support is essential to our customers, and we strive to maintain the highest CSAT rating in the region. We are not content to rest on our laurels”, adds Saju.

SMARTECO is committed to popularizing alternate energy solutions for households and businesses to shield them from future electricity tariff hikes thus achieving lifelong savings and above all joining hands with customers to fulfill planet green obligation.